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Medical Male Circumcision Recruiter Discussion Guide

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1 Medical Male Circumcision Recruiter Discussion Guide

2 Male Circumcision is an Old Practice


4 Benefits of male circumcision
Keep the penis clean and maintains hygiene Reduced risk of HIV by 60% Reduced risk of some STIs especially those that form wounds Prevents unretractable foreskin Prevents the problem of foreskin from being pulled back Prevents urinary infection in childhood Reduced risk of penile and cervical cancer MC basic facts

5 Risk of male circumcision
Bleeding Infection Swelling Reaction to injection MC basic facts

6 HIV prevalence by frequency of male circumcision
Low circumcision rate (<20% circumcised) High circumcision rate (>80% circumcised) Country HIV prevalence Sub-Saharan Africa Botswana 24.1 Benin 1.8 Malawi 14.1 Cameroon 5.4 Mozambique 16.1 Democratic Republic of Congo 3.2 Namibia 19.6 Gabon 7.9 Rwanda 3.1 Gambia 2.4 Swaziland 33.4 Ghana 2.3 Zambia 17.0 Guinea 1.5 Zimbabwe 20.1 Kenya 6.1 Liberia 5.9 Nigeria 3.9 Sierra Leone 1.6 1 Halperin DT, Bailey RC Male circumcision and HIV infection: 10 years and counting. Lancet 354: 1813–1815. 2 UNAIDS Report on the Global AIDS Epidemic. UNAIDS: Geneva, June. MC basic facts

7 HIV Entry Points on the Penis
Source: McCoombe and Short AIDS : 1491–1495. MC basic facts



10 Septic penile cancer MC basic facts

11 How much will it hurt?

12 When can I have sex again?

13 When can I play soccer again?

14 The Male Circumcision Process
1 Registration 2 Circumsion counseling/HIV testing 3 Clinical exam 4 Surgical procedure 5 Recovery Room 6 Departure from clinic 7 Follow-up visits

15 Looking After Yourself After MMC
Managing Pain – rest at least 2days & take medication on time, avoid traditional or other medications not prescribed by doctor Erection – should urinate immediately Avoid sex & masturbation for six weeks MC basic facts

16 Looking After Yourself After MMC
Follow up check up will involve a physical examination to keep you safe. Bleeding-keep the penis elevated, avoid removing the bandage at home Infection- maintain hygiene avoid wetting the bandage Swelling- keep the penis elevated Contact clinic with any concerns MC basic facts

17 Excuses Pain Fertility Loss of Erection Witchcraft Time Bad Sex Heaven

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