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FHM TRAINING TOOLS This training presentation is part of FHM’s commitment to creating and keeping safe workplaces. Be sure to check out all the training.

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1 FHM TRAINING TOOLS This training presentation is part of FHM’s commitment to creating and keeping safe workplaces. Be sure to check out all the training programs that are specific to your industry.

2 Public Awareness of the Dangers Associated with Methamphetamine Labs

3 Why you should be concerned when Methamphetamine clandestine cooking labs show up in your community?

4 What is Methamphetamine? Psycho-stimulant Powerful upper Affects the central nervous system Increases metabolism, heart rate, blood pressure Increases body temperature and rate of breathing Produces euphoria “Poor Man’s Cocaine”

5 What is it Called? MethCrystalSpeedGlassIceCrankCatChristiHoneyDreamsClouds Peanut Butter

6 How is it taken? SnortedSmokedInjectedEaten

7 In the past, Methamphetamine was primarily associated with outlaw motorcycle gangs. Once considered a cult drug Fastest spreading drug to come from California 3 to 4 times as easy to make as the old drug 3 to 4 times as potent as the old drug Ingredients are common chemicals purchased over the counter 2 to 4 hours to cook a batch (old method took 20 hours)

8 Unfinished Product –Powder Base –Liquid Base –May not resemble what is thought to be Methamphetamine Finished Product –Granular Powder –White to off-white, pink, yellow –May have tacky or oily texture What does Methamphetamine look like?

9 Brown meth - resembles heroin




13 How Methamphetamine affects individuals in your community… Renee Age 21 Results from using Methamphetamine

14 Physical Effects Sweating Weight loss/malnutrition Increased heart rate Increased body temperature Increased blood pressure Insomnia Open sores and/or itchy, dry skin Uncontrollable body movements/seizures Shortness of breath Seizures Continuous/excessive dilation of pupils Damage to internal organs, heart, liver, and brain


16 An example of “crank bugs”

17 Picture taken in 1995Same subject in 2000, 35 years of age

18 Psychological Effects Delusions Extreme paranoia Hallucinations Increased alertness Sense of well-being Prolonged depression Excessive excitation and talking Panic Anxiousness and nervousness Moodiness and irritability

19 Potential for violence is high… Documented: Users have reacted violently to the sight of a uniformed officer Meth users almost always verbally or physically assault officers They have admitted hiding weapons in case they feel threatened These weapons are not limited to guns; knives, axes, and hammers are their favorites

20 How to spot a Methamphetamine cooking operation (Lab) in your community (neighborhood)

21 What do clandestine labs look like, and why are they considered extremely dangerous? Toxic time bombs Highly flammable liquids CausticsAcidsGasesExplosive

22 Location of labs HousesBusinesses Hotel Rooms ApartmentsGaragesBarns Storage Facilities CarsFields Remote Locations

23 Suitcase Lab

24 Steamer Trunk Lab

25 Auto Trunk Lab

26 Mobile Home Lab (plastic hose used to vent odors/gases)

27 Storage Shed/Out-Building Lab

28 Chemicals commonly found at lab sites: Ephedrine/Pseudoephedrine cold tablets or diet pills Denatured alcohol, rubbing alcohol, or gas line anti-freeze (Heat) Starting fluid (ether) Muriatic or sulfuric acids, lye (drain cleaners) Solvents such as toluene, naphtha, camping fuel, paint thinner, freon, and acetone Red phosphorous Iodine Anhydrous ammonia Hydrogen chloride gas

29 Precursors Mini Thins SudafedEphedrinePseudo-ephedrineDecongestants Bronchial Dilators



32 Solvents Camping Stove Fuel White Gas Denatured Alcohol Ether Ethyl Alcohol Acetone Starter Fluid Carpet Cleaner Pool Chlorine


34 React to air React to water React to shock or movement React to each other Attack your eyes Attack your lungs/kidneys Burn your skin KILL YOU Dangers of Methamphetamine

35 Other indicators that signal Methamphetamine cookers are in your neighborhood…

36 Unusually large and repetitive purchases or thefts of: Starter Fluid (Ether) Denatured Alcohol Heet (Methanol) Drano, Red Devil Lye, or other type of caustic soda Red Phosphorous, toluol, paint thinner Pseudoephedrine tablets (Mini- Thins, Sudafed, etc.) Sulfuric Acid (Battery Acid), Muriatic Acid Freon, Hydrogen Chloride Gas, Acetone DMSO2 or MSM (Animal nutritional supplement)

37 Anhydrous Ammonia Thefts of Anhydrous Ammonia product from farms and fertilizer dealers/outlets Anhydrous Ammonia tanks with tampered valves, hoses, attempts to drill holes in tanks Attempted theft of entire tanks

38 The tampering of propane tanks… Indicators: corrosion around valve; tank bloated or otherwise deformed

39 Trash outside home, garages, out-buildings, remote areas of backyards, or remote areas of farm fields (look for specific items related to Meth cooking)

40 Clandestine Lab Dump Sites For every one pound of meth, six pounds of waste is created Hazardous materials including acids, solvents, caustics, and other toxic chemicals Dumped in ditches, roadsides, cul-de-sacs, rivers, lakes, backyards, drains, etc. Sites considered EPA toxic sites require special cleanup procedures


42 If you suspect a Methamphetamine Lab is operating in your neighborhood… DO NOT attempt to detain or apprehend individuals (they are dangerous) DO NOT enter the site (the environment of Meth operations is extremely hazardous)

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