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To alleviate and prevent poverty by supporting our neighbours at risk on Hamilton Mountain “Leading poverty prevention in our neighbourhood.” MISSION.

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2 To alleviate and prevent poverty by supporting our neighbours at risk on Hamilton Mountain “Leading poverty prevention in our neighbourhood.” MISSION STATEMENT VALUES VISION  Respect  Innovative  Sustainability  Partnering and Collaboration  Non-judgmental  Fiscal Accountability  Learning


4 Has evolved to become a multi-service agency offering programs and services N2N Centre COMMUNITYFOOD FAMILY SERVICES EDUCATIONAL SUPPORT

5 “THE FREE GROCERY STORE”  Assists individuals and families with emergency food  We provide 5 days of food support monthly Outcomes  1,100 = ~ Monthly households receiving food  3,290 = Households that received in 2011  19,000+ = Households that received since 1986  1,000,000 = Total pounds of food required annually  $2,500,000 = Total value of food required annually COMMUNITY FOOD

6 CHRISTMAS HAMPER STORE  1,546 households serviced last year  2 locations  East and West Mountain Neighbours can select  Food options for a full day’s worth of food  Family gift  Stocking stuffers  Toys for children 12 and under

7 COMMUNITY FOOD COMMUNITY GARDENS  13 Community Garden locations across Hamilton Mountain in 2011  82 individual plots  2+ acres were farmed at 4 Victory Garden locations  32,450 lbs. of produce for our Foodbank

8 COMMUNITY FOOD COMMUNITY GARDENS Garden Hosts for Individual Plots  Calvin Christian School  Chalmers Presbyterian  Eastmount Park Elementary  Heritage Green Baptist  Immanuel Christian Reformed  St. Andrews United  St. Jean de Brebeuf Secondary  St Michael’s School  N2N Centre

9 COMMUNITY FOOD Garden Hosts for Victory Gardens  Ancaster Community Garden  West Highland Baptist Church Garden  Twenty Road Garden  Sherwood Secondary School COMMUNITY GARDENS

10 COMMUNITY FOOD ANIMALS PET FOOD PROGRAM  Partnership with the Hamilton- Burlington S.P.C.A.  Assisting families with their pet food needs  Helping families to keep their pets Outcomes this Year  1,011 pet food packages provided annually

11 FAMILY SERVICES RESOURCE COUNSELLING  Completes intake process for the food bank  Links neighbours with community services and support systems  Advocates for neighbours Outcomes this Year  3,276 neighbours received service  7,930 referrals to various services

12 FAMILY SERVICES SINGLE MOMS PROGRAMS  “Home with a Heart”  Homemaking skills  “Building Better Futures”  Personal & professional development Outcomes this Year  40 women have participated Single mothers make up over 40% of our Foodbank neighbours

13 FAMILY SERVICES GIFT OF SIGHT PROGRAM  LensCrafters provides free prescription glasses to eligible low income families  N2N Centre acts as a referral agent for this service Outcomes this Year  160 families received service

14 FAMILY SERVICES HOUSING HELP  Assistance to find affordable housing  Landlord-tenant issues  Applications for subsidized housing Outcomes this Year  100 families received service

15 FAMILY SERVICES V.A.W. COUNSELLING  Transitional Support Worker from Interval House is available at N2N Centre each week  Counsels women experiencing domestic violence  Provides information to neighbours who are aware of others experiencing domestic violence  Free – no appointment needed Outcomes this Year  204 women received service

16 FAMILY SERVICES CLOTHING AND HOUSEHOLD ITEMS  Free furniture and clothing provided to families in need  N2N Centre is a referral agent for Parkview Church Outcomes this Year  560 families received service

17 FAMILY SERVICES INCOME TAX CLINIC  CRA holds clinics each year during March and April  Income Tax returns completed free of charge for low income families in our community Outcomes this Year  243 families received service

18 FAMILY SERVICES MIDDLE-EASTERN COMMUNITY OUTREACH  Multilingual community workers assist newcomers with all aspects related to successful integration  Settlement issues include:  Food  Housing  Health  Education  Employment Outcomes this Year  278 families received service

19 FAMILY SERVICES COMMUNITY HEALTH BUS  A mobile outreach clinic providing dental services free of charge to low income residents of Hamilton  Examinations  X-rays, fillings  Extractions  Cleanings Outcomes this Year  319 families received service

20 FAMILY SERVICES NEW MOMS STARTER KIT  Starter kits are available to expecting or new parents  Each bag contains diapers, baby clothes, toiletries, and a hand knitted blanket Outcomes this Year  117 starter kits have been distributed

21  On-site service at N2N Centre on Monday afternoons  Employment Counselors assist with;  Job search  Resume writing  Workshop registration  Skills assessment Outcomes this Year  183 clients received service EMPLOYMENT SERVICES PARTNERSHIP WITH 3 EMPLOYMENT PROVIDERS

22 EDUCATIONAL SUPPORT “KIDS CAN SUCCEED” READING TUTOR PROGRAM Goals of the Program  To improve the reading skills of children in Grades 1-3 who are reading below grade level and are under-resourced  To increase a child’s self-confidence through one-on- one support in comprehension and decoding skills  To foster a love of reading, an appreciation of literature, and provide the children with positive role models

23 EDUCATIONAL SUPPORT “KIDS CAN SUCCEED” Model of the Tutoring Program  Program is provided during the school day at defined schools  Tutors work with 4-5 students, one-on-one, for 20-30 minutes  Students are seen 2-3 times a week

24 EDUCATIONAL SUPPORT “KIDS CAN SUCCEED” Current Outcomes  93% of the students showed improvement in their reading skills over the previous year  89% of the teachers/parents reported an increase in their student’s/child’s self-confidence  80% of the students surveyed said that they liked reading “a lot”


26 EDUCATIONAL SUPPORT KIDS CAN SUCCEED This year  208 children tutored  100 volunteer tutors Over the last 9 years  1,400 students have been tutored  325 volunteers contributed 37,000 hours  Increased from 1 to 12 schools in both Public and Separate School Boards


28 RESOURCES 28 Athens Street Administration & Services 12,000 sq. ft. PHYSICAL 45 Lancing Street, Unit 8 Warehouse Facilities 2,400 sq. ft.

29 RESOURCES 11 full-time equivalent staff 500 volunteers Program Administrative Special event HUMAN

30 RESOURCES FINANCIAL Operating Budget = $1 million +  80% of Operating Budget must be raised through N2N fundraising in addition to raising $2.5 million worth of food  Only 20% of N2N Operating Budget is supported by municipal and federal funding

31 HOW YOU CAN HELP  Monetary donation $$$  Food donation  Volunteer as an individual  Volunteer as a corporation/group  Run a fundraising event  Donate program supplies  Attend one of our special events  Spread the word about N2N  …. and more



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