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Confidential + Proprietary Welcome to Holiday. Welcome home.

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1 Confidential + Proprietary Welcome to Holiday. Welcome home.

2 Confidential + Proprietary2 Thank you for your interest in joining the Holiday Family. Before we find out more about you, we thought you’d like to find out more about us. As always, it starts with our Residents.

3 Confidential + Proprietary3 Our Potential Resident Base is Growing 35 million Americans are 65 or older 4.2 million Americans are 85 or older Average life expectancy at age 65 is 17.9 years 40% increase in next five year Fastest growing segment of population. Confidential + Proprietary3 Source: 2000 U.S. Bureau of Census And they’ll all want somewhere wonderful, like Holiday, to live.

4 Confidential + Proprietary4 –Glen Kinney Resident, Stone Lodge “I felt like it was time for me to get away from taking care of lawns, shrubs, redoing the house and all that stuff. Living here, I am in the same town as my daughter and grandkids. I used to just come over for big family events. Now I see them all the time.” 4 | Confidential + Proprietary© 2010 Harvest Facility Holdings LP

5 Confidential + Proprietary5 A range of options are available… ASSISTED LIVING CCRC (CONTINUING CARE RETIREMENT COMMUNITIES) ALZHEIMER’S / MEMORY CARE NURSING HOMES RESPITEHOSPICE 24-hour assistance Range of care Multiple housing options, one location Fees and contracts Specialized memory- related care Physically secured facility 24-hour care Long-term and short-term Short-term stay in Assisted Living facility or Nursing Home Care for terminally ill individuals in a private home, nursing home, hospice facility INDEPENDENT RETIREMENT LIVING Typically apartments Meals and housekeeping Transportation and activities Usually pre-set monthly rent Home Care can be arranged by resident if needed HOME CARE is available to individuals on an as-needed basis. This is outside care brought on-site to assist in a variety of daily activities. INDEPENDENT RETIREMENT LIVING Typically apartments Meals and housekeeping Transportation and activities Usually pre-set monthly rent Home Care can be arranged by resident if needed

6 …but Holiday Retirement is unique Established in 1971 Leader of independent retirement living Pioneered all-inclusive lifestyle The Holiday Touch Confidential + Proprietary6

7 Location, location, location. (Say that 300+ times.) Confidential + Proprietary7 Over 300 Communities across North America and growing

8 Confidential + Proprietary8 –Kathleen Oxner (daughter of Mega Gallagher) Resident, The Westminster “I like that this place is close by. It is well maintained, and the people that work here are just lovely. They make everybody feel so comfortable. I knew my mom would be comfortable here.” 8 | Confidential + Proprietary© 2010 Harvest Facility Holdings LP

9 Confidential + Proprietary9 We believe independent seniors deserve a Holiday lifestyle. At Holiday Retirement, seniors can enjoy the life they’ve earned. They can let someone else do the cooking, the cleaning, the mowing, even the driving, and focus on the things that make them happy. There’s no greater value than a Holiday lifestyle. Holiday Retirement Simplicity.Security.Wellness.Independence. =

10 Confidential + Proprietary10 All-inclusive top to bottom, soup to nuts. One affordable, month-to-month payment provides: Simplicity:Security:Wellness:Independence: Three executive chef- prepared meals from scratch daily Weekly housekeeping and linen service All utilities and cable TV Around-the-clock, live-in managers Emergency call system Life enriching programs and activities A pet-friendly policy Exclusive travel program Complimentary shuttle service No buy-in fees, hidden costs or long-term leases And so much more

11 Confidential + Proprietary11 We take food very seriously. Three chef-prepared meals daily. A wide variety of delicious, nutritionally balanced cuisine is prepared from scratch every day by professionally trained chefs and served in the social setting of our restaurant-style dining room.

12 Confidential + Proprietary12 –Johnnie Ramondini Resident, The Hampshire “When I first moved in and I didn’t have to cook or clean anymore, I loved it. Just loved it! It’s so nice having someone prepare my meals and clean my home. I get to focus on having fun. All the amenities and none of the chores. Works great for me!” 12 | Confidential + Proprietary© 2010 Harvest Facility Holdings LP

13 Confidential + Proprietary13 Our belief: Engaged and involved seniors lead better lives. A commitment to socialization. Through our activities, programs and even our communal dining, we encourage seniors to interact with each other, promoting a sense of family, friendship and belonging. And by creating opportunities to try new things, we enrich the seven dimensions of wellness: physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, creative, social and vocational.

14 Confidential + Proprietary14 Our goal: Making to-do lists more enjoyable. Life enriching programs and activities. We offer 4 to 8 activities, programs and events each day to keep residents involved and inspired. Fitness games (including Wii™ bowling, beanbag baseball, exercise classes) Educational lectures and presentations, scheduled outings, family events Special events (like high teas, luaus, charity fundraisers, art shows, dinner & dancing) So much more

15 Confidential + Proprietary15 –Lillian Grush Resident, The Bedford “I feel like I’m reliving my childhood – playing cards, swimming, doing exercises and all of these wonderful things they offer us here. We really have a good time! We have a new video game here called the Wii. I tried it out the other day and played the bowling game. I had so much fun and I made a strike!” 15 | Confidential + Proprietary© 2010 Harvest Facility Holdings LP

16 Confidential + Proprietary16 Four-legged residents are as welcome as two-legged ones. Pet-friendly policy. We value the bond seniors share with their pets, so we welcome small dogs, cats and creatures of the sea into our communities.

17 Confidential + Proprietary17 We take care of the left turns. Complimentary shuttle service. Our staff drivers transport residents to appointments, errands, shopping and off-site destinations for planned activities. The freedom to get around without the stress of getting themselves there.

18 Confidential + Proprietary18 Home is wherever our residents say it is. Exclusive travel program. Residents are welcome to stay at any of our 300+ locations for up to seven days free and enjoy the same all-inclusive lifestyle they experience at home.

19 Confidential + Proprietary19 “The travel program is what really sold me on moving in here. I can schedule my vacations and then Holiday sets up all the lodging arrangements for me. Everywhere I go, all the meals are provided, the lodging is free and it feels like home away from home. The best part is knowing all I have to do is lock my door here and I won’t have any worries about my home while I’m away.” –Bud Ratliff (pictured with Francis Ready) Residents, Madrona Hills 19 | Confidential + Proprietary© 2010 Harvest Facility Holdings LP

20 Confidential + Proprietary20 A commitment to community. Community isn’t a thing you see, it’s something you feel. 20 | Confidential + Proprietary© 2010 Harvest Facility Holdings LP It’s more than just a gathering of people, it’s a feeling of kinship. It’s a staff who see this as more of a calling than a job. It’s unrivaled service, compassion and care. It’s a family-like atmosphere. It’s The Holiday Touch.

21 Confidential + Proprietary21 Even with everything we provide, the secret to our success is the job you’re interested in today: Our Live-In Management Couple

22 Confidential + Proprietary22 Part best friends. Part guardian angels. Around-the-clock, live-in managers. Every Holiday Retirement community has management teams living on-site to assist the residents. Think of it as: “Neighbors helping neighbors.” And it’s the #1 reason why people say they chose Holiday Retirement to call home.

23 Shared responsibilities, missions and goals. Confidential + Proprietary23 The primary responsibilities of a Community Management Team at Holiday Retirement include: Resident Services Focus on providing residents with a warm, inviting and active lifestyle – delivering the Holiday Touch! Grass Roots Sales & Marketing Focus on conducting both Lead Generation and Lead Conversion Activities. Associate Management Focus on building strong community teams through personnel development, performance evaluation, conducting interviews, etc. But you don’t have to do it alone. All of this comes together thanks to a collaborative effort between Community Managers, Co-Managers, Executive Chef, Enrichment Coordinator, Bus Driver, Maintenance, and Housekeeping. Operations Focus on managing the Community’s P&L, and ensuring the processes and protocols of the various departments are administered. 50% of time 50% of time

24 Confidential + Proprietary24 Community Org. Chart Lead Community Managers Community Co- Managers Executive Chef* Kitchen StaffMaintenance Servers & Housekeepers Enrichment Coordinator Bus Driver The reporting structure may differ in some communities due to local requirements * Lead team member in the absence of Lead or Co Management

25 Confidential + Proprietary25 - As a Community Manager, you’ll be responsible in developing resident event and activity programs with the on-site Enrichment Coordinator. - You’ll also help develop a shuttle service schedule with the Bus Driver. - And most importantly, you’ll have the opportunity to have caring & thoughtful daily interactions with our residents. Resident Services Delivering the Holiday Touch to Current Residents

26 Confidential + Proprietary26 The goal of a Community Manager doesn’t just include delivering the Holiday Touch to current Residents, but to new, potential residents as well. That’s why every one of our Community Managers conduct grass roots Sales & Marketing activities such as: -Lead Generation: -Attending Chamber meetings -Visiting area physicians -Partnering with senior centers - Lead Conversion: -Follow-up calls -Comprehensive community tours -Rental contract negotiation Grass Roots Sales & Marketing Delivering the Holiday Touch to Potential New Residents

27 Confidential + Proprietary27 Community Managers have oversight of the following individuals & departments: -Dining program -Shuttle service -Maintenance -Activities & Events - Your responsibilities would include ensuring collaboration and cohesion among all team members - Plus, all Human Resources functions such as interviewing, separations, etc fall under the care of the Community Manager. Associate Management Building Community Teams

28 Confidential + Proprietary28 - As a Community Manager, you’ll be responsible for the Community’s overarching financial management, including Hitting revenue goals through the generation of move-ins, Expense oversight and controls, and High level of accountability for Community’s P&L -You’re also responsible for ensuring all the various departments are functioning optimally and cooperatively, with all the necessary processes and protocols followed. Operations FPO Managing Budgets, Processes and Protocols

29 Confidential + Proprietary29 A Day in the Life Wondering what a typical work week would look like? Here’s an example. Note: Managers should coordinate amongst each other to ensure there is coverage on the weekend, not just for Residents, but to also conduct Sales & Marketing activities.

30 Confidential + Proprietary30 A Day in the Life, cont. Yes, time management is the key to success!

31 Confidential + Proprietary31 A Foundation for Success At Holiday, we invest in our people. That’s why all Managers start with a comprehensive Training Program followed by on-site continuous training. Sales & Marketing Community Visits Working with Referrals Event Planning Competitive Reports Business Plans Community Operations Resident Enrichment Safety and Risk Management Food Service Housekeeping Human Capital Management Hiring and Onboarding Training Performance Documentation Human Capital Policies Maintenance eCalls Resident Relations Computer Systems Inbound and Outbound Calls Tours Closing Incentives Managing Objections CRM Systems

32 Confidential + Proprietary32 The Benefits are Many There are numerous tangible benefits in addition to making a difference in our residents lives All Live-in Managers receive the following benefits: - Rent-free apartment - Paid utilities including electricity, water, cable and more - 3 chef-prepared meals a day - Housekeeping and linen service - Full health benefits including health, dental, vision and 401(k) eligibility - 2 weeks paid vacation per year - Ability to enjoy the travel program, which means you can stay at any of our 300+ Communities at no cost - Ability to live the Holiday lifestyle first-hand It’s a benefits package worth close to $50,000 per year*

33 Confidential + Proprietary33 Due to the age of our Residents, there are situations where a Community Manager has to deal with tough situations - A Resident passes away - A Resident needs physical help and assistance - A Resident’s health begins to deteriorate, and it has to be communicated to the family It’s times like these where providing the Holiday Touch means so much more. The Realities of the Job Delivering the Holiday Touch in Times of Need

34 Confidential + Proprietary34 –Managers John & Liz Marzion Las Brisas “We could never leave Las Brisas. We’re so connected to the residents; we would miss them too much. We even keep in touch with our residents who had to move on to higher level care communities.” 34 | Confidential + Proprietary© 2010 Harvest Facility Holdings LP

35 Confidential + Proprietary35 Part best friends. Part guardian angels. We hope that you’ve learned more about Holiday Retirement and the position of the Live-in Manager. It’s our most valued position in the company. And it’s also our most rewarding. We look forward to you joining the Holiday family, and providing the Holiday Touch for years to come.

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