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1 Tutorial (February 2009) Workflow Tutorial (Use your ‘Page Up’ & ‘Page Down’ keys to navigate)

2 Tutorial (February 2009) Content When someone registers with HomeSwapper they have to identify who their landlord is. Where they claim to be a tenant of your organisation this needs to be confirmed. This short tutorial shows you: (a)how registrants identify their landlord, and (b)how the landlord verifies if they are their tenant

3 Tutorial (February 2009) Identifying Landlord at Registration As someone new registers they search for their landlord by entering the first few letters then click ‘Search…’. In the drop-down box the registrant identifies their landlord’s name from possible matches drawn from all landlords. If you are the landlord, whether this registrant is your tenant will require to be verified.

4 Tutorial (February 2009) We have seen how a tenant identifies who their landlord is in HomeSwapper. Now we will look at how a landlord verifies if they are their tenant.

5 Tutorial (February 2009) Landlords’ Login Landlords & tenants use the same secure login area. Enter the Username & Password you chose. If you have forgotten your username or password follow this link & they will be emailed to you.

6 Tutorial (February 2009) Workflow Who you are logged-in as is confirmed here. Four registrants claim to be your tenant. Until you verify if that is true they will only have restricted access to HomeSwapper. The first two numbers show how many tenants are awaiting your attention and are links if more then ‘0’. Clicking a link (an underlined number) takes you to an approval page. If a tenant was registered prior to your organisation partnering with HomeSwapper as the end of their registration period approaches you will be asked to confirm if they are your tenant. Also, once a tenant has been approved, after 6 months they will come up for renewal again. So you would click on the 4 When you login your taken immediately to the ‘Workflow’ page. Also you can navigate to it at any time by clicking ‘Welcome’, then the word ‘Workflow’.

7 Tutorial (February 2009) Approval Process Tick the "Accept" box next to the name to approve your tenant. If you do not want to approve them then tick the "Reject" box. click on the "Submit decision(s)" button This table shows you who claims to be your tenant; their name, address and when they were added (so how long they’ve been waiting). You can approve or reject more than one person at a time using this method. Names are links. Clicking a name opens another window & displays their key details or "Add note" will display their details in a new window.

8 Tutorial (February 2009) Record of Decision Your decisions are confirmed once on screen; next time you look there will be no tenants awaiting approval (unless new ones have registered). Member user rights are immediately updated

9 Tutorial (February 2009) Thank you for viewing this tutorial which demonstrated how easy the HomeSwapper tenant approval process is. If you need more information call 08456 187 162 or email

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