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New Driver Road Toll A Driver Training Solution. Road Toll Are there any answers to the road toll? Which answers will work for me? Is there anything that.

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1 New Driver Road Toll A Driver Training Solution

2 Road Toll Are there any answers to the road toll? Which answers will work for me? Is there anything that I can do?

3 Possible Answers Engineering - roads / vehicles EnforcementEducation


5 Which Answer Will best solve this problem? Engineering - roads / vehicles EnforcementEducation

6 When is the best time to have a training program? After a year on “P” plates. After the licence test. Just before the licence test. At the very start of the “L” period.

7 At the very start of “L” period Dr Hirsch says that: Our first learned habits are very important because they dictate how we react in an emergency. Changing a habit once it is established creates stress and may not be really successful. Habits are set between 60 and 80 hours.

8 What This Program Does Takes the student through what Dr Hirsch calls the ‘Beginner-stage’ into the ‘Intermediate-stage’. Sets foundational habits that enable smooth / safe driving and correct reactions. The methods and content of the D.T.A. program are unique and well supported by the best researched evidence.

9 The program must: Be sufficient to allow the new learner to drive without dual controls. Be wide in its range of skills so the learner can drive anywhere the family is going. Be the best information so that safe driving insight can be practiced. Be what the experts agree is correct. Be fun.

10 What do you think “Class-Driver” means? ‘In control’, smooth, deliberate, skilful and not dangerous! Grandma, parents, your best mate, boyfriend or girlfriend will all enjoy riding with you!

11 Becoming a “Class-Driver” How much practice do you think it will take? Who wants to be a “Class-Driver”?

12 ‘Whole-Brain’ Learning Primarily a ‘left-brain’ function. Things I know. Insight into: risks, driving conditions, correct actions, my limits, what others might do, etc. Basis of judgement. Primarily a ‘right-brain’ function. The ‘BIG’ picture. How things Connect: speed / distance, right / wrong, safe /unsafe, size /shape / location. Estimation for judgement Cognitive: Spatial:

13 Program Overview 1.‘Cock-pit drill, starts/stops, gears. 3.System of vehicle Control. 5.Turns. 7.Traffic judgement. 9.Divided highways. 11.Traffic lights. 13.Difficult conditions. 15.Highway technique. 2.Steering / slow speed manoeuvring. 4.Reversing: “T” junction- exercise. 6.Reverse: bent driveway, off-set & three-point-turn. 8.Reverse slalom. 10.Manoeuvring: ‘off-set lane’ 12.Slalom & emergency reaction. 14.Parking. 16.“Defence Formula”. Cognitive: Spatial:

14 How does it work? ‘Whole-brain’ learning means that what is learned cognitively is connected spatially and is experiential. The exercises on the left of the program require a progression of cognitive skill. The exercises on the right of the program require a progression of spatial skill. There is a link across the program. That is #1 is linked to #2, #3 is linked to #4, etc.

15 Important Questions? To get onto a School’s sport team, how much practice do you have to do? If you have to train 1 to 3 times per week for months just to get onto the school sports team, what makes some people think we can learn to drive safely in a few driving lessons? Why do pilots need to do 20 to 30 hours or training before they can fly solo then they under strict restrictions for a long time before they can fly away from the local area?

16 Five Days of Fantastic Fun Three students per instructor and vehicle for five, eight-hour days. Each day there are two three-hour sessions and a two-hour session. Each session will cover one exercise from “Class-Driving Made Easy”. Private Tutors (parents, grand-parents, guardians, spouses or friends) attend the ‘Final Fantastic’ two-hour theory session.

17 Why ‘Group-Learning’ Participants switch roles between student, coach and assessor. Participant’s attention and interest is maintained by this constant change. Learning speed and scope is enhanced. ‘Will’ and ‘attitude’ are more appropriately developed in a peer-group environment. It is amazing how much the peer-group supports and challenges each other.

18 Some things are fun

19 Some are tricky

20 What does ‘Competency-Based’ Training Mean? ‘Knowing’ is not the same as ‘doing’. Each module has a specific structure, is learned, measured and recorded to a standard. Each assessment is critical. It shows the participant can repeat the exercise to that standard. Participants always rise to meet ‘the assessment challenge’ for the reward of peer-group praise.

21 Final Fantastic Class-Driving Session At 4pm on the Final Fantastic Day all ‘Private-Tutors’ are requested to attend until around 6pm. Mum, Dad, Grannies, Guardian, Spouse, or anyone else involved.

22 Final Fantastic Class-Driving Session 1.Each participant will demonstrate exercises #10 & #12 to their ‘private tutors’. 2.Class-room presentation on ‘Five Safe Driving Habits’ etc. 3.The extremely important ‘Private Tutor’ role. Quality and Quantity of insight developing experience, using ‘the game’ from #16. 4.Request for follow up for research purposes. 5.‘Hot-Seat’ program and other ongoing assistance by phone, etc.

23 Contact Driver Training Academy Go to ‘Learn To Drive’ page, Click on Power-Point presentation. Telephone 1300 130 245

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