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1 Relationships. Relevance. Results. The New GNO, Inc.

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1 1 Relationships. Relevance. Results. The New GNO, Inc.

2 2 Talent Development The Greater New Orleans Region is addressing its place in the national and global economy through recognition that skilled workers are one of the essential elements for success. Around the world, economic viability lies in the ability to provide a quality supply of workers to meet the market’s demand. Registered Apprenticeship provides that supply. Historically the region’s advantage was a large supply of low cost labor, but that has changed.

3 3 Shift in Strategy Transformation & alignment of workforce development, education, social services, business & economic development systems through a formal regional alliance is essential. Sector strategies aligned with regional economic development priorities. 75% of the high wage/demand occupations require less than a 4 year degree, but more than a HS Diploma. Registered Apprenticeship often fills this educational need, depending on the occupation.

4 4 2008 Labor Study Documents strengths & weaknesses of system; quantifies supply, quality & hidden resources. Identifies demand by priority sectors & distinguishes gaps between supply and demand. Defines a path to address needs & trends.

5 5 2009 Asset Map Foundational snapshot of talent development pipeline - systemic baseline for development of education continuum. Demand driven vs. supply model of the past. Holistic Career Pathways: High School, Registered Apprenticeship/Community & Technical College, & 4 year degrees. Regional sector priorities: Advanced Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Trade & Logistics, Digital Media, & Healthcare.

6 6 Gap Analysis

7 7 Next Steps Apply analysis to unified regional strategy and education alignment with sector needs that aligns stakeholders, including apprenticeship. Enhance quality of & access to education for high demand, high-wage occupations. Streamlined and nimble system that is flexible and responsive. Policy & funding that rewards performance – jobs and creation of a middle class.

8 8 Lisa Tomlin VP of Regional Talent Development 504-526-6931

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