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MONTESSORI MODEL UNITED NATIONS. Opening Ceremony New York 2011 : related Opening ceremony NY 2011.

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2 Opening Ceremony New York 2011 : related Opening ceremony NY 2011

3 An academic simulation of the United Nations that aims to educate students about current events, topics in international relations, diplomacy and the United Nations agenda What is the MMUN?

4 For almost 8 years teachers and students have enjoyed this interactive learning experience. Involves young people in the study and discussion of global issues. Students at the sensitive age of 9-15 can participate in life changing experience through reason, justice and morality. Benefits of the MMUN

5 MMUN is the only recognized conference for elementary age students and it is totally supported by the UN The MMUN completely follows the UN protocol The Secretary General of the UN – Ban Ki Moon - reads a personal video message for each conference MMUN works hands on for each conference, training and supporting its delegates in every way MMUN is supported by the most prominent Montessori societies Friends of MMUN are prestigious, well renowned personalities in political, educational and sports field among others. They actively promote and organize events, forums and fundraisers The MMUN’s popularity continues to grow..

6 For more information check out A conference in session

7 Benefits of participating in the MMUN Students will develop useful skills such as such as: - Research - Time Management - World Affairs and issues - Partisanship among countries - Debating and negotiating - Tolerance for other cultures - Leadership qualities - Public speaking - Written communication - Role playing - Projects using creative outlets - Empathy concerning the plight of world citizens

8 Aims of the Precursor Conference A precursor conference is held in a region where the MMUN feels its presence can make a difference in students lives between the ages of 9-15 years old Prepares teachers to train students to the MMUN style of learning and thinking Conducts leadership conference for students Select students to star on the DAIS in International conferences Prepares and trains student delegates for participating in the October 2014 International Conference in the UAE


10 PCC Details The PCC is held for 400 students and 100 teachers Certified Leadership Conference is for students 9 to 15 years of age Certified Teachers’ training – Complimentary and by invitation only

11 Training Team A Team of MMUN Trainers will come down from the United States and conduct all the separate Modules of the Pre- Cursor Conference. All learning material will be provided for all modules of this Conference

12 Now that you have some knowledge about the MMUN… Here are some videos to give you a little more insight into an actual debate conducted by the MMUN: Montessori Model UN Delegates Solve the World's Problems –YouTube Montessori MUN 2011 - 4th-6th Graders Talk About Taxes - YouTube

13 What Next?

14 Montessori Model U.N. Closing Ceremony: African Union Takes Center Stage - YouTube Closing Ceremony

15 MMUN Sponsors

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