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© 2006 Consumer Jungle Landlord Tenant Law. May 21, 2012 Entry task: Do you think the teens from “Baby Borrowers” were ready for children? Why? Target:

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Presentation on theme: "© 2006 Consumer Jungle Landlord Tenant Law. May 21, 2012 Entry task: Do you think the teens from “Baby Borrowers” were ready for children? Why? Target:"— Presentation transcript:

1 © 2006 Consumer Jungle Landlord Tenant Law

2 May 21, 2012 Entry task: Do you think the teens from “Baby Borrowers” were ready for children? Why? Target: Identify rental agreement words.

3 December 15, 2014 Entry Task: What do you know about renting an apartment? Target : –Identify your rights as a tenant.

4 December 16, 2014 Entry Task: What is a lease? What appears on the lease? Target : –Identify your rights as a tenant.

5 Leadership Cards Due January 16th! FINAL! –January 13th Whether you have many points or not. © 2006 Consumer Jungle

6 What do you think? Your hot water tank begins to leak. Your landlord tells you he can’t fix it for 4 days and turns off your water to prevent further damage to the floor.

7 Answer Must do repairs within 24 hours Move out Hire someone to do repair and take $ off rent

8 What do you think Your roommate’s friends show up at 10 p.m. to PARTY!!!! The neighbors call the landlord about excessive noise and he gives you notice to move out.

9 Answer 3 days notice to move IF police come: Noise Violation for Disturbing the Peace $250

10 What do you think? If I want to smoke dope in my house, my landlord has no right to interfere

11 Answer Washington has a law that allows landlords to evict tenants for “drug related activity”, which includes the use of any illicit drug on the premises. If drugs are being manufactured, stored, or sold on the premises with the landlord’s knowledge, the police may have the right to confiscate and sell the house.

12 What do you think? Landlords should have the right to check on their tenants at any time, without giving notice, in order to ensure the tenants are following the rules written in the lease.

13 Answer Washington law guarantees that tenants are entitled to privacy and that landlords may not enter the leased property without giving a 2 day notice, unless there is an emergency. Only 1 days notice is necessary if the landlord is showing the apartment to a prospective tenant or purchaser

14 What do you think? John owns an apartment building and shows an apartment to Sophia. John decides not to rent to Sophia after he learns that she is an opera singer; because he thinks she might disturb other tenants. John has the right to exclude Sophia just because she is an opera singer.

15 Answer Since opera singers are not a protected class under any anti- discrimination laws, he can.

16 What do you think? John then interviews Marilyn, a very attractive blonde. He refuses to rent to her because he has heard that blondes have a lot of wild parties. John has a right to exclude Marilyn because she is a blonde.

17 Answer Again, the anti-discrimination laws do not prohibit discrimination against blondes. The laws do, however, prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex, so if Marilyn can show that John would have rented to a blonde man, she might have a case.

18 What do you think? Finally, John interviews William, who is infected with the AIDS virus. John refuses to rent to him because he has AIDS. John has the right to exclude William for this reason.

19 Answer John is banned by both the federal and state fair housing laws from discriminating against William because he has AIDS. Those who have AIDS or are HIV positive are included under the definition of disabled.

20 © 2006 Consumer Jungle Importance of Landlord Tenant Law You’re living on your own now You must know the rights and responsibilities of –The tenant (that’s you) –The landlord

21 © 2006 Consumer Jungle The Players Tenant: Somebody who rents a house or apartment for a fixed period of time. Landlord: A person that owns property that is rented to tenants.

22 © 2006 Consumer Jungle Find out Average Rent Know average rent for area Cost of Living Calculator – m/brm/movecalc.asp m/brm/movecalc.asp –Compare rent between two cities

23 © 2006 Consumer Jungle Know the Basics Length of the Lease –Month-to-month –6 months –1 year Amount of Rent Amount of Security deposit

24 © 2006 Consumer Jungle Good-Tenant Criteria? Application Fee for Screening –Credit check & bankruptcies –Employment & Income –Rental history & evictions –References Applies to each tenant Non-refundable

25 © 2006 Consumer Jungle Legal & Illegal Discrimination Legal –Poor credit history –Insufficient income –Bad references –Past behavior i.e. destruction of property –Tenants would exceed valid occupancy policy Illegal –Race –Religion –Ethnic background or national origin –Sex –Age –Tenant has children (except in senior housing) –Mental or physical disability. –Some states: Marital status or sexual orientation

26 © 2006 Consumer Jungle Lease Agreements Lease: An agreement that requires a tenant to stay for a specific amount of time and restricts the landlord’s ability to change the terms. –Usually requires at least a 6-to-12 month commitment –Rent and rules stay the same for the lease period

27 © 2006 Consumer Jungle Rental Agreements Month-to-month rental agreement: An agreement for an unspecified period of time, with rent usually payable on a monthly basis. –Provides flexibility if you’re not sure how long you’ll stay –Rent or rules can be changed at any time

28 © 2006 Consumer Jungle More Lease Agreements Be prepared to sign a lot of paperwork. Keep these guidelines in mind: –Request a copy of the paperwork in advance. You can review it at your own pace. –Become familiar with rental lingo. –Read every word before you sign! –Remember: If you sign it, you’re liable for it!

29 December 17, 2013 Entry task: What is the definition of a tenant? What is the definition of a landlord? Target: Identify your rights as a tenant. © 2006 Consumer Jungle

30 Security Deposits How much can a landlord charge for a deposit? –Varies by state: some have no limit –Usually not more than 1 or 2 months of rent When does the landlord have to return the deposit? –Varies by state: 14 days to “within a reasonable time”

31 What do you think? Hi my name is Sallie I'm very interested in the place you have for rent. I don't know if your looking for some one whit good credit I'll be completely honest whit you I have no credit at all never dealed whit credit befor always deal whit cash but I do work and have a good rental history the reison why I'm leavening my current address is because my land lord is saleing her home I been here for 3 1/2 years and I been working for also 3 1/2 years... My monthly salrey is $3400 and I work for Jane company down in Tacoma wa... I'm just looking for a nice place for me and my 1 year old son.. I would like to come look at the place and if I like it I will love to move in but like I said I have no credit just looking for someone that would take cash and move in you could berrafey my landlord and my job and I do have paystubs if you need to see it... So hope you can give me a call in the morning any time if your interested of doing that I do have cash to move in by tomarow or the next day so hope you can help me out and god bless you © 2006 Consumer Jungle

32 What to Expect in Agreements The length of the tenancy The amount of rent and deposits the tenant must pay The number of people who can live on the rental property Who pays for utilities Whether the tenant may have pets Whether the tenant may sublet the property The landlord's access to the rental property, and Who pays attorney fees if there is a lawsuit.

33 © 2006 Consumer Jungle Illegal Contract Provisions –Giving up your right to defend yourself in court –Limiting the landlord’s liability for things they’re normally responsible for

34 © 2006 Consumer Jungle Landlord’s Maintenance Responsibilities Weatherproofing Available heat Water Electricity Clean, sanitary, & structurally safe Smoke detectors Security-Locks & keys

35 © 2006 Consumer Jungle Tenant’s Maintenance Responsibilities Pay rent and utilities on time Comply with local ordinances –Noise –Business out of home Keep unit clean and sanitary Dispose of garbage properly Respect common areas –Lobbies, garages, and pools

36 © 2006 Consumer Jungle Tenant Responsibilities Properly operate heating, plumbing, and electrical systems Don’t intentionally or carelessly damage dwelling Don’t interfere with other tenants’ use of the property Return the unit to the same condition as when you moved in

37 © 2006 Consumer Jungle Renter’s Insurance Important for each tenant Landlord’s insurance won’t cover your loss Insurance covers loss to belongings: –From fire & theft –Depends on value of policy: $25K – 50K –Deductibles start at $250

38 © 2006 Consumer Jungle Adding a Roommate Get your landlord's approval Will adding a roommate exceed the occupancy limit? Will your new roommate meet your landlord’s good tenant criteria?

39 © 2006 Consumer Jungle Roommates & Rental Agreements Adding a Roommate to the Lease or Rental Agreement –New lease More Roommates, More Rent –More wear & tear Security Deposit Increases

40 © 2006 Consumer Jungle Landlord’s Legal Right to Enter May need to: –Make repairs –Show property Must give notice –Varies by state from 24 hours to “reasonable notice” No notice needed: –Emergency Fire Serious water leak –Abandonment You can’t refuse access

41 © 2006 Consumer Jungle Repairs Put your request in writing Give landlord time to respond. Required response time varies by state but generally: –24 hours for no hot or cold water, heat, electricity or for other hazardous or life-threatening conditions –72 hours for refrigerator, range, oven, or major plumbing problems –10 days for all other repairs

42 © 2006 Consumer Jungle Tenant’s Rights for Repairs Options when landlord won’t repair: –Pay less rent –Withhold rent –Make repairs –Hire professional & deduct cost from rent –Call building inspector –Mediate or go to court –Move out (give notice) Varies by state

43 © 2006 Consumer Jungle When You Can Be Evicted Not paying rent –Even if one day late with rent –Three-day notice to pay or move out required Not complying with terms of rental agreement –Ten-day notice to comply or move out required For creating a waste or nuisance –Three-day notice to move out required –No option to stay to correct problem

44 © 2006 Consumer Jungle More When You Can Be Evicted No cause –Varies by state –Twenty-day notice required –May not be discriminatory If tenant refuses to vacate, landlord can obtain court order and request sheriff to move belongings.

45 © 2006 Consumer Jungle Illegal Landlord Actions Even if you’re behind in rent –Lockouts –Utility shutoffs –Taking your property (unless you abandon it)

46 © 2006 Consumer Jungle When the Tenant Breaks the Lease Tenant can legally break the lease if: –Landlord fails to make repairs –Fails to comply with health & safety Tenant responsible for remainder of rent under lease term –Landlord has duty to find a new tenant

47 © 2006 Consumer Jungle When the Landlord Breaks the Lease Landlord can legally break the lease if: –Tenant pays rent late, has a dog under a no- pet clause, or damages property. Landlord may: –Give time to change i.e. find a new home for the dog –Ask tenant to leave How varies by state

48 © 2006 Consumer Jungle When You Move Out Provide written notice according to your rental or lease agreement. –Rental: Usually 30-day notice –Lease: You’re responsible for rent for remaining leasing term unless landlord can rent unit

49 © 2006 Consumer Jungle More When You Move Out Clean apartment and leave in same condition as when you moved in (except normal wear and tear) Leave forwarding address for deposit return

50 © 2006 Consumer Jungle How to Protect Yourself Ask parents to walk through rental with you Take pictures of everything (include date on photo) Go through rental check list

51 © 2006 Consumer Jungle Where to Go for Help Your state Attorney General’s office Your state Housing and Urban Development (HUD) department –Choose your state/Housing –Download state-specific information

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