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NightJohn! A book of slavery! Libbi Brown 3-11-05 4 th period.

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1 NightJohn! A book of slavery! Libbi Brown 3-11-05 4 th period

2 There were many jobs of being a slave and one of those jobs was a breeder. Those are the women who have the babies. They never stay with their children long. One women slave took care of all of them. Sarny’s mom had to leave her and Delie took care of her! Event #1

3 Event #2! Night John Was once free but come back to teach leaves to read. He said that the slaves must know how to read and write so one day they would be able to write about how they are treated!

4 Event #3! If the Slaves did something they weren't supposed to do they would get whipped. Waller would wait till everyone came in from the fields to watch him whip the slave!

5 Event #4! Sarny stole a bible from the Waller's son and when Waller's son found out that the slaves stole it he told his father, and Delie told him that he stole it so she got whipped!

6 Event #5! Finally, after Delie had whipped twice NightJohn admitted that he taught Sarny how to read. Waller cut one of NightJohn’s fingers off!

7 Event #6! Waller let the slaves go to church with him. The slaves just sang along as best they could. Only Sarny could actually read the songs!

8 Event #7! Outlaw was in love with another girl at Waller's older brothers plantation! Her name was Egypt. One time he went to go see her and Waller found out so he got whipped.

9 Event #8! Outlaw and Egypt ran away, and they got free. NightJohn and Sarny wrote fake passes so they wouldn’t get caught!

10 Event #9! Waller came into the church and started yelling wondering who wrote the fake passes! He threatened to kill all the slaves. Sarny admitted to writing one of the fake passes. She also knew too much for her own good. She knew he wouldn’t do anything because she knew the prices of all the slaves.

11 The End!

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