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1003(a) AdvancED Project 2.0 2014-2015 1003(a) Tier IV.

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1 1003(a) AdvancED Project 2.0 2014-2015 1003(a) Tier IV

2 Overview  Title I Focus and Priority Schools  Eligible to receive funding to participate in school improvement planning through AdvancED  Access to a web-based school improvement platform – ASSIST  Version 1.0: Spring – Fall 2014  18 schools participated in consultation  10 schools participated in an external review

3 Benefits  All options will have access to AdvancED’s web-based school improvement platform, ASSIST. (over 32,000 schools and districts are currently using ASSIST)  ASSIST will allow schools to have a one-stop-shop for all improvement needs.  Opportunity to dig-deep into school data, needs, and evidence of successes.  One plan: PL221/SIP, SAP, Title I SWP  ASSIST goal builder is tailored to Indiana’s needs and allows for custom content and drop-down menus so districts and schools can easily address planning. It provides a living, breathing document that can be easily updated throughout the year, and in years to come.  Partnership with AdvancED for professional development in regards to writing school improvement plans, as well as focusing on individual school needs.

4 Option 1: $1,200 - ASSIST  Up to 16 hours of consulting services with the ASSIST system  ASSIST allows for:  Executive Summary  School Self-Assessment  District Self-Assessment  Perception Surveys (parent, student, and staff)  Student Performance Diagnostic  Stakeholder Perception Diagnostic  Assurances  Improvement Planning  Turnaround Principles

5 ASSIST  Screen shot of Goals & Plans page  Tabs include – Portfolio, Profile, Diagnostics & Surveys, Assurances, Goals & Plans, Reviews, Progress  All documents in one place

6 Option 2: $6,000 – Consultation  Access to ASSIST System  Up to 16 hours of consulting services to identify improvement priorities and develop a SIP  Services will be focused on helping schools to:  Form a sustainable school improvement team with the “right” skills and abilities to facilitate a meaningful internal review and improvement process  Complete the AdvancED diagnostic tools  Identifying relevant evidence  Ensure that the results of the internal review process are honest and insightful  Interpret and analyze data during the internal review process

7 School Improvement Plan


9 Option 3: $28,000 – Diagnostic Review  Priority schools on the approved list with year three of ‘F’ are eligible  Internal review process – done with Option 1 and 2  Access to ASSIST  Three-Day Onsite External Review Process  Using the AdvancED Standards for Quality Schools and School Systems  Examines the institution’s policies, practices, and conditions in relation to AdvancED standards, data, stakeholder perception, and self-assessments  Yields a written report summarizing the school that is aligned with the AdvancED standards and indicators  Report includes ratings, notable achievements, powerful practices, opportunities for improvement, and improvement priorities  Review teams may be comprised of: Lead Evaluators (AdvancED selected), IDOE Staff, Teachers, Principals, District Administrators, and/or University Faculty Members.

10 Diagnostic Review Report


12 How to Apply?  Online Application: 

13 How to Apply?  Multiple Pages within the application  General school and district contact information  Assurances

14 Next Steps  Applications must be submitted online by Friday, December 19 th at 4:30 pm  After reviewing applications:  IDOE will contact Title I PAs to enter and open online budget in Title I Application Center  AdvancED will contact Principals regarding getting started with the program

15 Questions – Title I Team – Early Learning and Intervention Rachael Havey – Title I Specialist - Audrey Carnahan– Title I Specialist - Cindy Hurst – Title I Coordinator - Charlie Geier – Director Early Learning and Intervention - Regional Outreach Coordinators

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