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3 Objectives Resolved Simplify Marketing Through Innovation Optimize Occupant Safety Solve Vehicle Incompatibility Shorten Development Increase Future Design Possibilities Decrease Production Costs

4 Meeting The Needs Frontal Crashes Rear Crashes Side Crashes National Highway Traffic Safety Administration – – Improve Protection Of Occupants – – Address Incompatibility Between Vehicles Passenger Cars & Light Trucks Further, Between All Sizes of Passenger Vehicles & Trucks

5 Occupant Safety High Speed Collisions Kill Over One Million People Per Year On Our Roads Worldwide

6 Occupant Safety High Speed Collisions Kill Over 40,000 People Each Year In The United States Alone

7 Vehicle Incompatibility Collisions Between Trucks & Cars = DEATHS

8 Design Solution The D E V CO Automotive Safety Feature HIGH SPEED OCCUPANT SAFETY With Economical Solutions To Unsurpassable Occupant Safety Standards – – A Tethered Separable Occupant Compartment

9 Design Feature The Stretch-A-Way Cushion Mount This Simple Rubber Body Cushion Mount Has Exemplary Anchor Mounts Designed To Retain And Disengage A Connection At Different Rates Designed To Separate In The Initial Moments Of A High Speed Collision This Design Also Adds Ride Comfort With Increased Dampening Of Vibration And Road Bumps

10 Design Feature The Tear-A-Way Strap Mount This Exemplary Elastic Band Like Design Will Keep The Cushion Mount Secure At Low Speed Impacts And Simply Stretch And Rupture At A Controlled Failure Rate Designed To Separate In The Later Moments Of A High Speed Collision This Design Also Offers Intermediate Control Elements That Reduce Engineering And Cost

11 Design Feature The Extend-A-Way Cable Mount This Simple Friction Clutch Mounted Spindle Spools A Tension Cable That Is The Controlling Element Throughout The Entire Event Of A High Speed Collision Designed To Tether Separation Throughout A High Speed Collision This Design Also Slows Inertia To Significantly Minimize Occupant Secondary Impacts

12 Design Feature Results Versatile G-Force Engineering By Simply Adjusting Anchor Head Diameter, Cushion Mount Size, Rubber Composites, Reinforcement Types, Relief Area Sizes, Torque Limitations, Cable Sizes & Lengths You Have A Full Range Of Complete Control With This System’s Simplified Design Calculations For Each Device Expedite Development Throughout Any Range Of Vehicle Sizes

13 Design Results Economically Controlled Collision Separation Combined With Existing Safety Technologies Such As Seat Belts And Air Bags, Allowing Separation Of The Compartment From The Rest Of The Vehicle Will Simply Save Lives In High Speed Collisions Designed To Separate In Any Direction From A High Speed Collision This Design Also Keeps The Compartment From Expelling Into Dangers Like Oncoming Traffic

14 Design End Results The Controlled Separation This Design Allows For Easier Passenger Recovery With Significantly Less Injuries After The Extreme Events That End In Completely Survivable High Speed Collisions – – That Controls The EXTREMES

15 Meeting The Needs Simplify Functional Design Requirements Reduce Crush Zones & Additional Bracing Utilize Separate Break-A-Way Body Panels Automobile Manufacturers – – Decrease Manufacturing Costs – – Increase Future Design Possibilities Unlimited Drive-By-Wire Practicality & Safety Simplify Options Control With Increased Versatility Modularize Operational Drive Train & Rolling Frames Modularize Functional Occupant Compartments Modularize Sub-Assemblies & Options – – Reduce Development

16 Manufacturing Lower Cost Rolling Drive Trains The Rolling Frame Has A Completely Operational Drive Assembly To Include All Lines & Fluids Such As The Heater Core That Connects The Cage Via A Break-A-Way Flexible Air Duct With Electromechanical Independent Wheel Breaking, Automatic Parking, Emergency Breaks, Throttle, Shifting & Steering Controls That All Test Electronically Then Simply Plug Into The Cage

17 Manufacturing Lower Cost Occupant Compartments The Occupant Safety Cage Module Is Also Completely Functional To Include Back-Up Powered Communication & Navigation Systems Break, Throttle, Shifting & Steering Modules With An Array Of Control & Display Options For A Right Or Left Side Driver That All Test Electronically Before & After Assembly Then Simply Plug Into The Frame For Final Testing & Certification

18 Manufacturing Simplified Logistics Occupant Compartment Drive Train Assembly Body Panel Set

19 Manufacturing Results Lower Cost Simplified Versatile Construction The Vehicle Is Then Completed With Separate Break-A-Way Body Panels To Include An Array Of Bumpers, Lighting Sub-Assemblies & Trim Options That All Assemble Last To Minimize Handling With Optimized Versatility

20 Marketing Innovative Product Engineering The Most Effective Way To Overcome Any Fear Of All Electronic Control Devices, Is To Offer An Unsurpassable Increase In Occupant Safety

21 Results Simplified Marketing Through Innovation How Did You And Your Whole Family Survive Such A Horrific High Speed Collision ? Our Automobiles Are Equipped With The Tether-A-Way Separable Occupant Safety Compartment !

22 Summary Twenty First Century Design Innovation Unsurpassable Passenger Safety Fully Modularized Assembly Separate Body Panels Assemble Last Minimizing Handling Complex Body & Frame Crush Zone Structures Are Eliminated Engineered Economical Solutions From Concept To Product Versatile Options Control Simplified Functional Testing Lowered Tooling Costs Shorter Development Schedules

23 Your Results Will Be Customer Satisfaction Quality Safety SALES Value

24 D ESIGN & D EVELOPMENT D E V CO D ESIGN & D EVELOPMENT The Tether-A-Way Separable Occupant Safety Compartment For Transportation Vehicles Product Engineering From Conception To Production www. D E V CO D ESIGN & D The High Speed Collision Safety Standard


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