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By: Allison Ray, Niki Oldham, Guenter Kryszon, Mark Stalvey, Adam Polak.

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1 By: Allison Ray, Niki Oldham, Guenter Kryszon, Mark Stalvey, Adam Polak

2 About ARAMARK is a 7.2 Billion dollar world leader in providing managed services: »Food and Support Services »Uniform and career apparel »Child care and early education programs Consists of 160,000 employees and serves 15 million people every day. ARAMARK operates at more than 500,000 locations in 15 countries with the headquarters located in Philadelphia, PA.

3 ARAMARK Uniform Services Focusing specifically on Uniform Services in Atlanta Region Our contacts: Jim Bone, General Manager, Atlanta Distribution Center Tammie Palmer, Plant Manager, Atlanta Market Center

4 ARAMARK Uniform Services Provide Laundry Services Pick-up/Delivery Services Uniform Repair Wash/Dry Rent/Sell/Lease Uniforms to Customers

5 ARAMARK Uniform Services Customers Big Retail/Department Stores: Office Depot, Wal-Mart, T.J. Maxx and Sears Home Central Restaurants: Roadhouse Grill, Fuddruckers, Inc., Hometown Buffet Large Factories: Johnson Controls, Lipton, Pepsi Company-Owned Bottlers, Goodyear and Harley-Davidson

6 ARAMARK Uniforms Types of products that ARAMARK offers: 65/35 blend of Polyester/Cotton, lasts up to two years Cotton shirts, which last a year Executive wear, which includes a button down shirt and pleated slacks. Coveralls and Aprons, which butchers and supermarkets use Mops, Mats, Shop towels, and Bar towels.

7 Business Customers give Aramark route drivers a uniform order... Monday Week 1 Aramark Market Center Laundrys try to fill most orders from good used uniforms... Aramark Distribution Centers ship new uniforms to Aramark Market Centers Aramark route drivers deliver uniform orders back to businesses, cleaned... Monday Week 2 Aramark Company- owned manufacturin g in Mexico and Puerto Rico 85% Uniform Vendors 15% Commercial Shipping Companies Trucking Companies and UPS Aramark Market Center Laundrys Supply Chain

8 ARAMARK Market Center Atlanta, GA Customer Orders taken by Route Driver One new employee - delivery within one week Entirely new account - delivery within 4 week

9 ARAMARK Market Center Atlanta, GA 2500-3500 Customers 35 ARMARK-owned Trucks 35 Routes per day 1-40 Stops per Truck per day

10 ARAMARK Market Center New customers are added to routes based on proximity to others Each stop varies between 12 minutes and 8 hours Customers picked by volume Current routing system has been in place for over 20 years Reluctant to change due to cost

11 ARAMARK Market Center 250,000 processes per day Wash Dry Sort Automated Sort System items sorted 3 times Current system is at 99% capacity

12 ARAMARK Market Center Inventory when a worker quits their uniform is placed in inventory at market center Damaged Items 2,000 items are sent to be repaired daily, of those 12% are beyond repair

13 ARAMARK Market Center Uniforms sorted into appropriate Route at Market Center Delivered to Customer during weekly service route

14 ARAMARK Distribution Center Located in Lawrenceville, GA Only 2 DC’s in the U.S, split between the North & the South Services 100 Market Centers only (30 in the Southern Region)

15 Distribution Center Division across U.S

16 ARAMARK Distribution Center Fabric shipped in from outside suppliers and cut in the Distribution Center. Lead Time Receive Fabric = 12 Weeks Sew Fabric = 12 Weeks

17 ARAMARK Distribution Center Suppliers: Materials purchased through bidding system Use fabric companies such as Milliken and ENSIGN for labels

18 ARAMARK Distribution Center 85% of manufacturing in ARAMARK- owned facilities in Mexico and Puerto Rico Fabric cut at DC and shipped to MX for sewing 15% obtained from Uniform Vendors (Non-regular sizes)

19 ARAMARK Distribution Center Inventory Forecasted using 12-month moving average Approximately 10 million pieces on shelf Annual Throughput at 80 million for Atlanta Distribution Center AS/RS Inventory System

20 ARAMARK Transportation Use Common Carriers USF Holland and AAA Cooper UPS used for 5% of daily business Shipped LTL to Market Center Uses leverage for priority delivery

21 ARAMARK Improvements High Handling Cost One order requires 42 people to complete Goal is to reduce this handling cost while maintaining high level of customer service No Formal Routing System

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