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2 Quality Grade of meat measures what? (353)
The flavor characteristics of meat products.

3 Yield Grades of meat measure what? (353)
The edible portion or usable meat

4 According to Table 6. 1, please tell me about the Prime grade of meat
This is the highest quality available for beef, veal, and lamb. Usually found in only the finest restaurants, hotels, and markets. A lot of marbling and a cover of firm fat, which enables flavor and juiciness. Only a small percentage of beef products meet this standard.

5 What are the 2 grades assigned by the USDA to most meats? (353)
Quality grade Yield grade

6 What are the first cuts the butcher makes? (355-358)

7 What are primal cuts of meat? (356)
The primary divisions of meat produced by the initial butchering of animal carcasses.

8 What is Offal meat? (359) Organ meat

9 What is Kosher meat? (360) Meat that is specifically slaughtered to comply with Jewish dietary laws.

10 Using a mallet on meat does what to it? (362)
Tenderize it

11 What is the process of butchering primal cuts into usable portions, such as roasts or steaks? ( ) Fabrication

12 What 5 factors should be considered when purchasing meat? (364-367)
Cost Freshness Fat Content Equipment Vendors

13 What is marbling? (365) Lines of fat within the lean flesh portion of the meat.

14 What are the 3 dry heat methods of cooking for cooking high quality, tender cuts of meat? (368)
Broiling Grilling Roasting

15 What do you do to strips of meat before they are sautéed and why? (369)
Lightly dust them with flour and be sure to shake off any excess flour before adding the item to the pan. Flour helps the meat retain moisture and promotes even browning.

16 How long should meat be allowed to rest after cooking and before slicing? (372)
15 to 30 minutes

17 Why should cooked meat be given time to rest before slicing? (372)
This allows less juice to be lost during carving

18 What is the most versatile protein? (379)

19 What are the 3 grades of poultry? (379)

20 Which type of poultry meat is low in calories and fat content and cooks faster? (380)
White meat

21 Tell me about cooking dark meat. (381)
It requires more time to cook.

22 List the 3 types of poultry fabrication. (382)
Disjointing Boning Cutting the bird into pieces

23 List the 4 reasons why you should reject a delivery of poultry? (385)
Color: Purple or green discoloration around the neck: dark wing tips (red tips are acceptable) Texture: Stickiness: under the wings and around the joints Odor: Abnormal, unpleasant odor Freezer burn: Any signs of frost, ice or leakage from the package

24 What is a young pigeon called? (386)

25 Please explain what it is to truss a poultry item. (387)
The legs and wings are tied to the bird’s body.

26 When roasting, why area bird’s legs and wings tied to the bird’s body
So it cooks evenly and stays moist

27 What is a sauce with a complex flavor? (389)

28 What is the highest quality grade of seafood available? (396)
Grade A

29 Seafood is divided into two major categories. What are they? (396)
Fin fish Shellfish

30 What is a shellfish? (397) Shellfish have an outer shell but no backbone and live primarily in salt water.

31 What are the 3 categories of shellfish? (397)
Crustaceans Mollusks Cephalopods

32 List the 6 market forms of fin fish. (399)
Whole or round Drawn Dressed Butterfly fillet Fish fillet Steak

33 IQF is an acronym for what? (400)
Individually quick frozen

34 What kind of food is fabricated using techniques such as scaling, trimming and gutting? (401)
Fin Fish

35 To be acceptable, fresh fish must meet the following 5 criteria: (402)
Color: Bright red gills; bright shiny skin Texture: Firm flesh that springs back when touched Odor: Mild ocean or seaweed smell Eyes: Bright, clear and full Packaging: Product should be surrounded by crushed, self-draining ice

36 What is the process of removing a shrimp’s digestive tract? (402)

37 Moist heat is the best way to cook what kind of fish? (407)
Lean fish

38 What is fumet? (407) A rich fish stock made with wine

39 What is bouillabaisse? (408)
A French seafood stew made with assorted fish and shellfish, onions, tomatoes, white wine, olive oil, garlic, saffron and herbs.

40 What is a type of fish that have no skeletal system? (410)

41 Charcuterie is a French term that refers to? (415)
Cooked flesh

42 List the 3 main types of sausages. (416)
Fresh sausage Smoked or cooked sausages Dried or hard sausages

43 What does garde manger refer to? (416)
The department typically found in a classical brigade system kitchen and/or the chef who is responsible for the preparation of cold foods, including salads and salad dressings, cold appetizers, charcuterie items and similar dished.

44 Bucyrus, Ohio is the Bratwurst capital of the world
Bucyrus, Ohio is the Bratwurst capital of the world. Can you tell me what Bratwurst is? ( ) Smoked and cooked sausage

45 What is a mixture of lean ground meat and fat emulsified in a food grinder and pushed through a sieve to create a smooth paste? (417) Forcemeat

46 What are the 2 main types of forcemeat? (417)
Straight forcemeat Country style forcemeat

47 What are two examples of dried or hard sausage? (417)
Italian Salami Pepperoni

48 What is forcemeat made of veal, poultry or fish called? (418)



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