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Miller Pipeline Corp. DRIVER SAFETY TRAINING. SECTION 1 Introduction.

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1 Miller Pipeline Corp. DRIVER SAFETY TRAINING

2 SECTION 1 Introduction

3 FATAL FACTS ≈ What is the #1 cause of DEATH in the workplace each year? Falling from high elevations? Getting caught in machinery? Electrocutions? Trench cave-ins? The answer is… Vehicle Accidents!!!

4 FATAL FACTS ≈ 1 in 65 vehicle accidents = death. Do you want to roll the dice? ≈ 115 vehicular deaths in the US each day. That is 1 every 12-minutes ! ≈ 95% are caused by driver error. It’s YOU… not the car, road condition or other excuses!

5 LEADING DRIVER ERRORS #1 - Attention & Thoughts Elsewhere #3 - Tailgating #4 - Failure to Adjust to Weather #5 - Fatigue #7 - Excessive Speed # 9 - “Road Rage” #10 - Inexperience

6 COURSE OBJECTIVE Help Reduce Driver Error YOU

7 Forward Motion SECTION 2

8 VIDEO SESSION “Outside the Box”

9 THE 5 KEYS ≈ Aim High in Steering ≈ Get the Big Picture ≈ Keep Your Eyes Moving ≈ Leave Yourself an Out ≈ Make Sure they See You

10 AIM HIGH IN STEERING ≈ Maintain 15-second eye lead time. ≈ Look around corners and turns. ≈ Evaluate distant objects for information and make proper decisions. Oncoming car has signal on. Red light ahead.

11 AIM HIGH IN STEERING ≈ Watch lights for “point of no return”

12 GET THE BIG PICTURE ≈ Adjust mirrors before driving. ≈ Avoid traveling behind large vehicles. ≈ Delay start on green lights. Beside vehicle is visible. Behind vehicle is visible.

13 GET THE BIG PICTURE ≈ Follow speed limits.

14 KEEP YOUR EYES MOVING ≈ Move eyes every 2-seconds. ≈ Scan mirrors every 5-8 seconds. ≈ Scan intersections before entering and railroads before crossing.

15 KEEP YOUR EYES MOVING ≈ Check mirrors and look over shoulder before changing lanes. ≈ Check rearview mirror before braking.

16 LEAVE YOURSELF AN OUT ≈ Maintain space cushion around vehicle. ≈ Avoid traveling in “clusters”. ≈ Travel in lane of least resistance. ≈ Leave 1 car length ahead when stopped.

17 LEAVE YOURSELF AN OUT ≈Maintain 4-second following distance. MPC’S Most Frequent Cause of Accident!!!

18 LEAVE YOURSELF AN OUT ≈ Time lane changes to maintain space cushion around vehicle. ≈ Change lanes well before necessary. ≈ Wait for signal and adequate distance before turning in front of oncoming traffic.

19 LEAVE YOURSELF AN OUT ≈ Avoid any acts of “road rage”!

20 MAKE SURE THEY SEE YOU ≈ Turn on headlights before driving. ≈ Activate signal before lane changes. ≈ Seek eye contact and communicate. ≈ Brake early when slowing or stopping.

21 AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST… ≈ ALWAYS wear your seatbelt!!! ≈ Adjust to weather conditions. ≈ Avoid using cell phones while driving. ≈ Take precautions to stay awake. ≈ Be on the Lookout for any Road Hazards

22 Backward Motion SECTION 3

23 VIDEO SESSION “Reversing the Trend”

24 SAFE BACKING ≈ Avoid parking in congested areas or near large vehicles when possible.

25 SAFE BACKING ≈ Park to avoid backing.

26 SAFE BACKING ≈ Use spotter or walk around vehicle prior to backing. ≈ Back at slow rate of speed.

27 SECTION 4 Conclusion

28 CONCLUSION ≈ Driving is extremely dangerous! ≈ Safe driving is part of your job requirements. ≈ Practice the 5-keys! ≈ Practice safe backing techniques! ≈ Your life and job could depend on it!

29 WHAT’S NEXT? ≈ Demonstration Drive (We drive & talk, you listen) ≈ Coaching Drive (We talk, you drive & listen) ≈ Evaluation Drive (You drive & talk, we listen…and grade)

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