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The Only Complete Data Protection Platform Presented By: (Insert Name)

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1 The Only Complete Data Protection Platform Presented By: (Insert Name)

2 Infrascale by the Numbers 2 Introduction to your host: (Insert Name) Name Title LinkedIn URL Add Photo

3 3 Agenda Infrascale Overview: Our platform, technology and solutions What Infrascale technology can do for you Security and encryption Many solutions in one: Infrascale products Controlling your accounts with the Dashboard Partnership opportunities

4 4 Infrascale Overview Our platform, technology and solutions

5 Infrascale Overview : About Us 5 By The Numbers Company founded in Australia Infrascale provides the most comprehensive cloud data protection platform. Our platform delivers server backup, endpoint backup, data archive, file sharing, and disaster recovery with military-grade security. Data protection spans smartphones, tablets, Macs, PCs, file servers, email servers, application servers and database servers. Broadest product line available anywhere, all managed from a single interface. Founded in 2006, Infrascale is a venture backed cloud company headquartered in El Segundo, California. Infrascale’s platform powers over 1,000 independent cloud service companies and MSP’s and has protected billions of files. Overview

6 6 Infrascale Overview : The Platform Comprehensive Data Protection Platform

7 7 Infrascale Overview : Flexible Hosting Your Cloud: On premise private cloud hosting Our Cloud: Infrascale cloud of 12 global data centers Any Cloud: Hybrid or 3 rd party such as AWS or Azure Hosting & Deployment: Our Cloud | Your Cloud | Any Cloud Infrascale delivers flexible control and deployment options that can span any mix of the global Infrascale cloud, enterprise private clouds, and third-party clouds

8 8 Infrascale Overview : Dashboard The tool to manage your entire business, providing: Account usage Activity alerts Reporting & monitoring Rebranding tools Policy settings Dashboard is available via the web and iOS/Android mobile devices for anytime, anywhere management Your Centralized Management Dashboard: Maintenance | Monitoring | Reporting The Infrascale Dashboard dramatically simplifies management for large numbers of downstream customers.

9 9 Infrascale Security & Privacy Encryption & Data Centers

10 10 Feature Highlight : Double-blind Encryption

11 11 Feature Highlight: Data Center Security Infrascale data centers  15 global points of presence on 5 continents, including 12 data centers  Infrascale backs up data to U.S. military-grade data centers in London, Toronto, Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, Louisville, Johannesburg and Melbourne  All data centers are secured with 24/7 watch, video surveillance, biometric credential requirements, backup generators, temperature and humidity controls

12 12 Infrascale Technology The Complete Data Protection Platform

13 13 Technology: Comprehensive Data Protection Infrascale services are built for complete data protection including: Server Backup| Endpoint Backup| Data Archive| File Sharing| Disaster Recovery Server backup and recovery for file-servers, email servers & database servers Bare Metal backups with low RTO and RPO Exchange Granular Recovery High volume cloud storage with robust retention and replication Long-term data archive Complete disaster recovery Endpoint backup and recovery including geolocate and remote wipe Cloud file sharing and collaboration

14 14 Technology: Largest array of endpoints protected Infrascale data protection technology works across a variety of endpoints including: Physical & virtual servers| Desktop & laptop workstations| Mobile devices, tablets & smartphones  Servers  Windows  OS X  Linux/Unix  VMWare  Netware  Applications  SQL  Exchange  SharePoint  Desktop & laptop workstations  PCs  Macs  Mobile devices  iOS  Android  Windows phone

15 15 Technology: File Sharing Capabilities Secure File Sharing, Sync, and Collaboration Desktop Sync & Share | Collaboration | SharePoint Integration | Security | Centralized Management File and Folder Sync

16 16 VMWare Backup, Linux, Unix, Windows Cloud-connected and includes cloud storage On-prem de-duplication & Hierarchical storage for backup Deployable as physical and/or virtual appliance Simple and complex replication schemes Central dashboard to manage both appliance and cloud Common usage metering Cloud-Integrated Data Protection Appliance

17 17 Technology Highlight: Data Protection Appliance Data Backup & Complete Recovery Cloud-connected appliance| Data protection | On premise device | Physical rack-mount or virtual | Disaster Recovery Manage and automate backups Virtualization De-duplication Replication Recovery Enterprise-class physical appliances at prices small and medium business can afford Regulatory Compliance Archiving Business Continuity Disaster Recovery

18 18 Technology Highlight: Data Protection Capabilities Data Backup & Complete Recovery Cloud-connected appliance| Data protection | On premise device | Physical rack-mount or virtual | Disaster Recovery Full replication of your data with version history that lets you roll back to whatever date you choose Automatic active-passive replication Automatic active-active replication Appliances can be physically distant, providing for disaster recovery in case of disaster at one site Replication from physical appliance to cloud- based appliance Rock solid backup technology that covers all of your computing platforms

19 19 Infrascale Partnership Your Secure Cloud Storage Solution

20 20 Infrascale offers: Data Protection & Security Protects your customers from the risks associated with the potential loss or damage of corporate data. Simplified Management Integrates server backup, endpoint backup, data archive, file sharing, and disaster recovery capabilities in a centrally managed application. Unrivaled Coverage Platform with industry-leading breadth of device coverage and depth of OS support means that customers know their data is stored safely. Summary

21 21 Infrascale Platform: Your Complete Data Protection Solution Cloud Backup Server Backup Disaster Recovery Archive Storage File Sharing & Sync Cloud Connected Appliance Cloud Brokerage Cloud NAS Infrascale delivers powerful technology solutions that disrupt the current cloud data management ecosystem. Partnership

22 22 Our customers love Infrascale, and you will, too: “Infrascale gives me great peace of mind knowing that all my work and personal computers are being regularly backed up. It also gives me a way to access important files when I’m out of the office.” - Infrascale Customer, Reid Tenkley, Spotlight Financial Customers Love Infrascale

23 23 Thank you for joining us! Start with a complimentary trial! Contact your Partner Specialist at: United States: +1 877 896 3611 United Kingdom: +44 800 160 1454 Australia: +61 (02) 8973 7479 South Africa: +27 10 500 8043 Or visit to get started today! Call Today: Free Trial

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