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What is a logical fallacy? An error in reasoning. A breakdown in a logical structure.

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1 What is a logical fallacy? An error in reasoning. A breakdown in a logical structure.

2 Fallacies often result from unexamined, unsupported assumptions. In other words, a person may assume certain things to be true, to exist, or to be related and then draw conclusions based on these assumptions. The conclusion will be unreliable if the assumptions are faulty.

3 Egocentrism Sociocentrism Wishful Thinking Absolutism Shallow Relativism/Subjectivism Hasty Generalization Post Hoc False Dilemma

4 Look, it’s really pretty simple: open up the California coast to offshore oil drilling or allow America to continue to be dependent on foreign countries for oil. At the party last Saturday, we were really teasing Mary badly, and then today, she didn’t show up to school. We must have really gotten to her.

5 I just can't face the prospect of living my life without the possibility of a heavenly reward. Therefore, I know a heavenly reward awaits me at death. Jessie has failed miserably her first three philosophy exams, and with only one exam left, it looks like she’s going to fail the class. Her professor pulls her aside and tells her that she may not be “college material” and that she should consider quitting college and learning a trade.

6 I read the following news headline in February 2010: “Boredom May Be Bad for Your Health, Medical Study Says.” The article explains that researchers have recently discovered that those who describe themselves as perpetually bored, die earlier than those who say they are rarely bored. I always knew being bored was no fun, but I had no idea it could kill you. Last night on Fox News, reporters were interviewing people about their feelings toward the president’s proposals for health care reform. Yikes. It sure doesn’t look like what he wants to do is very popular.

7 I think this is one of the best classes I’ve ever had. You guys are smart, pleasant, hard- working, and committed. Every year the number of non-US immigrants to California increases, and every year my taxes go up. I’m getting sick of paying for all these new comers that aren’t even US residents.

8 Listen, if you want to drop out of college, that’s your choice. It would be nice if you graduated and were able to get a good-paying, steady job, but if you’re okay without ever having steady employment or a decent salary, that’s okay with me. “Man, I went to the Dive Bomber Bar last night and totally struck out.” “I told you not to wear that shirt, dude. It’s hideous. Of course, no women were interested in you.”

9 We can outlaw gun ownership in the US and live in this country together as brothers and sisters, or we can allow people to own any kind of gun they want and die together as fools. Of course my husband is faithful to me. He has to be. I mean, my word, it would just be too difficult to live with him every day if I thought he was unfaithful.

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