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Traditional Maya Healing ”Through the Abdomen” Presented by Alex Jackson LMT, NCTMB.

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1 Traditional Maya Healing ”Through the Abdomen” Presented by Alex Jackson LMT, NCTMB

2 …Beginnings How I began in Traditional Healing Met Dr. Rosita Arvigo in 2003 Teachings of Don Elijio Panti The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy & Maya Spiritual Healing Inspired travels to Belize, Guatemala & Mexico to study traditional healing. Development of…Maya – ARRT

3 Dr. Rosita Arvigo & Don Elijio Panti (h’men)

4 Copyright: Alex Jackson

5 Our Core is our true Spiritual Center “If it is out of balance—all of out life will be unbalanced” - Don Elijio Panti “La magina no muestra” –Don Elijio Panti

6 A Love of the Abdomen

7 Every Abdomen tells a different & mysterious story

8 Your Abdominal Story varies from day to day  Where are you today and where did it all begin?  Bloated & crampy …Or full of energy & pain free!!  Of course it depends on STRESS!!

9 It is the Curandero’s job to help you solve this mystery…by  Being a good listener & Consejero and using Platicas.  The Abdominal Sobada - to remove congestion & restore Ch’ulel.  Maya Spiritual Healing – use of Copal, Limpias, Prayer.  Diet & Medicinal Plant Remedies

10 Ch’ulel Ch’ulel –is the Maya word for chi, or life force energy is can be felt in the pulse… …it is originated and regulated from our Breathing source - the Diaphragm Ch’ulel & blood circulation, permeates every organ and cell in the body.

11 Diaphragm Copyright: Alex Jackson


13 Feel your Ch’ulel Where is your breath coming from?  Chest or Abdomen?  Is it Shallow or Deep?  Labored or Relaxed?

14 Ch’ulel & Sleeping

15 Emotions are the Origin of Physical Disease  Liver=Anger, Gall Bladder= Unresolved Anger  Large Intestine=Not Eliminating stress  Solar Plexus/Diaphragm=image of self, expectations…can be hardest to release.  Uterine Ligaments=Support in life  Pelvis=Security, 1st Chakra  Hernia=taking on too much, body is trying to making room

16 Traditional Maya Medicine …Does not separate the Physical from the Emotional Body. Emotional illnesses are recognized and treated  Susto  Tristeza  Pezar  Coraje  Mal de Ojo...we store all of these in the Abdomen.

17 Emotions Reside in the Abdomen  Maya Traditional Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Chakras system, all relate emotions to specific organs. ALL REPRODUCTIVE & DIGESTIVE ORGANS ARE LOCATED IN THE ABDOMEN.  Can you see the importance of Maya Traditional Medicine…Through the Abdomen?

18 ALL Emotions are intended to pass through us  Negative emotions vs. Positive emotions  10 second exercise of passing emotions. Are You Surprised?

19 DIGESTIVE Irritable bowel syndrome Acid reflux / heartburn Chonic constipation Food allergies Colitis EVERYDAY HEALTH Breathing difficulties Depleted energy Bladder infections Post-surgical adhesions & scar tissue REPRODUCTIVE Painful periods Irregular menstrual cycles Infertility / miscarriages Tilted or prolapsed uterus Endometriosis Ovarian cysts / fibroids Abnormal uterine bleeding Menstrual headaches PMS / Menopause symptoms Pregnancy related back pain Prostatitis Physical Conditions in the Abdomen

20 Daily Self Care  Abdominal Breathing!!  Clean out the Emotions first then the diet.  Have an Investigative Conversation-platica with yourself. (who, what, when, where)  Increase your Ch’ulel and circulation by light clockwise massage in the abdomen. And downward diaphragm release.

21 Awareness is Healing…

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