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Dakota Belle, Devin Callaway, Sydney Greer, Jordan Hoelseher, Kelsey Alford.

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1 Dakota Belle, Devin Callaway, Sydney Greer, Jordan Hoelseher, Kelsey Alford

2 Macbeth became sick in his mind due to the witches prophecy telling him that one day he would become king. He wanted the power so badly it led him to kill. As the play progressed his conscience slowly disintegrated and he became emotionally numb.

3 “The Illness should attend to it” – Lady Macbeth Illness is Evil Lady Macbeth is his motivator She says he needs the mental illness to commit the murders He uses his mental illness to do things that he wouldn’t be comfortable doing in the right state of mind

4 “Bloody instructions, which being taught return to plague the inventor”. – Macbeth ‘What goes around comes around’ He wishes sickness to other people to keep him on top He knew it was going to come back to him in the end

5 “And wakes it now, to look so green and pale” – Lady Macbeth Green is sickly Lady Macbeth says he looks sick thinking of Duncan’s Murder. Macbeth was phased and wasn’t fully okay with killing his good friend.

6 “Who wear our health but sickly in his life, which in his death were perfect” - Macbeth Macbeth felt sick from the presence of Banqou As long as Banquo was alive then Macbeth would be sick If Banqou were to die then Macbeth would be safe.

7 “The great bond, which keeps me pale!” - Macbeth The great bond is the bond between Banquo and his son, Fleance He was afraid Fleance would take his power because his father died

8 “His highness is not well” - Ross (Banquet scene when Macbeth sees the ghost) Ross said that he was sick in the mind Revealed Macbeth’s true character: Guilty and Unstable

9 “ Thou shalt not live, that I may tell pale hearted fear it lies” - Macbeth Macbeth knows he may die but hi is trying to convince himself otherwise Shows that he is emotionally numb and conscience is deteriorating

10 In the beginning of the story it appears that Lady Macbeth is sure of herself and her actions, but it also appears that she has no remorse for her actions and their consequences. Later in the story she becomes overwhelmed with a mental illness and eventually kills herself. One can assume this has to do with the part she plays in the numerous murders her husband commits.

11 “Make think my blood; stop up th’ access and passage to remorse” – Lady Macbeth She did not want to feel remorse/guilt She wants to be sick so she doesn’t have to feel bad about her actions She wants to believe she can shut off her guilt, but in reality is too unstable to such

12 Doctor “This disease is beyond my practice” He doesn’t believe that her instability is curable. She has to fix herself alone After she has visions of blood staining her hands This shows the guilt she feels for her role in Macbeth’s actions

13 “ Not so sick my lord, as she is troubled with think coming fancies that keep her from rest” - Doctor “Cure her of that. Canst thou not minister to a mind diseased” - Macbeth Macbeth is learning his wife is mentally ill. Macbeth asked the doctor if he could cure her but that doctor thinks her mind is too far gone

14 Under Macbeth’s rule the country of Scotland plummeted down. He was not a good ruler and that showed in the peoples’ reactions and what they went through after he became king. He did not want to become king to help the people and the country but purely for the power and the title.

15 “Love and health to all!” - Macbeth (Banquet Scene) Macbeth is wishing good health to all that are visiting his castle and the court. It is ironic that he is wishing health to people while he has killed others.


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