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04 MONTH 24 DAY 14 YEAR 23 25. Celebrating 40 Years of the Florida State University Instructional Systems Program AN ONGOING CONVERSATION A Professional.

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1 04 MONTH 24 DAY 14 YEAR 23 25

2 Celebrating 40 Years of the Florida State University Instructional Systems Program ISD@FSU– AN ONGOING CONVERSATION A Professional Development Conference and Reunion April 23-25 2014

3 KEEPING YOU UP TO DATE ON ISD helping you connect to old friends and valuable colleagues TALLAHASSEE

4 PM REGISTRATION Building Tours Poster Sessions WELCOME HOME! Casual, celebratory welcome event at the Stone Building, including wine reception DINNER PARTIES A choice of venues to gather and dine WEDNESDAY 4.23 THURSDAY 4.24 FRIDAY 4.25

5 WEDNESDAY 4.23 THURSDAY 4.24 FRIDAY 4.25 AM REGISTRATION If you missed it Wednesday BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS Facilitated and fun WELCOME FSU President, Dean of College KEYNOTE Walt Dick, Bob Reiser, Vanessa Dennon, and Jim Klein reminisce ROOTS OF RESEARCH Breakouts on current research NETWORKING LUNCH PM GENERAL SESSION Alumni Council BRANCHES OF APPLICATION ISD-related practices, tools, strategies, ideas, or techniques for practitioners NEW BUDS Catch up on your coursework! Take a quick tour of newer course offerings. THE BIG EVENT Dinner, fun, more to come…

6 AM TOPIC TAPAS 99-second presentations Wide range of topics (YOUR NAME HERE)— consider being a presenter! CONCURRENT SESSIONS Topics curated by our conference team PM GENERAL SESSION SPEED COACHING Like speed dating—offer and receive advice through a structured sharing PANEL DISCUSSION Tying It Altogether AWARDS CEREMONY Alumni, student, and conference awards FINAL KEYNOTE Allison Rossett WEDNESDAY 4.23 THURSDAY 4.24 FRIDAY 4.25 PLUS, concierge service for Friday evening events

7 Let’s celebrate. The FSU ISD community thriving at the FOREFRONT leading changes the world & instructional design performance improvement

8 This conference is being offered to the entire FSU ISD community, past, present, and future, including professors, alumni, students, and friends of the program. Who Should Attend ALUMNISTUDENTSFACULTYFRIENDSYOU! What You’ll Get RESEARCHBEST PRACTICES NETWORKINGA GOOD FEELING

9 The following alumni, faculty, and students have already planning on attending. Add your name to the list so your colleagues know you’ll be there. (*New since 12/20!) Who WILL Attend ALUMNISTUDENTSFACULTYFRIENDSYOU! Roger Kaufman Vanessa Dennen Val Shute Doretta Gordon Fenfeng Ke Darren Brooks Karen Collins Rice Gabrielle Gabrielli Wade Bradt Allison Rossett Marcy Driscoll Kathy Ingram Anne Mendenhall Walt Dick Chris Iansiti Gabe Hamda Chris Keeney John Keller Brent Hewlett Bob Reiser Cathy Tencza Jim Klein Sue Ebbers Walt Wager Kay Richardson Jan Visser *Anita Touring * Kathryn Ley * Jim Jolley * Elena Novak * Lorrie Woods * Paige Tilley * Robin Johnston * Iskandaria Mazduki * BrendaLitchfield * Susan McDonough

10 LIKE US. We have a Facebook page (An Ongoing Conversation: Celebrating 40 Years of ISD at FSU), and we’ll also post on the Linked In Noles Connection page. Also visit our website at Let us know if you MIGHT be interested. We have opportunities for involvement at every level. SHARE. Consider being a session facilitator, a speaker, or just someone willing to stand up and share a tip or two in a breakout session. See the “Call for Presenters” at SPONSOR. If you or your company might be interested in sponsoring part of this conference, email Cathy Tencza ( She’ll explain the different sponsorship levels and the benefits of each (see next page) TALK TO US. The conference co-chairs are happy to hear your questions, concerns, ideas, or cheers: Cathy Tencza:, 770.667.8583 Sue Ebbers:, 850.445.6303 Jim Klein:, 850.645.7976

11 Benefits Platinum Sponsor $1,500 Gold Sponsor $1,000 Silver Sponsor $500 Scholarship Sponsor* $100 One complimentary ticket to FSU baseball game on 4/23 XXX X Recognition on website and in program materialsXXX X Complimentary logo placement/ad in programXXX Opportunity to put promotional materials in the "goodie bag" XXX Recognition, with signage, as a sponsor of one of our conference rooms XX Complimentary conference admission for one person XX Recognition as an official sponsor of a conference meal (e.g., “Today’s breakfast was brought to you by ________.”) X * $100 underwrites the cost of one student admission to the conference SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES

12 Add your name to the list. Thank you to the following sponsors Christopher Iansiti Gabe Hamda Catherine Tencza Doretta Gordon Suzanne Ebbers Gabrielle Gabrielli Robert Reiser James Klein Anne Mendenhall Katsuaki Suzuki Marcy Driscoll Karen Collins Rice *Rita-Marie Conrad *Elena Novak *Paige Tilley (*New since 12/20/13!)

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