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1 ILANTUS Proprietary Jaunary 20, 2014 Enabling complete AGS features on ISIM Compliance Express – ISIM Integration.

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1 1 ILANTUS Proprietary Jaunary 20, 2014 Enabling complete AGS features on ISIM Compliance Express – ISIM Integration

2 2 Agenda -Context -Typical ISIM deployment Challenges -About Compliance Express -ISIM integration with Compliance Express -Benefits and Demo -ILANTUS Sales Contact details

3 3 Today’s focus Access Governance using Compliance Express for ISIM customers

4 4 Typical ISIM deployments ISIM Integrated with top few applications This leaves lot of applications outside the purview of access governance Identity Manager (ISIM) AD SAP RACF HR App Lotus Notes Applications not connected with ISIM App3 App7 App4 App8 App1 App5 App2 App6

5 5 Access Governance Challenges with typical deployments Access governance limited to applications that are connected with ISIM - Limited recertification and role-mining flexibility with ISIM Single view to who has access to what application within an enterprise is not available - Hence recertification process is limited and not across all applications - Granular level recertification not possible on connected target applications CSV based integration with other applications is effort intensive

6 6 Overcome the Challenges Introducing...… ISIM & Compliance Express integration Features and benefits

7 7 About Compliance Express Access Governance Capabilities Access Request Segregation of Duties (SoD) Access Recertification Reports Features Flexible Cost Effective Compliance Express is core Identity & Access Governance tool offered by ILANTUS.

8 8 ISIM-Compliance Express Integration Summary Integrated and complimentary to ISIM – leverages ISIM data Extend ISIM’s access intelligence and certification capabilities Adds SoD validation and Access Risks analysis ISIM collects and syncs data, and manages user provisioning workflows, Compliance Express delivers Access Intelligence Additional Advanced fine grained access certifications – User, OU, Application & Entitlements level. Access Risk Management Unique capabilities for SAP

9 9 How it works Enables Access Governance on top of your ISIM infrastructure and data; Deployed and configured as an ordinary ISIM Adapter; API based integration; Native supports the various entities and object-class and has the ability to extend to any custom object-class.

10 10 Adapter @ a glance Installation & configuration Deployed just like any other ISIM Adapter; Has TDI Assembly line for the full and incremental synchronization between ISIM and CrossIdeas. Few hours required to configure the adapter and synchronize the required objects and entities

11 11 How does this help our customers? Brings the “power of two” – best of breed product in each segment brought seamlessly by Gartner recognized vendor Address compliance issues through a comprehensive AGS offering built on top of industry leading identity management platform i.e. ISIM Adopt flexible deployment method to cut short time to value Entire solution seamless supported by ILANTUS

12 12 Customer Win – WhiteWave Foods (WWF) Entire solution being delivered in hosted mode IBM Products involved - IBM Identity and Access Assurance (IBM Security Identity Manager, IBM Security Access Manger for Enterprise Single Sign-On, IBM Security Access Manager for Web and IBM Tivoli Federated Identity Manger) ILANTUS Components – ILANTUS Compliance Express, ILANTUS Federation Express and ILANTUS Password Express Entire setup going live in stages – to help meet WWF strategic initiatives (separation from Dean Foods)

13 13 Demo setup overview IBM SIM Compliance Express Additional data sources 1.EBS 2.BI 3.AS/400 AD Linux

14 14 Demo Actors End user – James Wendy Manager – Alice Newman Risk Manager – Edward Gates

15 15 Use-case 1 (ISIM-Compliance Express sync) In ISIM we’d create the following objects that sync automatically to Compliance Express Organizational Units (OU) Roles Users All the above sync into Compliance Express ISIM Adapter for Compliance Express

16 16 Use-case 2 (Access Request Workflow) Single interface for requesting access to any application (ISIM integrated or Compliance Express integrated) at the enterprise level IBM SIM Compliance Express Users IT Pros Additional data sources

17 17 Use-case 3 (SoD rules for all enterprise applications) Define SoD rules at Enterprise level (for ISIM integrated and Compliance Express integrated apps) Compliance Express manages the SoD controls and ‘mitigation’ process 17 IBM SIM Compliance Express IT Additional data sources Risk/Security SoD Policies

18 18 Use-case 4 (Attestation/Re-Certification) Compliance Express allows Business to easily certify access rights Single interface to re-certify access for all applications across the enterprise (ISIM integrated and Compliance Express integrated) IBM SIM Compliance Express IT Additional data sources Risk/Security

19 19 ILANTUS Proprietary Jeff Lumley, Director of Sales (720)233-1099

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