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ECCD working group RENCP General Assembly 15 February 2012.

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1 ECCD working group RENCP General Assembly 15 February 2012

2 2 World Bank- Save the Children Study The Promise of Preschool in Africa: A Randomized Impact Evaluation of Early Childhood Overall Message: New World Bank research shows early education helps children thrive and learn more in rural Africa.

3 3 World Bank- Save the Children Study - First such evaluation of preschool in Africa. - Random selection of 2,000 families in 76 rural communities of the Gaza province of Mozambique to participate in the study. - The study takes a closer look at children and families in 30 rural communities with a Save the Children preschool, compared with children and families in 46 rural communities without an early education program.

4 4 Top Findings - Children in rural Mozambique who attended Save the Children’s preschool programs were 24 percent more likely to enroll in primary school and were significantly better equipped to learn than children not covered by the program. - Children going to preschool are much more likely to show interest in math and writing, recognize shapes, and show respect for other children, than those who are not. - Positive Ripple effect: The benefits of preschool also have a positive ripple effect on other family members. Parents of children enrolled in the program are more likely to work, and older siblings are likelier to go to school. - Affordable: At about $2.50 per child per month in Mozambique– early childhood programs are an inexpensive way to improve the lives of African youngsters and their families. Investments in early learning yield benefits for children and families for years to come.

5 5 1st Meeting in December Participants: Save the children, Plan International Rwanda, Hope Rwanda, Strive foundation Rwanda, Right to play, UNICEF, CHF, Kunda Umwana Association, CARE, Umuhuza Brainstorming around working group mission, objectives and plan of action for 2012 RENCP ECCD working group

6 6 The RENCP ECCD working group aims to support the implementation of the ECCD Policy and its strategic Plan through sharing of best practices and lessons learnt among Civil Society Organizations, including the development of joint activities and advocacy campaigns on ECCD. Mission of the RENCP ECCD working group

7 7 Stronger ECCD Capacity is built among the working group through advocacy, joint training opportunities, sharing of information, guidelines, tools and study visits exchanges. Appropriate Linkages and complementarities with MINEDUC-led ECCD task force. Main ECCD challenges and opportunities in Rwanda are identified and discussed. Actions are taken at member organizations levels and recommendations are discussed with other relevant stakeholders Objectives of the RENCP ECCD working group

8 8 RENCP ECCD sub-working group - Action Plan 2012 ActionInputsJanFebMarchAprilMayJuneJulyAugSeptOctNovDec Preparation of ECCD Global Campaign for Education 1. SC to discuss with UNICEF and MINEDUC opportunities to coordinate/support the campaign activities at national level 2. call for at least 2 ECCD working group meetings of the working group to coordinate campaign actionsxxxx ECCD Global Campaign for Education (april 22-28) x Regular ECCD working group meeting (topic to be agreed among participants) x x x x Study visit to one member organization x x Regularly update the RENCP ECCD working group web-page and develop a library where members can share documentation xxxxxxxxxxxx

9 9 Global Campaign for Education (GCE) - civil society movement that coordinates policy research and advocacy on Education for All agenda.

10 10 GCE’s Action Week : April 22nd - 28th, 2012 " Rights from the Start! Early Childhood Care and Education NOW!“ ‘By investing in early childhood development programmes, we have an opportunity to break the cycle of inequities that has dominated the lives of millions of children and families’ Lancet, vol 378, Oct 8 2011 Resource Pack

11 11 What could the GCE’s Action Week mean for Rwanda? Right momentum to: - Disseminate the ECCD policy and strategic plan at national and local level - Get ECCD higher on the agenda of key stakeholders in country – including donors, private sector and media - Disseminate messages around the importance of ECCD to shift attitudes and practices of parents … Is it relevant to us? Do we want to get engaged? How? Next steps …

12 Murakoze Cyane!

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