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USEFUL INFORMATION ISRAEL 2010 (This presentation runs automatically)

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2 USEFUL INFORMATION ISRAEL 2010 (This presentation runs automatically)

3 Every person must have a valid passport to enter Israel and all other foreign countries. Every person must have a valid passport to enter Israel and all other foreign countries. You are responsible to have an up-to-date passport well before departure. You are responsible to have an up-to-date passport well before departure. Passports

4 The official money of Israel is the New Israeli Shekel (NIS). Dollars are accepted everywhere Take 20-30 $1 bills. Always carry small coins in local currency. Money

5 Use ATMs Pin must be 4 digits Change it and try it out before leaving on the trip. Check with your bank before departure re: ATM status in destination country

6 Luggage One carry-on One suitcase Can also carry purse, laptop, etc.

7 Plan for variations in weather warm/cold/rain Bring casual clothing, underwear, nighties, sweater/light jacket, rain poncho Think layers Think washable, wrinkle-free, cool and compact. MINIMUM jewelry. Comfortable shoes are a MUST! (lots of uneven walkways) What to Wear

8 The climate is Mediterranean similar to the climate in California Take comfortable shoes Wear layers

9 Things To Take Plan for medication, health and hygiene needs. (You may not be able to run out and buy what you need) Take copies of prescriptions with you

10 Things To Take Toiletries in small containers—just the amount needed. Take disposable items that can be tossed when you are finished

11 Packing HEALTH ITEMS vitamins aspirin medications extra pair of glasses contact lens stuff Laxative diarrhea needs decongestant

12 Packing Make a list of luggage contents and approximate value in case you have to fill out a baggage claim form. Practice Pack! Lay out everything and start packing by priority. (Write it down; then pare it down!)

13 Packing Don’t Forget Your Bible !

14 Packing – Consider the following wash cloth small mirror shower cap curling iron hair dryer (alt. curr) camera film–memory sticks small binoculars watch – travel alarm electical adaptors journal / pen sun glasses hat / brim water bottle strap small umbrella small sewing kit

15 Valuables Safety Take a money pouch worn UNDER your clothes. Keep everything you can’t afford to lose in it: passport, credit card, ATM card, drivers license, money, etc.

16 Personal Safety Adventuring on your own? Do it in groups of at least 3 or 4 persons

17 Valuables Safety Make photo copies of your passport photo page, your credit card, your driver’s license, your ATM card, and medical cards. Give one set to a trusted traveling partner and put a set in your luggage when you are able to lock it.

18 Airport Arrival It will be necessary for you to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours in advance of your scheduled departure.

19 Airport Security Reminders No valuables in your checked baggage. No single bag may weigh more than 50lbs. Items over your allowance could be charged as excess baggage. Label your bags with your name and destination address on the free baggage labels at the airport. Put your name and home address inside each bag. Remove tags and labels from previous flights. Make sure there are no loose straps or other items hanging from the bag.

20 No sharp objects in your hand baggage. Take medication, important documents, valuable items and cash in your hand baggage. Find out about the latest restrictions for hand baggage

21 After check in, go immediately thru security. …allow extra time. You must be at gate on time or you may not be allowed to fly. Remove your laptop for separate screening. Your hand baggage will be checked by security staff using x-ray machinery. Film material over 1000ASA/31 DIN should be removed and offered for screening separately. Do not carry packages for other people.

22 You may lock your bags with a TSA approved lock. In some instances you may be required to identify or claim your baggage, for security or local customs reasons, at the connecting point.

23 More Questions? International Christian Journeys CALL (866) GO2-HOLY (land) (866) 462-4659



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