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Color Your World!!! A Webquest Created by Miss Mary Schultz.

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1 Color Your World!!! A Webquest Created by Miss Mary Schultz

2 You are a detective in our school trying to identify the colors in our classroom. This adventure will take you through colorful fun! Once you can identify the colors of the classroom, you will be awarded your official badge! Color Detective

3 Your child will be using the internet to complete this webquest. I ask that you please help your child progress through this educational, yet fun activity. I will be delighted to answer any questions you may have, and I will gladly listen to your comments and suggestions.

4 Detective, Your assignment is to learn the basic colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, black and white. I have made a list of places for you and your partner to visit to complete this task. Also, you will be keeping a journal of your discoveries. I know you will enjoy your journey through the wonderful world of color you will soon be exploring! Good Luck!

5 #1. Pick up your Journal of Colors from your teacher. #2. Visit the links I have listed to learn about the colors. #3. Answer one journal question everyday you explore. #4. Turn in your journal to the teacher.

6 Now that you have gotten your assignment and your Journal of Colors, let’s visit these internet web sites to learn about colors. Have an adult help you search and learn! Helpers, please assist your partner in learning the color and create the pictures on the links. Color Pad Train of Colors Helpers, on this link, choose the “color” portion of the game. Colorful Learning Helpers, again, please choose the “color” portion.

7 Record your learning in your Journal of Colors everyday you explore. Show your partner and your teacher what you have learned.

8 The students’ work will be evaluated by the work completed in their Journals of Color, and by a one on one interview with the teacher. Interview Questions: Can you name these colors? Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, black and white? Can you show me these colors?

9 Detective, You have completed the task successfully. You have earned your badge by correctly learning the colors of your world. Thank you for your hard work and cooperation. You’re an EXCELLENT detective!!

10 Please feel welcome to send me any questions or comments you or your child may have about this webquest. E-mail Miss Mary Schultz

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