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Case Studies Part 2: Mutual exchange and home ownership.

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1 Case Studies Part 2: Mutual exchange and home ownership

2 HomeSwapper: The mutual exchange solution for tenants and landlords Kevin Gilhooly Head of Partnership Development HomeSwapper

3 What tenants say about HomeSwapper

4 Match alerts

5 K.L.O.E. = v. 

6 What landlords say about HomeSwapper

7 1.If a Landlord does not subscribe to the HomeSwapper mutual exchange there will be a monthly fee chargeable to their tenants The fee will be:- £6.95 per 3 months £12.95 per 6 months £23.95 per 12 months 2.If a Landlord does subscribe to HomeSwapper service there will be no charge to the landlord’s tenants Costings

8 Nil Direct Cost to Tenant “ “ “ “ “ “ As Previous List Cost (approx) Price on Application 4,00015,000-Above Nil3,00010,000-14,999 Nil2,5005,000-9,999 Nil2,0002,000-4,999 Nil1,0001,000-1,999 Nil500100-999 Nil2500-99 Extra Cost to Landlords Landlord Annual Fee £ Stock Costings HomeSwapper costings when landlord does subscribe to the service

9 “It ought to be much easier for tenants to move or swap homes with the benefit of more sophisticated information technology and social landlords should do all they can to facilitate this process”. Sir George Young, MP, former Housing Minister Source: A report, Tenant Mobility: a retrospective of housing mobility schemes 1970-2004

10 Kevin Gilhooly:07841 743 693 Customer Services:0845 6187 162 * * The number is only for landlords and tenant representatives Contact details

11 Your response What can you learn from the HomeSwapper system to improve and enhance your local mutual exchange system?

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