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26 th September 2014 Housing Call 2 Action – Tenancy Protection Association.

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1 26 th September 2014 Housing Call 2 Action – Tenancy Protection Association

2 What is Housing Call 2 Action A group of housing workers and groups involved with housing in West Auckland Came out of the ‘Wellbeing Collaboration Project (WWCP) in 2002, resulting from Wellbeing Summits’ since 1996 Several ‘Calls 2 Action’ were generated from it – nowadays only 3 remain: - Housing, Strong Local Economics & Active Waitakere Currently meets on the first Wednesday of the month from 1.30 – 3pm Housing Call 2 Action has instigated several initiatives

3 Current Housing Call 2 Action Initiatives Property Management Social Enterprise ‘The Hub’ at the Ranui Caravan Park ‘Spotlight on Housing’ Week WOF Project

4 WOF A lavatory for the exclusive use of the tenants Laundry tub (with external clothesline), bathing and hand washing facilities with hot and cold water Facilities for storing, preparing and cooking food, including a cooking range, and a sink with hot and cold water An adequate supply of fresh/potable water An effective and sanitary system for draining wastewater and storm water Ceiling and under-floor insulation where possible installed to EECA standards (including control of rising damp from under floor) Safe and effective provision for lighting and heating Appropriate passive or mechanical moisture extraction systems in kitchen and bathrooms, vented to the outside

5 WOF Cont… Stayed/latched windows to prevent falls and to be safely left open for ventilation purposes Functioning smoke alarm/s within 3m of each bedroom Sound-proofing to minimise the noise nuisance between adjacent dwellings All housing should have safe access All power outlets and light switches must be safe, functional and in a good state of repair Appropriate provision for management of kitchen waste and recyclables All housing should be free of dampness issues, no unflued gas heaters, no toxic fumes

6 What you need to know about a tenants rights and obligations Type of Tenancy – Fixed Term & Periodic Flatting Boarding Houses Paying the rent Rent increases Landlord inspections & Landlord’s right of entry Notice Periods

7 Current Renting Problems 1. Direct provision of state housing being reduced long-term 2. Tenants unable to see their tenancy as their “home” 3. Maintenance problems 4. Continuously increasing rents in the private sector 5. Costs associated with accessing private rentals

8 Security of Tenure So that ‘Notices of Termination’ can be challenged in the Tenancy Tribunal So that tenants are not vulnerable to landlord whim ‘Notices to Quit’ are currently being used as a threat and/or disciplinary measure by HNZ It could be a deterrent to ‘retaliatory action’ It would give New Zealand tenants ‘security of tenure’ Most societies with tenancy legislation include a reason for eviction

9 How can this be fixed? Under Section 51, (1) (d) Currently this section and sub-section states: “In any other case, 90 days” (RTA, 2010) This could be amended to: “90 days is required for a reason other than those covered under S.51, (1) (a-c)”

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