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Physical and Chemical Change

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1 Physical and Chemical Change

2 Clues of a Chemical Change
A new colour appears eg. Oxygen Indicator Solution

3 Clues of a Chemical Change
A solid material (called a precipitate) forms in liquid Heat or light is given off

4 Clues of a Chemical Change
Bubbles of gas are formed The change is difficult to reverse

5 Situation  Explanation
A piece of dry ice (solid carbon dioxide) is dropped into hot water. Large amounts of white vapour bubble out of the water. Physical Chemical Explanation The bubbles are carbon dioxide gas. There was no chemical change. Just a change in state.

6 Situation  Explanation
When George’s father makes wine from crabapples, bubbles form on the surface of the yeast and fruit mixture. Physical Chemical Explanation A chemical change from apple juice to wine, it is no longer the same compound.

7 Situation  Explanation
When margarine is left in a warm place for an extended period of time, it tastes sour. Physical Chemical Explanation The margarine is rotting, which is why it tastes sour.

8 Situation  Explanation
Jane’s father opens up a new deodorant product. The room quickly smells like fresh flowers. Physical Chemical Explanation The deodorant is still deodorant, some particles have changed to vapour which we smell.

9 Situation  Explanation
During a school volleyball game, Jennifer sprains her ankle. Her coach squeezes a bag at room temperature that quickly becomes very cold. Physical Chemical Explanation Inside the bag a chemical change has occurred which is endothermic.

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