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National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) is a fashion institute in India which was set up in 1986 under the aegis of the Ministry of Textiles,

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2 National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) is a fashion institute in India which was set up in 1986 under the aegis of the Ministry of Textiles, Government of India and is an institution of design, management and technology. High ranked as the premier institute of fashion management and technology in India. It is the founder member of "Fashion Schools' Foundation of the World", this comprises of 34 fashion schools worldwide. Meeting all friends and making new is always fun and when the occasion of rendezvous is a college fest, it definitely ups the fun quotient by several notches. Two day grandeur festival with the trio of cultural, literary and sports events, Spectrum is a way to celebrate life. Basically an inter college fest with set of festivals ranging from cultural extravaganzas to technical wizardry, the event revolves around the idea of spreading happiness in our life as a social responsibility as well as to provide a platform to celebrate talent which sometimes gets hidden in the mundane and boring routine of our day to day life. So welcome to a world where creativity meets passion. NIFT Bhubaneswar

3 30 College Invited 2000 Footfall expected Prize Money Worth Rs 2 lakh Students Participating 1000 SPECTRUM 2014 Celebration Of Life

4 Benefits For The Sponsors Title Sponsors Title Page Of The Souvenir Logo On The Backdrop 10-15 Min During The Fashion Show for Their Product Promotion And Advertisement Logo On Invitation Passes, Trophies And All Commercial Announcement As ‘Title Sponsors’ 2 Standies And Banners Company’s Representative To Give Award/Trophies Associate Sponsors Company logo on invite passes 2 side panels Commercial announcement as ‘associate sponsors’ 10 invitees Company’s representative to give trophies Co -Sponsors Company logo on invite passes Visibility on side panels Commercial announcement as co-sponsors 6 invitees Company’s representatives to give the trophy

5 Fashion Show FASHION is our world. Here in NIFT Campus knowledge meets creativity and talent meets creativity. SPECTRUM’s fashion show is a platform for the designers to come with their thematic designs and create a world of their dreams. The students on NIFT Bhubaneswar are all set to show their talent on ramp. Redefining the concepts of design and fashion. TITLE SPONSOR 2,00,000 ASSOCIATE SPONSOR 50,000 Choco chanel once famously quoted "don't spend time beating on a wall; Hoping to transform it into a door” Although the common lay man fad is that anything unique is fashion. but technically it is not. “”Fashion is a deep study with a prolonged history which is still a mystery” we don’t know about fashion during mohenjodaro and Egyptian civilizations" yet they were the most fashionable people. Then came in the classic era which saw the enormous rise in new designs and colours. The LBD’s the mini skirts sweat shirts denims are all the products from that glorious era. What we see today is the new inventive, comfortable recreation of past.

6 Star Night CELEBRATION is all about music, dance and masti. It’s the way we enjoy our life. SPECTRUM ‘14 appreciates the power of the celebration in bringing our powers back to our soul. STAR Night is a event for this sole purpose. Listening to the TALENTED artist in B-town and dancing on his beats, revives our life! The campus of NIFT Bhubaneswar will witness the power pact performance of the celeb singers. Come and be a part of it and celebrate life!! Title Sponsorship 4,00,000 Associate sponsorship 2,00, 000

7 Cultural Events Solo Song Competition Duet Dance Competition Group Dance Competition Title sponsorship 1,00,000 Associate Sponsorship 50,000 Do you bleed creativity?...and think maybe “EARTH” would have sounded better as just “ART”?...cause if you do NIFT Spectrum brings you a bag full of events to let your heart free and redefine your statement. Paint the world with your own unique identity in events like FACE painting, Tattoo art and T-shirt painting as we wait for the blooming exceptional conceptions! Enchant us with your melody divine humming through the solo song and antakshari. Make hearts skip a beat rocking yourself through the band of junkyards! Set the stage on fire with your steps and hypnotise us with your chemistry in Duet dance! Grab masses attention and awe every soul with some power packed performance in the street play! Show us what you got as we patiently await for your act!

8 Treasure Hunt Unleash the hidden pirates in you and indulge yourself into another world as true adventure awaits for you! Gear yourself up and be a part of this event! Title sponsorship 1,00,000 Associate Sponsorship 50,000

9 Sports Events Carrom Chess Table tennis Title sponsorship 1,00,000 Associate Sponsorship 50,000 “all work and no play make NIFTIANS dull people” We believe in intellectual and physical sports, indoor as well as outdoor sports. Indoor include chess, carom and table tennis. Chess is referred to as one of the games which requires high amount of concentration and mind munching yet those sixty four squares become very vivacious. The game requires you to calculate your every move along with that of your opponent. The elements of the game include king, queen, horse, camel, rook and eight soldiers. Carom, a game with a view of simplicity, is known as the game of perfect strategy. It is a game all about the winning the queen. The player uses 18 black and white pieces as his weapons. You need to be on your heels constantly, in order to be good at table tennis. You need to judge where the ball spins and losing your focus for a second could cost you the game. Well these games may seem that they are simple but unlike outdoor games they require a lot of patience and concentration.

10 Street Play Got the guts to be loud enough to demand some attention?...then we have some ears waiting for your majestic performance. Gather up the crowd with your fascinating act as they will cheer you all the way to the first place! Title sponsorship 50,000 Associate Sponsorship 10,000

11 Other Exciting Events Photography Styling Tattoo Art Do you really want to know what this is?? Well its just a organized clash of good ideas! Employ worthwhile evidence to promote your viewpoint and rebut the "flawed" evidence advanced by the other side. Debate Do you really know to capture the moment and just frame it for an eternity?...then we are precisely looking for some participants like you. Give us a bunch of phenomenal photos as we honour you with the award! If you love fashion mixed with high stakes competition, then you have a new show to add to your line up! Gear yourself up and be the head turner for a day as you showcase your style mantra! Wanna be one of the craziest tattoo artist in town? Start away by getting your name in this event! Captivate us with your originally unique creation and steal the prize

12 Face painting Do you really want your art work to have words of its own? enchant viewers with its illusionistic power?...then this competition is just what your waiting for! Paint up your friend with a new identity…portraying your creativity and grab the prize! T-shirt Painting Interesting designs are everywhere! Some can be really simple yet can make you think twice! Do you have the talent up your sleeves? Then inject your creativity into them and show us some mind- blowing designs! Who needs instruments when you can make a bunch of them on your own?? Create your own music from a bunch of junk an make us mesmerise by your invent! Bands of Junkyard

13 Bhubaneswar Contact Us Finance & Budget Prashanti Patra 7377200469 Cultural president Abhishek Sengupta 9556676169 Sponsorship team Latika Patel 7377910576 Media and publicity Suchishmita Mishra 8763123732

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