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Letter of Complaint.

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1 Letter of Complaint

2 A complaint letter is written to complain about the wrong doings, bad state of affairs, errors, etc., to the authorities.

3 Effective complaint letters (and any other way of complaining) should be:
Concise Authoritative Factual Constructive Friendly

4 Write concise letters Structuring the letter is important. Think in terms of the acronym AIDA - attention, interest, desire, action. This is the fundamental process of persuasion. Structure your letter so that you include a heading - which identifies the issue and name of product, service, person, location, with code or reference number if applicable.

5 Then state the simple facts, with relevant dates and details.
Next state what you'd like to happen - a positive request for the reader to react to.

6 Even if you are very angry, it's always important to make a positive, complimentary comment. It will make the reader and the organization more inclined to 'want' to help you

7 Authoritative complaint letters have credibility and carry more weight
Professional presentation, good grammar and spelling, firmness and clarity, language and tone can all help to establish your credibility - that you can be trusted and believed, that you know your facts, and that you probably have a point.

8 Complaint letters must include all the facts
But be brief and concise. Mention just the key facts, especially dates and reference numbers.

9 constructive letters and suggestions make complaints easier to resolve
Accentuate the positive wherever possible. Be different by being positive and constructive. State the facts and then suggest what needs to be done to resolve matters – it helps to be seen as a positive and constructive customer rather than a negative and critical one

10 Write letters with a friendly and complimentary tone
This is perhaps the most important rule of all when complaining. Be kind to people and they will be kind to you. Ask for their help – it's really so simple – and they will want to help you.

11 Complain by phone - or write a letter of complaint?
Obviously if a situation needs resolving urgently you must phone, but phoning to complain in this way is rarely a good idea. This is because:

12 Heat of the moment' complaints almost always produce confrontation, emotion, and misunderstanding.
For organizations to handle complaints properly they need to be able to deal with facts and written records. You will need a your own record of the complaint to establish accountability, responsibility, that you have actually complained, when you complained, and to whom. Writing a letter helps you to calm down and do things properly.

13 complaint letter template
name and address (eg., for the customer services department, or CEO) date Dear Sir or Madam (or name) heading with relevant reference numbers (if applicable) (if writing to a named person) ask for the person's help, eg "I'd really appreciate your help with this.“ State facts of situation, including dates, names, reference numbers, but keep this very concise and brief State your suggested solution. State some positive things about your normal experience with the organization concerned, for example: that you've no wish to go elsewhere and hope that a solution can be found. State that you look forward to hearing from them soon and that you appreciate their help. Yours faithfully (if not sent to a named person) or sincerely (if sent to a named person) Your signature Your printed name (and title/position if applicable) c.c. (plus names and organizations, if copying the letter to anyone) enc. (if enclosing something, such as packaging or attachments)

14 complaint letter example - faulty product
name and address (of customer service department) date Dear Sirs Faulty (xyz) product I'm afraid that the enclosed (xyz) product doesn't work. It is the third one I've had to return this month (see attached correspondence). I bought it from ABC stores at Newtown, Big County on (date). I was careful to follow the instructions for use, honestly. Other than the three I've had to return recently, I've always found your products to be excellent. I'd be grateful if you could send a replacement and refund my postage (state amount). I really appreciate your help. Yours faithfully signature J Smith (Mrs)

15 Don’t worry – be happy!

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