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1 Ashanti

2 Location, Ancestry, and Religion
The Ashanti people are found in the modern country of Ghana. They have been a powerful group in Africa for over 300 years and have influenced the countries around them including Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, and Togo. The Ashanti believe that their kingdom was founded in 1701. They believe that a holy man produced a Golden Stool from the heavens and gave it to the first king. -Believe in one supreme god called Nayme. -Also believe that natural powers and forces in the world are controlled by Nayme. -Ancestors are given great respect. -Christianity and Islam are also practiced by many Ashanti.

3 Language -Before Europeans, the Ashanti spoke Akan and used the Adinkra writing system. -This writing system uses symbols similar to hieroglyphics. -Today English and tribal languages are spoken by most Ashanti.

4 Bantu

5 Location, Ancestry, Religion, and Language
The Bantu live throughout Africa. They mostly live on the eastern coast. The Bantu people first emerged in the Sahara over 2,000 years ago. They migrated south and carried their knowledge of farming and iron-working with them. -Many are animists. -Animists believe that spirits are found in natural objects and surroundings. -Nature is very important -Christianity and Islam are also practiced by many Bantu. -Today over 60 million people speak a Bantu based language. -The language spread because the people moved. -Other official languages vary by country.

6 Swahili

7 Location, Ancestry, Religion, and Language
The Swahili live along the coast of East Africa in the countries of Kenya, Tanzania, and Mozambique. The Swahili are a mix of Bantu speaking people and Arab traders. Swahilis claim ancestors in Africa, Arabia, and even across the Indian Ocean. -Most are Muslim because of the Arabic traders. -Many local beliefs are still followed. -The local beliefs are called mila. -Nature is an important part of the local beliefs. -Swahili is considered a Bantu language. -It is a mix of Bantu and Arabic.

8 Arabs

9 Location, Ancestry, Religion, and Language
Most Arabs and Muslims live in Northern Africa. Arabs began coming to Africa as traders in the late 600s AD. Arabs brought their religion, Islam, with them wherever they went. -Most Arabs are Muslims. -Muslims practice the religion called Islam. -Arabs speak Arabic! -Arabic is important because the Quran is written in Arabic.

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