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FLITE 2006-2007 Annual Report Richard M. Cochran, Dean May 3, 2007.

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1 FLITE 2006-2007 Annual Report Richard M. Cochran, Dean May 3, 2007

2 This Year’s Report FLITE People FLITE Kudos FLITE Services & Statistics Progress on FLITE’s 2006/07 Initiatives FLITE Unit Action Plan for 2007/2008 Questions and Comments

3 FLITE’s Mission Statement FLITE promotes and advances Ferris State University’s present and future teaching, learning, research and informational inquiry by providing high quality collections, services and instruction.

4 FLITE People Arrivals Departures New assignments

5 FLITE People - Arrivals Cindy Jackson [Administrative Services] Myrna Colon [Access Services Unit, Public Services] Jodi Shepherd [Public Services] Alison Konieczny [Public Services]

6 FLITE People - Departures Joan Boroff [Administrative Services] Ray Dickinson [Government Documents, Patent & Trademark Librarian]

7 FLITE People – New Assignments Paul Kammerdiner, Government Documents, Patents & Trademarks Librarian

8 FLITE Kudos Tenure/Promotion Employee Recognition Years of Service FLITE @ Conferences

9 FLITE Kudos – Tenure/Promotion Melinda McMartin, University Archivist and Special Collections Librarian (tenure and promotion to associate professor)

10 FLITE Kudos – Employee Recognition Ann Breitenwischer -- Coordinator for Michigan Library Association Education & Curriculum Interest Group Spring 2007 workshop, hosted by FLITE Yuri Konovalov, Kristy Motz, Fran Rosen -- Presenters at the MLA Education & Curriculum Interest Group Spring 2007 workshop Kristy Motz served as a judge for the Pi Kappa Delta 2007 National Forensics Tournament hosted at Central Michigan University Julia Buryk -- Initiated and chaired the RefWorks Training Team; initiated and organized the FLITE "brown bag lunch" discussion series Jodi Shepherd -- Initiated and chaired the FLITE Promotion Team

11 FLITE Kudos – Employee Recognition Myrna Colon, Alison Konieczny -- Ferris Employee Leadership Development Program Scott Atwell -- Reviews published in Music Reference Services Quarterly, Choice, Ad Parnassum: A Journal of Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Instrumental Music, Fontes Artis Musicae, Notes: The Quarterly Journal of the Music Library Association; abstractor for Répertoire International de Littérature Musicale (RILM ) Christine Jacobs, Lyle Mourer -- Ferris Pride Committee Pat-on-the-Back Award Winners Richard Cochran – Re-elected to Executive Board of the Michigan Academic Library Council (MALC)

12 FLITE Kudos – Years of Service Recognized at the Annual Service Awards Celebration, April 24, 2007 Paul Kammerdiner – 5 years Melinda McMartin – 5 years Joe Weber – 10 years Steve Cox – 20 years Maureen Watson – 20 years Lyle Mourer – 30 years Brenda Cook – 35 years

13 FLITE Kudos – FLITE at MLA (Motz, Scott, Cochran)

14 FLITE Kudos – FLITE at SCUP (Mid-Atlantic)

15 FLITE Services and Statistics

16 Visitors in the Building Use of Study Rooms Use of Extended Hours Area Use of Seminar Rooms/Instructional Studios Use of Collections Conventional Electronic “Business” Statistics FLITE Services and Statistics

17 Visitors in the Building

18 Use of Study Rooms (checkouts)

19 Use of Extended Hours Area

20 Seminar Room/ Instructional Studio Usage

21 Use of Collections – Conventional* * Books and reserve items

22 Use of Collections – Electronic* * Online databases [Estimate]

23 New Online Resources - 1 ebrary Alldata Global Marketing Information Database (GMID) Elsevier Freedom Collection Sage ejournal package Nature online plus 10-year archive Oxford English Dictionary Online standards packages from IHS

24 New Online Resources - 2 E-reference books from Oxford University Press, Gale, Wiley, and Elsevier Resources for College Libraries "Issues & Controversies in American History" added to Facts on File Westlaw Campus upgraded to Westlaw Campus Research Foundation Directory Online upgraded from single- user access to campus-wide access

25 Major Print Reference Works Acquired Historical statistics of the United States Encyclopaedia Judaica

26 FLITE “Business” Statistics

27 Reference Questions – Monthly

28 Library Instruction Sessions by Semester

29 Interlibrary Loan Transactions

30 Acquisitions Expenditures Summary

31 Acquisitions Expenditures by Format

32 Books Added to Collection

33 Cataloging & Collection Size - 1 Titles cataloged in FY06: 42,969 (includes 25,669 batchloaded records from ebrary; in-house cataloging =17,300 records) New books purchased in FY06: 6060 titles Gift books added in FY06: 668 Total books added in FY06: 6728 Total number of databases on FLITE's database access pages: 107

34 Cataloging & Collection Size - 2 Total number print subscriptions and standing orders: 1220 Total number microform subscriptions: 132 (this is a big decrease from last year since we've cancelled microform subscriptions that are duplicated electronically and replaced some microform subscriptions with print subscriptions) Total number of unique online periodicals: 15,536

35 Archives and Special Collections - 1 University Archives 138 donations accepted (slight decrease from 2005 when there were 141 donations) Significant donations include: faculty load reports, records of the VP for Student Affairs, framed student photographs from College of Allied Health, TAC) Continued to assist with the Michigan History course, presented in historical methods resource course Received Merit Grant; traveled to State Archives and Bentley Historical Society; added significant materials to website Approximately 30-35 reference requests per month

36 Archives and Special Collections - 2 Special Collections Began Institute for Scholarly and Academic Racism (ISAR) collaboration, worked with 3 students on processing Unveiled new website for library displays; hired 1st student assistant Began the promotion of Ferris Institutional Repository (FIR)

37 Archives and Special Collections - 3 Inactive Records Center 174 boxes accepted (an 11% increase over 2005 numbers, includes records from all divisions of the university) 43 boxes destroyed (using certificate of destruction process) Average 6-8 requests per month

38 Media Production Accomplishments - 1 Averaged 70 hours of classroom shoots per month. Nearly doubled playback hours on Ferris Television (from 12 hours/week to 20 hours a week). Scheduled and programmed audio for streaming of Ferris basketball and hockey. Shot, edited, and produced Fall 2006 Commencement DVD. Broadcasted campus and community events calendar on Ferris Cable Television.

39 Media Production Accomplishments - 2 Edited hockey highlights for air on Fox Sports Detroit. Supported two-way video instruction. Converted various media into a digital format. Created animated slideshows set to music. Created banners and posters for the Ice Arena to increase Ferris visibility on national television coverage.

40 Media Production Accomplishments - 3 Created posters for the Mechanical Engineering Technology and Mechanical Design Department for the Rube Goldberg competition; FSU students placed first in the national competition. Created posters and displays for Math/Science Center students who placed second in the world in 2006 and first nationally in 2007 (world competition not yet held). Designed and implemented new Ferris Cable backgrounds. Produced HVACR recruitment PowerPoint presentation.

41 Progress on FLITE 2006/07 Initiatives

42 Pillar 1 - Learning-Centered University Continued expansion of important new digital resources (ejournals, ebooks and the beginning of an electronic reference collection). Use of FLITE’s online resources is up over 22% from last year, almost every month last semester broke a record; more than 600,000 hits are expected in 2006/2007. Virtual reference assistance (via chat and email) usage increased 11% over the previous year (total of 1,008 transactions in FY2005-06). New service initiatives are popular; 1,327 faculty and students users have begun using RefWorks since its launch in summer 2006. In-building laptop computer lending began in Sept. 2006; the 5 units circulated 1,264 times by the end of February 2007.

43 Pillar 1 - Learning-Centered University FLITE-wide noise policy designed to control, but not outlaw, conversation and cell phone use was rolled out in late 2006. Special signage signaling designated quiet zones and staff intervention seem to be helping. Strong library instruction support of FSUS program – worked with 93% of sections, up from 56% in Fall 2005; overall instruction sessions up 18%.

44 Pillar 2 - Work Together Partly due to the success of filling all vacant positions in FLITE in 2006, many teams, and committees are now actively working on major projects and/or addressing significant issues, including assessment, web and online catalog development, and promotion of services. Continued internal policy, procedure, and work process documentation effort; and posted the documents on FLITE’s intranet.

45 Pillar 2 - Work Together University Archives continued coordination of campus-wide records management program and development of FSU historical collections. Supporting the Academic Affairs grants office initiative, FLITE upgraded its license to give campus-wide access to the Foundation Directory Online.

46 Pillar 3 - Create an Engaged Campus Library faculty, staff, and administrators participated in and contributed to many university-wide engagement projects, e.g., American Democracy Project, Martin Luther King Jr. Week activities, FerrisConnect development, Web portal development, Banner Live!, Ferris Pride Committee. Five FLITE employees also worked as adjunct faculty in four colleges in 2006/2007. Refocused FLITE display program; enhanced quality and visual appeal of displays by engaging Media Production’s design services. As a result of installing a new cable playback system in 2006, Ferris Cable broadcast hours nearly doubled to 20 hours per week, with no added staff.

47 Unit Action Plan Submission 2006/2007

48 Continue FLITE’s goal to provide seamless, reliable access to information. Improve interlibrary loan and document delivery by completing ILLiad software implementation; upgrade current scanner ($1,200–$1,500). Continue to work on the development of a library module in FerrisConnect and revise and update library-related content delivered via MyFSU portal. Use FLITE’s Web Development and Catalog Development teams to identify, diagnose, and resolve issues that inhibit full utilization of resources

49 Continue FLITE’s goal to provide seamless, reliable access to information. Implement Innovative’s new Encore interface to expand utility of FLITE’s online catalog (note: NGF funding already secured). Work with IS&T to determine feasibility of Innovative’s LDAP product for streamlining access to licensed databases for external patrons.

50 Improve FLITE communications and service cohesiveness. Create a reference desk blog to enhance internal communication efforts. Complete IT support responsibilities documentation and plan for the co-location of help desk staff with reference desk staff (possible minor cap).

51 Augment FLITE’s promotional and instructional efforts. Continue developing new Web content and launch a library news blog. Using Captivate software, develop mini-tutorials tailored for placement in FerrisConnect, FLITE’s website, and/or DVD. With Media Production staff, begin developing instructional CDs or DVDs for distance education students. Hire an MP student dedicated for FLITE jobs. Reprise Media Production promotional activities in 2008.

52 Continue FLITE’s assessment and evaluation of service efforts. Analyze 2007 LibQual customer service survey results; plan and offer drill-down focus group discussions on selected issues in Fall 2007. Promote and offer the SAILS (Standardized Assessment of Information Literacy Skills) test in Spring 2008. Investigate available electronic resource management (ERM) systems for detailed tracking of licensed electronic resources use. Review effectiveness of new book promotion activities begun in 2006.

53 Other Initiatives Expand the laptop lending program with the purchase of five new Dell laptop computers (approximate cost: $1,500 each = $7,500). Engage Public Services, Media Production, and the FCTL to develop a learning objects repository. Investigate streaming-video production and distribution options for FSU.

54 Other Initiatives - Presidential Task Forces Support through purchases (materials on health and wellness); develop handouts and Web pages to highlight FLITE resources pertinent to task forces (health and wellness, scholarships); research and produce a brochure promoting health in FLITE (power walking on a designated path in FLITE, cardio-vascular workout for climbing stairs, etc.); stimulate interest in FSU (promote enrollment) among local K-12 students by expanding tours and presentations for local schools.


56 Thanks for coming!

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