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Age Regulations - effective from 1 st October 2006.

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1 Age Regulations - effective from 1 st October 2006

2 Age Regulations  Outlaw discrimination on basis of age  Enable UCL to keep retirement at age 65  Require changes to policies based on age  Make retirement a challengeable dismissal - unfair dismissal rights for over 65s - anti discrimination laws apply  Introduce a right to request to work beyond 65 :

3 Retirement  UCL must inform staff of their rights no later than 6 months before they retire  Individual has until 3 months before retirement to make a written request  Must hold meeting and consider request  HR will organise meeting and confirm outcome  Individuals have a right of appeal

4 HoDs will take into account  the strategic direction and operational needs of the department  the current departmental research strategy  the skills mix required by the department for the foreseeable future  the teaching, administrative and support needs of the department  succession and workforce planning  space allocation priorities

5 Impact  Exceptionally, if extension is in the best interests of the department - extension for a limited period then the process repeats  Additional workload for HoDs in attending meetings and for HR in organising  Deans & VP (Admin) involved in appeals  35 staff retired age 65 last year and would have been eligible to make a request  Process is statutory – must be followed


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