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Macbeth William Shakespeare.

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1 Macbeth William Shakespeare

2 Macbeth Scene 1 Act 3 He is becoming suspicious. He is thinking that Macbeth might have committed great evil deeds in order to achieve what he has. As Scene 1 opens, how does Banquo feel about Macbeth? Why?

3 Macbeth Scene 1 Act 3 That the prophesy will become true and Banquo’s children will be kings. He wants to be king and then have children [sons] who would inherit the crown; however, he and Lady Macbeth apparently are not able to have children. In his soliloquy in Scene 1, lines 52-76, what is upsetting Macbeth? Why does it upset him so much?

4 Macbeth Scene 1 Act 3 He is a smooth talker who convinces them that he will favor them if they do this: “grapples you to the heart and love of us” (III.1.118). How does Macbeth convince the Murderers to kill Banquo?

5 Macbeth She is unhappy and lonely. Scene 2 Act 3
What feelings does Lady Macbeth show in Scene 2, lines 6-9?

6 Macbeth Scene 2 Act 3 Earlier in the scene his tone of voice and the horrors of what they have done visibly affect her to the point that he says, “Thou marvel’st at my words, but hold thee still” (III.2.61). He is thinking that he simply cannot share his next step with her. Why doesn’t Macbeth tell his wife about his plans for Banquo’s murder?

7 Macbeth Scene 2 Act 3 Although they share a tender moment in the scene when they momentarily console each other, their relationship will obviously disintegrate as the disorder and chaos pursue the couple. What does that tell us about their relationship?

8 Macbeth Scene 3 Act 3 They are joined by a third murderer.
What surprises the two Murderers at the beginning of Scene 3?

9 Macbeth Scene 4 Act 3 His illness will come again because he cannot be fully secure until Fleance is dead. How does Macbeth react to the news of Fleance’s escape? Why?

10 Macbeth 1 - Macbeth Scene 4 Act 3
How many people can see Banquo’s ghost during the banquet? 1 - Macbeth

11 Macbeth Scene 4 Act 3 She says that he often suffers from seizures and makes it seem as though this is normal. How does Lady Macbeth react to Macbeth’s outburst at the banquet?

12 Macbeth Scene 4 Act 3 She encourages the guests to ignore him and says that talking to him and about him would make things worse. She wants them to leave immediately and not even worry about leaving by rank as they would customarily. What does she try to do to save the situation?

13 Macbeth Scene 4 Act 3 What noble refused to come to the banquet?
Macduff Macbeth says so and asks Lady Macbeth as to her opinion why Macduff refuses to come. What noble refused to come to the banquet? How do we know?

14 Macbeth Scene 5 Act 3 Scholars agree that Scene 5 is probably not Shakespeare’s writing. Nevertheless, what information does that scene tell us about Hecate’s plans to get back at Macbeth? She and the three witches will bring him to his complete destruction; she also delivers a lesson of the play: overconfidence is humanity’s greatest enemy.

15 Macbeth Scene 5 Act 3 Everyone who has been a part of Macbeth’s inner circle has suffered for it in some way. Also, the guards could not have killed Duncan because they were too drunk to do so. This indicates Macbeth’s true reason for killing them was to keep them quiet. How do some of the nobles feel about Macbeth in Scene 6?

16 Macbeth Discuss Act 3 We have seen Macbeth getting ready to kill Duncan (Act 1 and 2) and Banquo (Act 3). Think about the scenes in which Macbeth prepares for murder. Consider Macbeth’s mood and helpers as he prepares to shed blood.

17 Macbeth Discuss Act 3 In what ways does Macbeth’s character seem to be changing in Act 3? What aspects of his personality are getting him in even deeper trouble? Be specific.

18 Macbeth Discuss Act 3 Banquo clearly knows too much. If he were to write an to his son, what information would he share? What advice would he give his son?

19 Macbeth

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