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Supported by A Public-Private Partnership on Bio-Based Industries Realising the European Bio-economy Potential Patrick van Leeuwen Coordinator Public Affairs.

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1 Supported by A Public-Private Partnership on Bio-Based Industries Realising the European Bio-economy Potential Patrick van Leeuwen Coordinator Public Affairs & Communications Bio-based Industries Consortium Aarhus, Denmark 13 November 2014

2 EU political & policy context Economic and Financial CrisisClimate ChangeGeopolitics EU Priorities / Strategies (2010) Europe 2020 Strategy – Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth Including 20-20-20 climate and energy targets (2012) Innovating for Sustainable Growth: a Bioeconomy for Europe (2013) Innovation Investment Package 6 PPPs, including new one on Bio-based Industries Horizon 2020 – Societal Challenges (2014) For a European Industrial Renaissance (2014) Climate and Energy Package 2030

3 Juncker / new Commission priorities The ten priorities set out in his political guidelines are: 1.A new boost for jobs, growth and investment 2.A connected digital single market 3.A resilient Energy Union with a forward-looking climate change policy 4.A deeper and fairer internal market with a strengthened industrial base 5.A deeper and fairer Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) 6.A reasonable and balanced free trade agreement with the United States 7.An area of Justice and Fundamental Rights based on mutual trust 8.Towards a new policy on migration 9.Europe as a stronger global actor 10.A Union of democratic change.

4 Public Private PartnershipsEU (Horizon 2020)Industry Innovative Medicines Initiative 2 1 638  1 425 Fuel Cells and Hydrogen 2 665 Clean Sky 2 1 755 2 194 Bio-based Industries 975 2 730 Shift2Rail 450470 Electronic components and systems 1 185 (+ 1170 from Member States) 2 340 IIP. Joint Technology Initiatives (million €, 2014-2020)

5 What Europe is up against CHINA > $300 billion in Science & Technology with biotech as a major priority over 2011-2015 Substitute 20% of crude oil imports by 2020 US ~$50 billion to biofuels & bio-chemicals 2012, President Obama: “The bio-economy is a major engine for American innovation and economic growth” BRAZIL Aims to be N°1 Global Bio-economy R$ 3,3 billion for 2 nd generation bioethanol, bio-chemicals and biomass gasification technologies The bio-economy is a world wide priority

6 The bio-based industries sector in the EU is currently of about 57 billion € in annual turnover with 300,000 direct and indirect jobs. Bio-based industries increase EU competitiveness through re-industrialisation and sustainable growth and strengthen rural economies. Worldwide, the race is on! Almost 1800 biorefineries to be commissioned globally until 2022*. $1.4 billion of public funding was allocated to the development of advanced biofuels in the US in 2011. *Pike Research EU Bioeconomy Strategy Bio-based industries: the new wave of industrialisation

7 o Establish a Public Private Partnership (PPP) on bio-based industries; Promote the setting up of networks for integrated and diversified biorefineries; o Sustainable intensification of primary production; improve understanding of biomass/biowaste availability and demand; develop calculation of environmental footprint; o Support expansion of new markets, e.g. by developing standards and labels for bio-based products; facilitate green procurement for bio-based products; o Develop science-based approaches to inform consumers about product properties; encourage informed lifestyle choices. Bioeconomy Strategy Enhancement of New markets in Bioeconomy Sectors

8 8 Reduce dependence on imports with locally sourced and produced goods and products*** Create over 1 million jobs between 2010 and 2030 mainly in rural areas** A global bio-based market estimated at €200 billion by 2020* Bio-based Industries PPP derived bio-based products can achieve an average GHG emissions reduction potential of least 50% compared to fossil alternatives**** Energy security Growth Climate Jobs Energy and Products What’s in it for Europe? Sources: * The Future of Industrial Biorefineries, World Economic Forum, 2010 ** Next generation ethanol and biochemicals: what’s in it for Europe?, Bloomberg New Energy Finance, 2010 *** Innovating for sustainable growth: a bioeconomy strategy for Europe, European Commission, 2012 **** Strategic Innovation and Research Agenda (SIRA), Biobased Industries Consortium, 2012


10 Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Joint Technologies Initiative (JTI)Contractual (cPPP) Implementation Joint Undertaking (JU)Horizon 2020 PPP - JTI – JU?

11 Why a Public-Private Partnership?

12 To ‘de-risk’ an emerging industry A clear framework that brings clarity for activities & investments Long term stability and predictability A joint approach, across sectors, across nations Joint financial commitment and a jointly defined programme, that will unite parties that would otherwise find these activities to be too risky for an individual sector/company to carry out on its own Leverage further investments Industry driven and therefore result and market-oriented

13 Investing in new and sustainable ways to organise our economy

14 BBI key milestones The BBI Joint Undertaking (BBI) comes into force 9 JULY 9 JULY 2 SEPT 2 SEPT 27 JUNE 27 JUNE Official launch of BBI 1 st Call for Proposals BBI Info Day (for all stakeholders) 15 OCT 15 OCT Close of BBI 1 st Call for Proposals

15 Public-Private Partnership supporting R&I for bio-based industries: Partners: European Commission and Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC) Budget: € 3.705 billion Implementation: Principles of openness, transparency and excellence Horizon 2020 rules for participation Objectives: New bio-based value chains for Europe based on 2nd generation/advanced biorefineries. What is the BBI?

16 TOTAL € 3705 M (about 75% from BIC) € 975 M Call for Proposals (in cash and in kind) € 975 M Additional Activities € 1755 M + = Budget

17 Focus Fostering a sustainable biomass supply and building new value chains Feedstock Optimising efficient processing through R&D and upscaling in large-scale demo/flagship biorefineries Biorefineries Developing markets for bio-based products and optimising policy frameworks Markets, products and policies

18 Strategic Innovation & Research Agenda Value Chain 1: From lignocellulosic feedstock to advanced biofuels, bio-based chemicals & biomaterials realising the feedstock and technology base for the next generation of fuels, chemicals and materials Value Chain 2: Next generation forest-based value chains utilisation of the full potential of forestry biomass by improved mobilisation and realisation of new added value products and markets Value Chain 3: Next generation agro-based value chains realising the highest sustainability and added value by improved agricultural production, and new added value products and markets Value Chain 4: New value chains from (organic) waste from waste problems to economic opportunities by realising sustainable technologies to convert waste into valuable products Value Chain 5: Integrated energy, pulp and chemicals biorefineries realising sustainable bio-energy production, by backwards integration with biorefinery operations isolating higher added value components

19 Different types of projects The SIRA includes a balanced combination of projects: R&D PROJECTS DEMONSTRATION PROJECTS FLAGSHIP PROJECTS SUPPORTING PROJECTS

20 Bio-based Industries Consortium Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking Governing Board (10 seats) Executive Director Programme Office staff States Representative Group (28 MS + 10 AC) Scientific Committee (15 seats) European Commission BBI Joint Undertaking


22 About BIC Established in 2012/2013 to represent the private sector in the Public-Private Partnership on Bio-based Industries (BBI) Main tasks to date: Define the BBI’s Strategic Innovation and Research Agenda (SIRA) Lead the development and drafting of the annual BBI Work Plans and Call for Proposals topics Mobilise industry (large, SMEs, SME Clusters), research organisations, universities, regions and all relevant stakeholders across Europe that are active or interested in the field of bio- based. A multi-sector organisation, and still growing: Agriculture Agro-food Forestry / Pulp and Paper Biotechnology Technology providers Chemicals Energy

23 ■ 77 Full members 43 Large industries 20 SMEs 14 Clusters ■ 137 Associate members 45 Universities 70 RTOs 10 European Associations 7 Associations 3 European Technology Platforms (ETPs) 1 Public institution 1 Bank Our members More than 200, and still growing




27 Benefits of BIC membership  Define the BBI’s Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda  Develop annual work plans and BBI Call for Proposals Topics  Participate in timely networking and brokerage events  Access the BIC Members’ online Partnering Platform allowing for all year long consortia building with BIC members  Clarification on financing rules  Identification of co-financing opportunities (e.g. H2020-ESIF) and development of guidelines For more information and application forms: Full membership: (Industrial and commercial companies or any legal entity representing them, active in bio-based industries) Associate membership: (RTOs, universities, associations, regions or any legal entity interested in BIC activities)


29 How to get involved? 1.Participating in project proposals in the annual BBI open calls 2.Actively contribute to the development of the annual BBI Work Plans through BIC membership Visit for more information on becoming a member BBI Call for Proposals BIC MEMBERSHIP Contributing to Work Programme development BIC MEMBERSHIP Contributing to Work Programme development

30 JOIN US Follow us: @biconsortium

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