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Participant Orientation WELCOME TIJUANA MINISTRY July 13-20, 2013 Our Mission We foster friendships and spiritual growth by reaching across borders to.

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1 Participant Orientation WELCOME TIJUANA MINISTRY July 13-20, 2013 Our Mission We foster friendships and spiritual growth by reaching across borders to bring God’s people together. By putting our faith into action, we build lasting and vibrant communities in collaboration with San Eugenio Parish in Tijuana. We provide opportunities for education, immersion, and commitment to promote human dignity. PARTICIPANT ORIENTATION WELCOME!

2 Prayer Lord Jesus, Carpenter and Healer, we ask that you look upon those multitudes in Tijuana who have too little to eat, have too little shelter and struggle each day to find work and ways to care for their family. We pray for the sick who have little resources to be healed. We ask you to guide us and open our eyes and hearts to their plight. Help us to hear their voices and learn from their faith and wisdom. Show us how we can help. In your name we pray. Amen. ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ Matthew 25:39-41

3 Agenda  Introductions | Ice-breaker  Paperwork  Transportation  Where We Stay  Food  Typical Day  Safety  Regulations  Packing  Gifts for the Families  Important Dates  Help Us  Q & A

4 Ice Breaker Find someone you don’t already know. (or you don’t know well). Exchange names and be ready to introduce each other and what parish they are from.

5 Please Indicate Your Area’s of Interest Tonight  Construction Teams: 1 House Build, 2 Roof Structures, Expand Chapel  Children/Teen Program: Morning programs for children and Teens, may expand to second afternoon program for children.  Mother’s Program: Daily 9 am to Noon  Home Site Crew: Shopping, breakfast & lunch preparation, facility needs.  First Aid Team: Kits at each site, need first aid provider at all locations.  Donation Sorters and Pre Trip Preparation

6 2013 Construction Projects Chapel Expansion

7 2013 Construction Projects Home Build

8 2013 Construction Projects Roof Structures

9 Paperwork  Submit Online Application  Pay Travel Fees  Get Passport - Everyone needs a current US passport which expires October 2014 or later. Visa not required if US Citizen. Some resident aliens must apply for visas ASAP  Fill-out Medical Information and Release forms  Fingerprinting (LiveScan) from Diocese of San Jose for age 18+  Diocesan Safe Envirnoment On-Line Training for age 13+  Code of Conduct (minors only)  Drivers Only: copy of driver's license (you must be 25+ to drive if not your own family) copy of vehicle registration copy of US auto insurance copy of Mexican insurance, if you purchased it on your own OTHERWISE you will fill out the BajaBound Mexican insurance form  See website under > 2013 Trip > Apply

10 Transportation  480 miles from San Jose to Tijuana  About 8-10 hour drive  Carpool – 3-5 people/vehicle  Caravan with others  Leave Saturday at 6 a.m. from St. Julies Parish  Arrive Chula Vista by 4 p.m. (eat and gas up)  All meet in Chula Vista & cross border together  One Spanish speaking person per car, if possible

11 Transportation - Drivers  Please confirm if you are driving and how many passengers you can accommodate.  Reimbursement for gas - save receipts  Caravan Techniques – Keep in phone contact with Monica  Caravan over border – Otay Mesa border crossing  Border Etiquette – no talking, answer only necessary questions  Need Mexican Auto Insurance (Baja Bound)  St Julie’s will coordinate  Drivers need to complete the Baja Insurance Application  Drivers have copies of everyone’s health and emergency records in a special binder in each car. Also contains cell phones of people in other cars

12 Liaisons in Tijuana  Fr. Joe Dowling – priest at San Eugenio & main point of contact for Tijuana Ministry in San Eugenio Parish  Rosita – works for the parish and helps us do all logistics  Jose – her husband, helps odds and ends  Francisco (Poncho) – on-site construction workers and helpers  Carlos – Rosita’s son and taxi driver

13 Where We Stay  Compound is enclosed and gated for security  2 story dormitory at St Eugenio Parish  Men (& tools) on bottom floor  Women on second Floor  4 Private bathrooms on each floor with shower, sink and toilet.  Town is one of the poorest, very transitory area.  San Eugenio Church Grounds in La Morita with potential 2 nd location based on participation

14 Where We Stay Dome Lodging Hall Church

15 Food  Some food brought from US; fresh food bought locally  Home Site | Cook Team prepares breakfast each day (variety of hot & cold choices)  Home Site / Cook Team & Mothers and Children’s Teams for that day prepare lunches for Building Teams (sack lunches of sandwiches, fruits, snacks, drinks). Also prepares daily snack for children  Lunches delivered to build sites at noon  Some dinners cooked by local parish women under Cook Team guidance and direction  Vegetables are cooked; fruit is carefully washed  Do not buy from local market vendors  Drink only bottled water  Let us know of special dietary restrictions (on application form)

16 Typical Day 5amCooks: Begin to cook breakfast 5:30amAll Volunteers wake and get ready 6:00-6:30amBreakfast 7:00 amCooks: Clean breakfast and begin to prepare lunches 7:00amConstruction Teams Load up and drive to sites 7:15amConstruction Team: Begin tasks from foreman 7:30 amChildrens and Mothers program teams set up for the day 9:00amKids Program: Meet with community children; play games 9:00amMother’s program: Discussion about health and nutrition 12pmLunches delivered/Break at Job Sites 1pm-5pmConstruction: Continue building 3-6pmCooks: Prepare Dinner 5pmConstruction: Return back to Church grounds; clean up for dinner 6pmDinner with everyone at Terassas 2 7:30 pmReflection 10:30pmReady for Bed 11pmLights out

17 Safety - Personal  Do not leave the compound except for scheduled events and programs  Stay in groups when outside the compound  Use the buddy system (let others know where you are going)  No 1-on-1 with teens  The compound is enclosed and gated; 24-hr security provided. Cars also stay within the secure compound.  Men and Women sleep separately in 2-story building  Act and dress conservatively  Communication via radios and cell phones between sites, compound  Site has a local parish leader  Safety in the surrounding area: crime, violence, drugs

18 Safety – Your Health  Modern medical clinic within miles.  Stay hydrated; drink plenty of water  Drink and rinse with bottled water provided only  Job site: work boots, long pants, long sleeves, hats, work gloves  Sun protection: sunscreen, hats with neck protection, long- sleeve shirts, bandanas  Don’t drink local tap water or eat local food. Risk of getting ill.  First Aid people at each site & compound. First Aid kits available.  Ask if unsure of tools, methods, stability of structure, roof, etc  No need to get special shots or immunizations except to make sure your tetanus is up to date (esp. for work site)  Hepatitas A vaccine recommended by not required.

19 Safety – Your Valuables  Keep passport on your person  Keep the building locked  Do not leave gadgets in visible places  Don’t bring valuables on the trip (laptops, expensive cameras, credit cards, jewelry, etc)  Use fanny-packs or backpacks versus purses or bags  Bring only enough $$ to buy food on drive to/from Tijuana  We don’t do shopping, souvenirs, etc

20 Regulations  Evening “campfire” meeting and reflection is mandatory  No dryers or curlers (to save electricity)  No toilet paper in the toilets  Don’t give money to people on the street  Gifts are only given through the programs, e.g:  to the families for whom we are building  the kids in the Children’s Program  families who participate in our community talk as thank-you  No individual gifts or treats, etc. It sets the wrong message (i.e. pity, favoritism, beggar mentality)  Be respectful of the local culture.  Remember we are guests.

21 Miscellaneous  Suggest getting international phone coverage for your cell phone; TURN OFF DATA ROAMING BEFORE CROSSING THE BORDER.  Please check your bulletins or the TJ ministry web site for wish list items.

22 Packing  Pack light, comfortable, reusable.  Nothing fancy except perhaps fiesta on last day.  No laundry on-site  Bring own towel, sleeping bag, pillow, blanket, linens  We have a variety of army cots and foam mattresses  May bring own single wide inflatable air mattress. Personal mattress pad to sleep on ok.  Bring ear plugs if you’re light sleeper – snoring, barking, roosters  Handout - Personal Packing List

23 Personal Packing List Bob (5 mins)

24 Gifts for the Families  “Housewarming” Gifts come from participants going to Tijuana each year  Items requested in NEW condition  Gifts presented during the House Blessing on last day  We also present a display poster board signed by all participants during that week  Joan Mibach from St Simon has a list of suggested gifts for families

25 Important Dates Prebuild Day #2 (9-3pm) Saturday, June 1 2013 WhereYerba Buena High School (1855 Lucretia Ave San Jose, CA 95122) (Jun 1, 2013 TJ Traveler Orientation Mtg #1b (St Julie's) Sun, June 2, 4pm – 6pm Where: St Julie's, Sullivan Center Rm G Jun 1, 2013 June 2, 2013 TJ Carwash (6am-3pm) When Sunday, June 9 WhereSt Julie's Parking Lot Jun 9, 2013 TJ Traveler MANDATORY Orientation Tue, July 9, 7pm – 9pm Where St Julie's, Sullivan Center Rm G July 9, 2013 TJ Advance Team – Departure Thursday, Jul 11, 2013Jul 11, 2013 Tijuana Missions Trip Sat, July 13, 6am – Sat, July 20, 5pm WhereTijuana Mexico July 13, 2013

26 Thank you for participating and for opening your hearts to the people of Tijuana! Q & A

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