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By: Allyssa Trask, Julia Fischer, and Briana Parker.

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1 By: Allyssa Trask, Julia Fischer, and Briana Parker.

2 Hi! We are Furious Thunder, located in New Orleans. We started out as young children, and loved the American sport, Baseball! We all loved the idea of making our own baseball team, so we got some neighborhood kids and made a team out of them. After about 3 years, people started to notice our well playing strategies, wonderful sportsman ship, and friendly attitude. Thankfully, a wonderful woman; whom also shared the love of baseball; gave us a one in a lifetime chance. She gave us the chance to play professional baseball, if we showed her we wanted it and we had to earn it. The next three pages are about us individually.

3 Well to start out my story to success, I was in love with baseball. My father had gotten me interested into the game after he told me stories about Jackie Robinson. Briana, Julia, and I were best friends, ever since day one. Every boy in my neighborhood doubted that we could make it, but look at us now. After finding enough kids to make two different teams, we started making flyers and advertising Furious Thunder. At the end of the month, after all of our hard work, we had our first game. Sadly we lost, but we didn’t let that break us! We tried harder, practiced longer, and never gave up! About two weeks later, we had our second game. Thankfully, due to all our hard practice and efforts, we won!

4 I started loving baseball when I was four years of age. My older brothers, Isaac and Joshua, got me started on my love for the sport. Everyday after school, I use to meet Allyssa and Briana in the “Old junk yard” to play our favorite sport. It was amazing how many people came to watch us play baseball! I loved it! One day a woman came and watched us, and told us, “With good effort, hard practices, and determination, you could make it in the big leagues.”

5 When I was five, my uncle showed me his baseball card collection. I loved it, but most importantly, Jackie Robinson! After hearing them play on the radio, I was in love. I practiced with my best friends, Julia and Allyssa. One game, a wonderful woman walked up to us and said, “You’re the next thing, kids.” We were so excited, and look at us now, made it to the big leagues!





10  Capital City: Baton Rouge.  Admission to Statehood: April 30, 1812.  Area Code: 337.  Bird: Eastern Brown Pelican.  Border States: Arkansas, Mississippi, Texas.  State Motto: “Come as you are; leave different.”  State Flower: Magnolia Grandiflora.  Governor: Bobby Jindal.


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