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September 2 Bill, Rasheed, and Juan own a video game store. Juan owns ⅝ of the store. Rasheed owns twice as much as Bill. What fraction of the store does.

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Presentation on theme: "September 2 Bill, Rasheed, and Juan own a video game store. Juan owns ⅝ of the store. Rasheed owns twice as much as Bill. What fraction of the store does."— Presentation transcript:

1 September 2 Bill, Rasheed, and Juan own a video game store. Juan owns ⅝ of the store. Rasheed owns twice as much as Bill. What fraction of the store does Bill own? (Hint: Draw a picture.)

2 September 3 A mechanic makes $15.25 an hour for a forty hour work week. She pays ¼ of her income in taxes. She saves 1/5 of her income. After paying taxes and putting money in savings, how much money does she have left each week?

3 September 4 Mark babysits for his little brother for 1 ¼ hours each weekday afternoon and 2 ¾ hours on Saturday. What is the total number of hours he babysits his brother in a week?

4 September 5 Gary’s age this year is a multiple of 4. Next year, his age will be a multiple of 7. He is older than 20 and less than 50 years old. How old is Gary now?

5 September 8 Show how to divide 2 ¼ rectangular candy bars so that 3 friends can share them equally. What fractional part of a candy bar will each one receive?

6 September 9 I am a three digit number. My last digit is three times my first digit. My first digit is twice my middle digit. What number am I?

7 September 10 If 6 boys fill 6 notebooks in 6 weeks, and 4 girls fill 4 notebooks in 4 weeks, how many notebooks will a class of 12 boys and 12 girls fill in 12 weeks?

8 September 11 Little Red Riding Hood was taking a basket of walnuts to her granny. Along came the wolf and demanded half of the nuts. But luckily Red found another walnut along the trail. Then the wolf returned and took half the nuts she had. A kindly squirrel gave her two more. When the wolf returned the last time, he settled for only one-fourth of her nuts. Red made it to Granny’s with 15 nuts. How many did she start with?

9 September 12 Find two numbers whose sum is 56 and whose product is 783.

10 September 15 The judges at Marcy’s skating competition gave her scores of 9.6, 9.2, 9.4, and 9.3. What score would the fifth judge have to give her to raise her average score to 9.4?

11 September 16 John spent $5.89 on snacks for a party. He spent 3 times that amount on drinks. If he had $6.42 left after he went shopping, how much money did he start to the store with originally?

12 September 17 What is the difference between a half dozen dozens, and six- dozen dozens?

13 September 18 The rate of voter turnout in the 1932 U.S. presidential election was Write this decimal as a fraction and a percent.

14 September 19-AG At a school fundraiser, the science club made 58% of their money selling juice, 27% selling cookies, and 15% selling apples. The club made $87 selling juice. How much did the club make selling cookies? How much did they make selling apples?

15 September 19 Maria needs 2/5 of a cup of sugar for 3 servings of her recipe. How many cups does she need for 15 servings?

16 September 22 Sally can choose from a sugar or a waffle cone. Ice cream comes in three flavors: vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. The toppings are chips, nuts, or sprinkles. What are the chances that she will get strawberry ice cream with sprinkles in a waffle cone?

17 September 23 A bag contains 6 red, 5 white, 7 blue, and 7 yellow marbles. What is the probability that a white marble will be pulled from the bag? Express your answer as a fraction in lowest terms. Write another probability problem from this information and solve it.

18 September 24 Eighty randomly selected students were surveyed at school. Fifty of these students said they would vote for Jerry. Based on the survey, how many of the 4000 students would not be expected to vote for Jerry?

19 September 25 What are the chances that Donald will roll a 2 and a 4 when rolling two dice. Express your answer as a fraction in lowest terms.

20 September 26 There are 8 apples and 2 oranges in a sack. What is the probability of first getting an apple, eating it and then getting an orange?

21 September 29 There are 3 different colored cars on the sales lot. If 1/3 of them are blue, and ¼ of them are white, what fraction of the cars is red? If there are 48 new cars of the lot from problem #1, how many cars of each color are on the lot?

22 September 30 Three kids have a total of 1,454 marbles. Martha has twice as many as Wally. If Joe had one more, he’d have 210. How many does each child have?

23 October 1 If there is a 12% chance that you’ll meet a left-handed person, how many lefties will you expect to meet in a room of 2500 people?

24 October 2 Five oranges and a banana cost 87¢. An orange and five bananas cost 99¢. What is the total cost of 2 oranges and 2 bananas?

25 October 3 In a certain town, streets that run north to south have odd-numbered houses on the west side of the street and even-numbered houses on the east side of the street. Oak Terrace runs just one block from north to south and includes houses numbered from 1 to 19. There are no missing house numbers or empty spaces. On which side of the street is the mean of the house numbers greater?

26 October 6 What fraction is equivalent to 4/5 and has a denominator that is four more than its numerator?

27 October 7 This is a magic square. The sum for each row, column, and diagonal is the same. The magic sum for this square is 2 ⅝. Fill in the missing numbers. Write them in lowest terms.

28 October 8 A farmer has goats and ducks on his farm. If the animals have 60 eyes and 80 legs, how many ducks does he have?

29 October 9 During the Halloween party kids had the opportunity to climb the greasy pole. They had 2 minutes to see how high they could climb. One party guest climbed 8 feet then slid down 3 ft. He then climbed 12, slid 7, climbed 2, slid 3, climbed 8, slid 4, climbed 6 and then slid 7. How far did he climb?

30 October 10 At the school picnic, the class spent ½ hour eating, ¾ hour playing basketball, 2/3 hour playing soccer, 1/5 hour eating dessert, and 1/20 hour running to get out of the rain. A. If the picnic began at 11:00 AM, when did it end? B. How much more time was spent playing than eating?

31 October 13

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