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PORTRAIT DRAWING The Face. The basics about lips.

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2 The basics about lips

3 Lips Step 1- usually the darkest part of the lip drawing Step 2-form the mouth in 5 sections Step 3-form the bottom lip using shade, but not as dark as the top lip in most cases Step 4-shadde around the mouth and cupid’s bow above lip

4 Lips Notice that most all mouths have an edge around the lips that promotes definition. This edge is darker when skin tone is darker. Basic stages of drawing the lips

5 Drawing the nose A portrait drawing will not appear correct until the drawing is complete. All drawings are to be created from live views or the portrait will become generic. Your image needs to reflect character-moles, hair, freckles, imperfections of any kind.

6 Nose Creating a nose is different for everyone. The shape always varies from person to person. Adding value to your shape will form a proper nose. Layer values for a more realistic structure.

7 Nose


9 Combining Features

10 See when you look

11 Eyes



14 The Ear

15 Ear

16 Ear placement

17 Ear Structure

18 Ear steps

19 Hair



22 Hair Stages


24 Facial Proportions Start with an oval Consider the divisions of the head Begin to block in values

25 Facial Proportions

26 Think of the head in planes so that you can more easily complete the drawing.

27 Facial Proportions 5 eyes across7 eyes top to bottom

28 Face

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