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Sustainable hospitality R4 Mark Darling Sustainability Programs Coordinator Ithaca College.

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1 Sustainable hospitality R4 Mark Darling Sustainability Programs Coordinator Ithaca College

2 Top 5 Actions Consumers Expect Recycling: 77% Energy efficient lighting 74% Energy-efficient windows 59% Towel/line reuse program 52% Safe cleaning products 49%

3 “Sustainable Hospitality Management; The New Normal Way of Doing Business” Greater Western Travel and Tourism Research Association Claudia Jurowski, PhD School of Hotel and Restaurant Management W.A. Franke College of Business Northern Arizona University

4 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rebuy Recycling is only one step above land filling. – Assumes waste is already generated Reduction is more impactful – It eliminates waste completely Reuse postpones waste generation – Often for a long time Purchasing recycled content is essential – The economic engine for recycling

5 Reduce… Packaging waste through bulk buying – Develop a purchasing cooperative Use permanent ware not disposable – Compostable may be a better option – Durable, reusable, recyclable Washable table linens Practice portion control and menu planning Buy locally

6 Cleaning Green Micro-fiber: – less than 1 Decitex per filament. Ten thousand meters of a 1-decitex fiber weighs one gram. Polyester fibers are combined to create yarns which are knitted or woven in a variety of constructions. – combined with the right knitting process, it creates an extremely effective cleaning material with the ability to hold up to eight times its weight in water.

7 Microfiber Magic Exceptionally soft – Will not scratch surfaces Leave no lint and hold dust – Electrostaticly charged Durable and light weight – Preferred and recommended for floor mops Superior at removing bacteria – Can remove 99% on a hard surface

8 Chemicals Water – Plain or Ionized? Vinegar – White vinegar and water Baking Soda – Scrub and deodorize Disinfectant or Sanitizer – Pesticide Fragrance – An American obsession

9 Green Chemicals Third-party Certification – Green Seal – Eco Label – Not industry funded Toxics Use Reduction Institute (TURI) – University of Massachusetts at Lowell –

10 Reuse… Service ware: cups, plates, flatware, etc. – Saves money in the long run Purchase used instead of new – Equipment, furnishings and decorations Refillable soap and shampoo dispensers – Saves money, too! Towel and Linen reuse Repair and Refinish Donate items

11 Recycle… Tompkins County Solid Waste Division – Become a ReBusiness partner Curbside – Bottle, cans, papers and plastics Drop-off – Electronics, food-scraps, yard waste, rigid plastics, plastic film, ink cartridges, CDs, scrap metal and more!

12 Rebuy… Recycled content, look for it, demand it! – Office paper 100% – Paper products – Disposable dishware, if you must – Durable goods – Plastic products Environmentally Preferred Purchasing –

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