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2 CHILD AND FAMILY CENTRES Support the development of Child and Family Centres by supporting initiatives that focus on the healthy development of children and youth including all critical components (such as poverty/prosperity, transportation, EDI scores, asset development, youth engagement, etc.). Lead: Maxine Weber and Harold Hess – co-chairs BSN Members: Kim Little UCLG; Margaret Van Beers CDC Hotel Dieu, Sue Turnbull Country Roads, Margaret Fancy EKIOC

3 CHILD AND FAMILY CENTRES (CONT’D) Accomplishments: Lead Activity at Lead Table to identify components of CFCs through lens of family. Results collated and shared Meeting with York Simcoe re: Common Parent File Kim met with UCDSB to discuss space and willingness to partner Emerging Priorities: Continued discussion with community partners re: model for CFCs (virtual, mobile, structure) Agencies asked to consider ability to commit to CFC models Committee expansion to include youth service providers

4 MCYS has supported children’s treatment centres across the province with the purchase of a new information management system, GoldCare Web-based Allows for shared data collection and analysis between CTCs, but also with community partners CTN Simcoe-York, the newest CTC, has used GoldCare as the electronic backbone for rich partnerships of service providers for children and youth with special needs

5 POVERTY REDUCTION Actively support poverty reduction and prosperity initiatives in Leeds-Grenville including the development of a framework and strategy that encourages partners to view services through a poverty lens. Lead: Loretta Corbeil Members: Margaret Fancy, Kevin Kapler, Sue Watts, Allan Hogan (link to Poverty Roundtable Steering Committee)

6 POVERTY REDUCTION (CONT’D) Accomplishments: Poverty issues standing item on EKIOC agenda EKIOC workgroups supporting initiatives that reduce barriers to prosperity (e.g. tubs for Infant Literacy; Transportation, Access to and Inclusion in Recreation; Triple P outreach; Universal Screening; support for FDK; Youth Engagement Emerging Priorities Need lead for this group Links to United Way Community Action Plan Ongoing training and awareness-building

7 CROSS SECTOR COLLABORATION Ensure productive and purposeful cross-sector collaboration within and through EKIOC Lead: Coordinating and Planning Committee and Gillian Jackson DSLG Members: Margaret Van Beers, Donna VanderKloet Hanna BDACI; Harold Hess; Maxine Weber (BSN

8 CROSS SECTOR COLLABORATION (CONT’D) Accomplishments Health Nexus survey to discover who and how we work together SI addressed through work of EKIOC Committees (e.g. survey of youth services conducted; planned survey of recreation needs planned by ARC; collaborative planning/implementation Triple P; Service Coordination Guidelines and modules developed and implemented; planning for CFCs; sharing of data collection/storage Emerging Priorities Analysis of Health Nexus survey with plan developed Need to “pull together” and coordinate work being done in this area Common intake and parent record (e.g. York Simcoe)

9 YOUTH FRIENDLY COMMUNITIES Focus on creating and supporting youth-friendly communities by supporting municipalities in Leeds- Grenville to achieve official youth-friendly designation by sourcing, generating and sharing relevant information and resources. Lead: Elizabeth Langlois Members: this priority encompasses a number of workgroups; youth service providers, mental health initiative; youth engagement squad; access to recreation; HCP

10 YOUTH FRIENDLY COMMUNITIES (CONT’D) Accomplishments Youth –friendly tools and resources developed for municipalities developed Survey of youth services implemented and summary report prepared Planning for youth portal to allow for easier access to information about services Stepping up “placemat” will provide a framework for planning and collaboration Emerging Priorities Presentations to municipalities on Youth friendly tools/resources and process for youth friendly designation Identifying and engaging additional community partners Continue to expand work on Placemat; how we work together; data collection

11 DATA COLLECTION AND MANAGEMENT Develop a collaborative data collection and management system that will result in improved access to data that is appropriate to inform decision-making for members of the Coalition. Lead: Margaret Fancy and Jessica Deschamp Baird Members: Beth Steel YMCA; Kathy Jodoin MTJB; Linda Chadwick; John Cunningham (Health Unit) Margaret Fancy; Jackie Hoogwerf

12 DATA COLLECTION AND MANAGEMENT Accomplishments: Plan for Data profile for 0 to 6 population and their families developed Health Unit shared profiles of local communities EDI data shared and posted Emerging Priorities Continued planning for data profile Ongoing sharing of data by community partners Improved data management system

13 IMPROVE PROFILE OF EKIOC Improve the community profile of the EKIOC Coalition in the community by making it known to be a place to make things happen through collective connections. Lead: Coordinating and Planning Committee Members: Donna Vanderkloet Hanna BDACI; Keith McPhee, Sandra Devaney; Margaret Fancy

14 IMPROVING PROFILE OF EKIOC Accomplishments: Plan developed to promote EKIOC brand that includes: Asset – builder recognition events News releases for key events recognizing appropriate agencies Review of EKIOC goals at all committee meetings Emerging Priorities Distribute calendar with commitment from agencies to highlight work on key dates Asset recognition – criteria developed, nominations submitted, event held by end of 2015


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