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Secular vs. Religious Renaissance Art

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1 Secular vs. Religious Renaissance Art

2 Define: Secular art- worldly rather than spiritual. Religious art- pertaining to monastic or religious order.

3 1. Birth of Venus Vanishing point – is based on a optical illusion as parallel lines stretch away from the viewer until they meet a spot on the horizon. (Linear Perspective) She is the brightest figure in the artwork while all surrounding objects get darker the further away they are from her.

4 2. A Goldsmith in His Shop Lighter, darker, darkest
The buyer’s eyes are drawing you toward the bottom of the picture

5 3. The Coronation of the Virgin
She is the largest subject in the picture making her the focal point.

6 4. El Descendimiento Everything is encircling the image of Jesus. Even the dresses and the positioning of the people are enclosing him.

7 5. Small Cowper Madonna Horizon line – objects appear larger the closer they are to the front. Images appear smaller the closer they get to the horizon line. 3D image

8 6. Madonna and Child 3 Color of artwork is more detailed in the faces and darker as you get away from the faces. Image is soft giving a blurry feel.

9 7. Confirmation of the Rule
Vanishing point

10 8. The Mona Lisa Realism – very realistic art In natural posture
Expressions that Reveal personality

11 9. Sistine Chapel Realism – Realism – very realistic art in natural posture expressions that reveal personality. Ex: God is expressing his love for mankind by reaching out to Adam.

12 Pass your paper back, write graded by and put your name, and lets grade.

13 1.SECULAR - Birth of Venus

14 2. SECULAR- A Goldsmith in His Shop

15 3. RELIGIOUS- The Coronation of the Virgin

16 4. RELIGIOUS- El Descendimiento

17 5. RELIGIOUS- Small Cowper Madonna

18 6. RELIGIOUS- Madonna and Child 3

19 7. RELIGIOUS- Confirmation of the Rule

20 8. SECULAR- The Mona Lisa

21 9. RELIGIOUS- Sistine Chapel

22 Grading Scale: -1 = 89 -2 = 78 -3 = 67 -4 = 56 -5 = 44 -6 = 33 -7 = 22
-8 = 11 ***Write the total number missed and total score at the bottom of the back side of the handout.***

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