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1 Presented By: Sonya Hawkins.  Discuss Scope  Discuss Requirements 2.

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1 1 Presented By: Sonya Hawkins

2  Discuss Scope  Discuss Requirements 2

3 “The work that needs to be accomplished to deliver a product or results with the specified features and functions.” Project Scope

4 4 TIMECOST SCOPE Quality Resources

5 5 TIMECOST SCOPE Quality Resources

6  Thoroughly understand the project vision  Understand your priorities and the priorities of the project drivers.  Define your deliverables and have them approved by the project drivers.  Break the approved deliverables into actual work requirements. 6

7 The purpose of doing the project. 7

8 Steve McConnell Software Project Survival Guide. Redmond, Washington. :Microsoft Press, 1998 8

9 9

10  The cost of rework is typically 45% of a project's cost.  There is as much as a 2000:1 cost savings from finding errors in the requirements stage vs. in the maintenance stage of the life cycle  Reducing requirements errors is the single most effective action developers can take to improve project outcomes. 10 Young, Ralph R., 2001

11 Separate the “What” from the “How” The “what” refers to the requirements – what is needed to solve the problem The “how” refers to how the solution will be designed and implemented. 11

12  Attainable  Complete  Correct  Feasible  Necessary  Traceable  Understandable  Consistent  Measurable and testable  Prioritized  Unambiguous  Verifiable  Does not define solution 12

13 UUnclear, imprecise, incomplete CConflicting DDifficult to predict impact and feasibility 13

14  “The product shall switch between displaying and hiding non-printing characters instantaneously” OR  “The user shall be able to toggle between displaying and hiding all HTML markup tags in the document being edited with the activation of a specific triggering condition” 14

15  “Charge numbers should be validated online against the master corporate charge number list, if possible.” OR  “The system shall validate the charge number entered against the online master corporate charge number list. If the Charge number is not found on the list, an error message shall be displayed and the order shall not be accepted.” 15

16  The website shall be user friendly and load fast. How would you re-write…………..? ◦ Can you measure? ◦ Can you test? ◦ Can you verify you satisfied this requirement? 16

17  Understand the Scope of the project  Define the Requirements for the project to be a success 17

18 18

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