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Let’s Switch it Up! Coalitions, Realignment & the Solid South.

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1 Let’s Switch it Up! Coalitions, Realignment & the Solid South

2 Coalitions An alliance of political groups formed to oppose a common foe or pursue a common goal.

3 Democratic Coalitions Rainbow Coalition – Blacks, Hispanics, women, other minorities – Push for: Civil rights Affirmative action Equal rights Reproductive rights Same Sex Marriage

4 Republican Coalitions Religious Right or Moral Majority – Strict, conservative Christians – (Republicans & pro-life supporters) – Push for: Prayer in public schools Outlaw abortion Gov’t should censor “immoral” media (magazines, movies, music) no sex education in public schools

5 Realignment Switching of voter preference from one party to another.


7 Solid South

8 Political Realignment 1870s to 1962- white Southerners had overwhelmingly voted Democratic ("Solid South") In the 1960’s, white Southerners & Northern ethnics began supporting Republican presidential & senatorial candidates. Why??? The Civil Rights Movement




12 1968 Election Nixon v. Humphrey Nixon appealed to white voters in the South with a call for "states' rights," which they interpreted as meaning that the federal government would no longer demand the forced busing of school children as ordered by federal courts.states' rights Democrats protested that Nixon exploited racial fears in winning the support of white southerners and northern white ethnics.

13 1968 Democratic Convention The 1968 Democratic National Convention was held in Chicago, Illinois, from August 26 to August 29, 1968. The purpose was for the election of a suitable nominee to run as the Democratic Party’s choice for President. Chicago, IllinoisAugust 26August 291968 1968 quickly developed into a year of rage. All across America emotions ran high DUE TO THE VIETNAM WAR. Tensions peaked when two leaders were assassinated. Martin Luther King, Jr., was assassinated on April 4, 1968 Martin Luther King, Jr Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated on June 5/6, 1968. Robert F. Kennedy

14 Chicago 1968

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