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FLITE 2007-2008 Annual Report Richard M. Cochran, Dean April 17, 2008.

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1 FLITE 2007-2008 Annual Report Richard M. Cochran, Dean April 17, 2008

2 FLITE’s Mission Statement FLITE promotes and advances Ferris State University’s present and future teaching, learning, research and informational inquiry by providing high quality collections, services and instruction.

3 This Year’s Report FLITE People FLITE Kudos FLITE Services & Statistics Progress on FLITE’s 2007/2008 Initiatives FLITE Unit Action Plan for 2008/2009 Questions and Comments

4 FLITE People Arrivals and Departures Randall Schroeder [Public Services] …from the Hawkeye State Joe Weber [Assistant Dean] … to the Volunteer State

5 FLITE Kudos Promotions/Sabbaticals Special Recognition Publications FLITE @ Conferences New Library Assn. Assignments New University Committee Assignments Years of Service

6 FLITE Kudos – Promotions/Sabbaticals Paul Kammerdiner, Government Documents/ Patent and Trademarks Librarian (promotion to associate professor) Maureen Watson, College of Optometry Librarian (sabbatical to investigate article publishing patterns)

7 FLITE Kudos – Special Recognition Kent Kachaterian was recognized at the 2007 Student Affairs Faculty and Staff Appreciation Luncheon. Jodi Shepherd received a Pat-on-the-Back award for “going beyond what is required in making customized presentations to students to help them learn how to use library databases for specific classes.” Media Services student employees received a Pat-on-the- Back Award for their work on many successful projects.

8 FLITE Kudos – Publications Scott Atwell Preface: 1) Der Einsame (Altnorwegische Volkspoesie), componirt von Edvard Grieg. Opus 32. Music study score (Studienpartituren). Preface written for Musikproduktion Jürgen Höflich (München) (Feb. 2008). Repertoire & Opera Explorer - Vorworte / Prefaces. Published Reviews: 1) The Birth of the Orchestra: History of an Institution, 1650-1815, by John Spitzer and Neal Zaslaw. Reviewed for Ad Parnassum: A Journal of Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Instrumental Music 5/9 (April 2007) pp. [87]-92. 2) Renaissance and Reformation (6 vols.), ed. by James A. Patrick. Reviewed for Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries 44/9 (May 2007) pp. 1499- 1500. Entry no. 44-4771.

9 FLITE Kudos – Publications Alison Konieczny Weech, T. L., & Konieczny, A. M. (2007). Alternative careers for graduates of LIS schools: The North American perspective -- an analysis of the literature. Journal of Librarianship and Information Science, 39(2), 67-78. Julia Rodriguez (co-author) The Fair Use Rule: When Copying Is Not Cheating. Journal of Social Work Values and Ethics (Special Issue on Academic Honesty), 5(1). Spring 2008. Jodi Shepherd “Navigating the Rapids: Myths and Realities of Intergenerational Workplaces” and “Third Time's a Charm?” in NMRT Foot Notes (ALA New Members Round Table), Aug 2007.

10 FLITE Kudos FLITE @ Conferences

11 FLITE Kudos – FLITE at MAC (May 3-5, 2007)

12 FLITE Kudos – FLITE at IUG (May 14-17, 2007)

13 FLITE Kudos – FLITE at SCUP (July 7-11, 2007)

14 FLITE Kudos – FLITE at MLA (Nov. 7-9. 2007) Poster Sessions: “Creating a Marketing Committee” by Jodi Shepherd “Development of the FLITE Reference Blog” by Julia Rodriguez (David Scott, Chair of MLA Poster Session Committee)

15 FLITE Kudos – Other Presentations

16 Fran Rosen -- "Thinking about Institutional Repositories" at the Michigan Library Association’s Academic Library Day on May 4, 2007, at Lansing Community College. Kristy Motz, Julia Rodriguez and Jodi Shepherd -- "Library Services: Help with Scholarship and Teaching" (2007 Faculty Welcome Back Week sponsored by the FSU Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning. Kristy Motz (with Dr. Caroline Stern) -- "Beyond Wikipedia: Helping Students Identify Credible Content on the Web" FSU Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning.

17 FLITE Kudos – New Library Assn. Appointments American Library Association ALA Annual Conference Jodi Shepherd (Poster Reviewer) Michigan Library Association MLA Conference Committee David Scott MLA Poster Session (2006/2007) David Scott (Chair) Nominating Committee Richard Cochran Michigan Library Consortium Board of Directors Richard Cochran

18 FLITE Kudos – University Committee Appointments Faculty Research Committee (Academic Senate) Ann Breitenwischer (Chair) VPAA’s Unit Action Planning Task Force Ann Breitenwischer FSU Athletic Hall of Fame Selection Committee David A. Scott FSU Higher Learning Commission Self-Study Criterion 3 Committee (Student Learning and Effective Teaching) Fran Rosen Criterion 4 Committee (Acquisition, Discovery and Application of Knowledge) Julia Rodriguez (co-chair) Ferris Foundation Gifts and Grants Committee Leah Monger Michigan Energy Conference – Student-Faculty Promotion Committee Richard Cochran

19 FLITE Kudos – Years of Service Recognized at the 2008 Annual Service Awards Celebration Sharon Hamel – 25 years Carrie Buss – 20 years Tamara Finch – 20 years Sally Russell – 20 years Scott Atwell – 15 years Richard Cochran – 10 years Leah Monger – 10 years Lingfei Xu – 10 years

20 FLITE Services and Statistics

21 Visitors in the Building Use of Study Rooms Use of Seminar and Instruction Rooms Use of Collections Conventional Electronic “Business” Statistics

22 Visitors in the Building

23 Use of Study Rooms (checkouts)

24 Seminar Room/Instructional Studio Usage

25 Assignable Room Usage By Hour July 1, 2006 – June 30, 2007 Room #

26 Laptop Computer Checkouts

27 Use of Collections – Conventional* * Books and reserve items

28 Use of Collections – Electronic JSTOR FLITE currently licenses all JSTOR collections. This consists of 766 titles and 25,714,748 pages. In 2007, 101 titles were added and 2,555,188 pages of content were added to the JSTOR collections. In 2007, FLITE users utilized JSTOR as follows: searches performed:35,668 browsing accesses: 3,341 Prints/Downloads:52,422 Pages Viewed: 104,463 According to JSTOR, FLITE users had a total of 150,582 "significant accesses."

29 Use of Collections – Electronic* * Online databases

30 FLITE “Business” Statistics

31 Directional Questions – Monthly

32 Reference Questions – Monthly

33 Electronic Reference NetRef (Email reference service) Questions received through the NetRef box, July 1, 2006 through June 30, 2007: 150 questions

34 Library Instruction Sessions

35 Interlibrary Loan Transactions

36 Acquisitions Expenditures Summary

37 Acquisitions Expenditures by Format

38 Monographs Added to Collection

39 Archives and Special Collections - 1 University Archives 193 accessions received last year. This is up 38% over 2005/6. Collections of interest include records from Al Uniacke, Bob Ortwein, the University Planning Committee, and the Midwest Social Work Conference. Special projects in the past year have including coordinating with Student Government on their anniversary banquet, working with the Senate on getting records into FIR and collaborating with Bill Bitzinger on the photo server project. President Eisler has given his approval to move forward on outfitting Alumni 101 as the Archives home base.

40 Archives and Special Collections - 2 Records Center 311 boxes received last year (76% increase over 2005/2006). 389 boxes destroyed within the center as part of the records management process. Approval of University record retention schedules finally given by the state.

41 Media Production Accomplishments - 1 Numerous Media Conversions in Support of the Academic Program Upgraded two-way video capabilities in FLITE 405, dropping dial-up charges through an IP-based service; increased utilization by the cost-conscious. Produced original works and projects on DVD (10th Anniversary of University College, 2007 Orientation Program, Spring Learning Institute, Dental Hygiene Program etc.). Substantially increased number of classroom shoots. Designed and reproduced a substantial number of signs, posters, and graphics.

42 Media Production Accomplishments - 2 From July 1, 2006 through June 3, 2007 Media Production completed 349 work orders. Job Type Counts: Instruction203 Department99 Employee25 Student10 Non-Profit3 Other9 Division Counts: Academic Affairs282 Administration & Finance30 Non-Ferris24 University Adv & Mktg7 Executive4 Student Affairs1 General Counsel1

43 Media Production Accomplishments - 3 Results of 2007 Customer Satisfaction Survey (9 = highest) M.P. provides me with essential technical services I need for my classroom instruction. 8.68 The Media Production representative was technically knowledgeable and professional. 8.87 Media Production completed this project by the date promised. 8.44 I was treated in a professional and courteous manner. 8.87 Media Production completed this project to my satisfaction. 8.82 How would you rate the overall quality of service provided by Media Production? 8.76

44 Progress on FLITE 2006/07 Initiatives

45 Significant Areas of Success 1)Fulfilled mission-driven goal to provide seamless, reliable access to information ILLiad implementation. Efforts to improve FLITE website. Signed contract for Innovative’s Encore product. FLITE improved currency of “Find a Periodical” and added a new subject search capability. FLITE continues to significantly expand a variety of information resources, and access to them. FLITE purchased and implemented LDAP software from Innovative Interfaces. Efforts to promote awareness and use of newly purchased books have begun to show results with a 5% increase in checkouts of new books noted during 2007.

46 Significant Areas of Success 2)Continued formal service quality assessment and improvement efforts. LibQual Survey FLITE Assessment Committee 3) Initiated and contributed to collaborative efforts across campus. Ferris Institutional Repository ISAR – FLITE Collaboration University Copyright Policy

47 Challenges to Continued Success 1)Irregular funding and unpredictable market forces threaten FLITE’s continued acquisitions expansion. 2)Rising popularity of FLITE strains building resources. 3)High quality media products and services require attracting and retaining a staff with an increasingly sophisticated skill set. 4)FLITE’s success is inextricably linked to the continuing success of FSU’s IT infrastructure and support network. If IT falters, FLITE falters. 5)The scholarly culture of the University, as well as the student culture, necessarily affects how (and whether) FLITE’s diverse resources and services will be used.

48 Ongoing/Proposed Significant Activities 1)Realize successful internal organizational operations and quality improvements. Continue the evolution of the Public Services department, under the leadership of a new department head. Evaluate new first-floor service desk staffing assignments and use data to adjust them. Explore models of reference desk service, and adopt one that best enhances a learning-centered education. Establish clearly defined processes and timelines to deal with evaluation, acquisition, implementation and promotion of newly acquired online resources.

49 Ongoing/Proposed Significant Activities 2)Continue to develop FLITE as a responsive, customer-aware academic support operation. Complete the implementation of Encore product and other improvements to extend the utility of the online catalog. Upgrade and partially relocate printing and photocopy services on FLITE’s first floor. Work with library liaisons to continue to “right-format” FLITE’s information resources. Investigate and recommend new communication modalities to link FLITE librarians with GenY users.

50 Ongoing/Proposed Significant Activities Add five new Dell laptops to our checkout inventory approximate cost: $1,500 each = $7,500). Evaluate and revise food/drink policy in light of GenY realities, customary practice elsewhere on campus, and FLITE’s current and planned vending/food service.

51 Ongoing/Proposed Significant Activities 3)Continue productive collaborative efforts with individuals outside FLITE. Collaborate with the Faculty Center to offer a program for faculty dealing with information literacy. Plan and administer the SAILS (Standardized Assessment of Information Literacy Skills) instrument campus-wide in 2008/2009 (current cost: $2,000). Develop closer ties with KCAD librarians to better understand the needs of KCAD and FSU-GR.

52 Ongoing/Proposed Significant Activities 4)Complete previously proposed and pending projects Repopulate FLITE fourth floor space vacated by the FCTL when it moved to the IRC. Recondition Alumni 101 complex for University Archives operations.

53 Questions, Comments?

54 Thank you for coming!

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