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Pronoun and Verb Subject: English Grade: three

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1 Pronoun and Verb Subject: English Grade: three
By: Lhamo

2 Objectives Students will be able to define pronoun
Students will be able to identify different types of pronouns-subjective pronouns and possessive pronouns Students will be able to identify pronouns in a sentence Students will be able to change subject pronoun form to possessive pronouns

3 English Language-Pronoun
Take the place of a noun

4 Pronoun Singular Plural First Person I We Second Person You
Third Person He, She, It They

5 Pronoun First study the following table and then Circle the pronoun in each sentence.  she has to go home at five o’clock. why are they crying? i have two brothers and one sister. you are one year older than me. what time does he get up every morning?

6 Pronoun We like to eat mutton and fruits. It is a very nice picture.
They are from the Philippines. She is doing great at school. He is a famous artist in Tibet. I am a doctor.

7 Pronoun . Please identify the pronoun in each sentence, then click S for singular and P for plural.

8 They will go to the park today. He likes to listen to music.
Pronoun They will go to the park today. (S F) He likes to listen to music. You are a good student. It is a lovely cat. (S F)

9 Pronoun We would like to watch movie this afternoon. (S F)
I am good at singing and dancing. (S F) They are nice cars. (S F) He is a good football player. (S F)

10 Possessive Pronoun I My You(singular) Your He, she, it His, her, its
We Our You(plural) They Their Who Whose

11 Possessive Pronoun I have books-my books (my books) You have a car- We have money- Who has a funny hat?- The young man’s wallet- Try this exercise and find out how many you can get correct

12 Possessive Pronoun Our daughter’s party- The eagle’s nest-
Sarah’s dog- The students’ books- The flowers’ nice color-

13 Possessive Pronoun First read each sentence and then try to identify the type of pronouns which are highlighted They will go to the store later. Brian opened up his book to read. She has a beautiful singing voice. That is your decision to make. If the map wasn't in the car we would have gotten lost!

14 Possessive Pronoun The food is not as bad as it looks.
You will all be experts in pronouns! They went to the baseball game and routed for the home team! Look at the nice view from my window! The students took their time on the test.

15 Possessive Pronoun Fill in the blanks with the possessive pronoun formed. I want to dance with__________ (she) older sister. Will you help me carry__________ (I) books up to the second floor? They said ______ (you) father had been a colonel in the army. _______ (we) tent was put up near a bend in the river.

16 Possessive Pronoun Mike wanted to spend time at_______ (Mary and I) house. I still haven’t met_______ (they) parents. ______ (who) sailboat is that out on the lake? I just cannot interest in______ (he) novels. __________ (it) roof has been replaced with straws and logs. Mr. Toy wanted to borrow____ (you and I) garden hose.

17 Objectives Students will be able to get to know action verbs and linking verbs Students will be able to identify those two types of verbs Explore present tense and past tense of action verbs Examine how verbs must match their subjects.

18 English Language-Verb
Shows action or being

19 Action Verbs talk play eat Sleep

20 Action Verbs pull call cook cry

21 Verb Song

22 Verb Song I am running, jumping and singing, that’s because I am a verb. I am hopping, dancing and ringing, that’s because I am a verb. I am coming, going, hitting, throwing Humming, rowing, sitting, blowing Riding, hiding, gliding, sliding, because I am a verb. I am a verb, verb, verb, I am an action word. So put me where the action is cause I am an action word.

23 Linking Verbs Singular Plural Present Past 1st person I am I was
We are We were 2nd person You are You were 3rd person He is He was They are They were She is She was It is It was

24 Verbs Indentify the action verbs in the following sentence.
book good my dance jump coffee shoes pen water read house flower car happy desk laugh computer tree stop spider

25 Verbs swim beer red exam rice hot wash afraid mutton drink school my
teacher big they draw play bag friend think

26 Fill in the blanks with the linking verbs-am, is, are, was, and were.
1: I ___ celebrating my 8th birthday today. 2: That ___ fun playing pillow fight! 3: That __ a beautiful sight! Let us take a picture. 4: ___ we going to the library now? 5: These trees ___ among the tallest in the world today.

27 Verbs Fight, fight, fight 6: ___ it a spider that crawled on the wall?
7: I __ going to school now. 8: She __in the school yesterday. 9: Jim __ in grade three. 10: I __ very hungry because I did not have breakfast this morning.

28 How many did you get correct?
Verbs 11: You __ at the party last week. 12: It __ not a good idea. 13: Basketball __ my favorite sport. How many did you get correct?

29 Verbs Circle the form of the linking verb be that best completes each sentence.(Assessment) Mom and Dad (is, are) normally pretty jolly about everything. My bed (is, are) very soft. Mom's only sister, Aunt Mary, (is, are) moving to New York next week. The birds (is, are) quiet at night. All my friends (is, are) mad at me.

30 Verbs We depend on our parents to provide for us while we (is, are) young. Eight minus two (is, are) six. We are going to the beach when school (is, are) out. "Where (is, are) my new shoes?" she asked. "I want to wear them today.“ I am glad Mr. Mathews (is, are) our teacher this year.

31 Verbs His mother and father (is, are) in Texas.
My father's wife (is, are) my mother. This tea (is, are) too hot to drink. All my crayons (is, are) in a bag under my desk. We (is, are) still here, but we are going soon. Our farm (is, are) on land near the river.

32 WELL DONE! Verbs Tests (is, are) given in our class.
This weed (is, are) hard to pull out of the ground. There (is, are) five white houses on our street. Here (is, are) my brother. WELL DONE!

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