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If you multiply 123 x 123, the answer is 15129. What is the answer to 246 x 246? Question: 1 Answer: _________.

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2 If you multiply 123 x 123, the answer is 15129. What is the answer to 246 x 246? Question: 1 Answer: _________

3 Question: 2 If you wrote all the possible three-digit numbers made by using each of the digits 1, 2 and 3 once, what would they add up to? Answer: _________

4 Question: 3 What is 99% of 1,000,000? Answer: _________

5 Question: 4 There is a pole in the lake. One half of the pole is in the ground under water, another one third of it is covered by the water, and 2m is out of the water. What is the total length of the pole in metres? Answer: _________

6 Question: 5 If three cats and two kittens weight the same as two cats and six kittens, how many kittens weigh the same as one cat? Answer: _________

7 Question: 6 Worms have no legs, beetles have 6 legs and spiders have 8 legs. Doug collected worms, spiders and beetles in his garden. Altogether he counted 14 of these creatures with a total of 34 legs. How many of his creatures were worms? Answer: _________

8 Question: 7 Five friends wanted to but the latest Nonteno Wee Game which normally costs £45. Jenny uses a voucher worth 25% off and also a £12 off voucher. George uses a voucher worth 20% off. Harry uses a voucher worth £20 off. India uses a voucher taking one third off. Felix got his for half price. Which of the friends paid the least amount of money? Answer: _________

9 Teachers need chocolate. My maths teacher’s rule is: ‘I eat one then save two for my children, then eat one and save two for my children. This continues until I eat the last one! If my maths teacher ate 9, how many chocolates were originally in the box? Question: 8 Answer: _________

10 This 5 x 5 pattern contains alternating Xs and Os, with an X at each corner. How many Xs would a similar 7 x 7 pattern have? xoxox oxoxo xoxox oxoxo xoxox Question: 9 Answer: _________

11 I have 6 coins in my pocket totalling 99p. I am going to pick a coin at random. Assuming each coin is equally likely to be chosen, what is the probability that I pick a 20p coin? Question: 10 Answer: _________

12 Question: 11 Last weekend I went to play in a nearby park. It was great fun! I rode my new bicycle that mum had given me for my birthday. At the park, I saw that there were a total of 17 bicycles and tricycles. If the total number of wheels was 44, how many tricycles were there? Answer: _________

13 Question: 12 Freddie is arranging three identical teddy bears and two identical pandas on a settee to watch TV. The pandas are not allowed to sit next to each other. How many different arrangements are possible? Answer: _________

14 Question: 13 Some children from Stonehenge Primary School are standing in a circle. They are evenly spaced and the fourth child is standing directly opposite the seventeenth child. How many children are there altogether? Answer: _________

15 Question: 14 My recipe for one serving of fruit smoothie includes one and a half apples, a third of a banana, one fifth of a mango and 5 raspberries. I want to make the smallest possible number of servings without having part of any fruit left over. How many raspberries do I need? Answer: _________

16 Question: 15 The diagram shows a “Scoffit” sandwich pack (fruity fraction flavour with added decimals). How many of these packs will fit into a 30cm x 15cm x 12cm box? Answer: _________

17 Question: 16 U,V,W, X, Y and Z are sitting around a round table. U is sitting as shown. Z is sitting next to U and V. X is sitting next to V and Y. Who is sitting opposite U? U Answer: _________

18 Question: 17 Five children took a test. There were 24 questions in the test and each child wrote down their score in a different way to impress their teacher. Sally scored 19 marks. Kamil got 75% of the questions correct. Sam got 2/3 of the questions correct. Pratima’s ratio of correct answers to incorrect answers was 3:1. Ryan got 1/8 of the questions wrong and the rest right. Who scored the highest mark? Answer: _________

19 Question: 18 Sixteen teams enter a knockout netball competition. In total, how many games are needed to find the winner? Answer: _________

20 Question: 19 Five young people share a tent for five nights on a holiday. They all agree to say ‘Goodnight’ to everyone else in the tent every night. How many times is the word ‘Goodnight’ spoken on the holiday? Answer: _________

21 Question: 20 My granny is more than 50 and less than 100 years old. She is 12 times my sister’s age, 9 times my age and twice my mum’s age. How old am I? Answer: _________

22 Question: 21 Crunch the cantankerous crocodile has a tail that is the same length as her head. Her body is twice the length of her tail. She measures 3m from nose to tail. How long is her tail? Answer: _________

23 Question: 22 I have six counters in the pattern shown... O O O The red is between the green and blue. The black is on the left. The green is above the black. The white is under the blue. Where is the yellow counter? Answer: _________

24 Question: 23 Two cars make the journey of 240 miles. One car does 40 miles per gallon (mpg) and the other does 30 mpg. How many gallons of fuel are saved by using the first car? Answer: _________

25 Question: 24 A train 200 m long enters a 1 km tunnel. It is travelling at 100 metres per second. How many seconds is it before the end of the train leaves the tunnel? Answer: _________

26 Question: 25 I go at 10 km per hour on my skateboard, and my friend travels at 8 km per hour on hers. In a one kilometre race, by how much time do I beat my friend? Answer: _________

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