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THE PARISH OF THE NATIVITY OF THE LORD Open Meeting Friday 20 September 2013.

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1 THE PARISH OF THE NATIVITY OF THE LORD Open Meeting Friday 20 September 2013

2 Opening Prayer – Fr Aaron Spinelli

3 Welcome – Fr Chris Spain (Moderator)

4 Finance Committee – Ronan O’Callaghan (Chair) The journey from 3 to 1 Members appointed by moderator for set term (Rep’s from all 3 churches, Fr Aaron & Chris) Terms of Reference set out in “Parish Administration Manual” (e.g. Financial stability, Figures balance, Up to date records, funding for build projects). Meet quarterly with set agenda with accountability to parishioners and Diocese

5 New Hall Developments

6 Accounts – Artur Skowronski 1. About me 2. Bank Accounts  The purpose of each Bank account  Bank accounts reconciliation process 3. Financial statements  Financial System: Finance Coordinator  Statement of Financial Activities  Statement of Asset and Liabilities 4. Highlights of the last Financial results 5. Thank you

7 Development Committee – Brian Morrish (Chair) St Joseph’s Hall Usage Holy Family Hall Building Costs Building Programme Sale Proceeds

8 Fundraising – Julie Sinclair Team originally had representative from all 3 churches – a new member from St Teresa’s is very welcome! Remit to support fundraising activities to meet the possible shortfall in funds for the new developments at St Joseph’s/Holy Family Current focus to meet any unforeseen costs and promote fundraising to maintain and fit out the facilities for the future

9 Fundraising Team Joint chair – Julie Sinclair/Icona Miles Secretary – Alison Francalanza Marketing – Terry Damer PR – Clare Youings Newsletter – Maggie Walsh Catering -Jennie Oates Grants – Maria Mandak Plus volunteers

10 Fundraising - Achievements Regular giving launch – since 2007 £278,000 First 5 months 2013 - £18,000 from regular giving and one off donations Events – Christmas and summer raffles, wine tasting, quiz night, flower festival, opening ceremony at St Joseph’s Regular giving raises the most money, but the events help to build the community

11 Properties – Richard Pietruszewski PNL Centre at St Joseph’s A multi use Centre built for the Parish Community by the Parish Community Operational since March 2013 444 bookings processed to date from 160 Individuals or organisations

12 Most bookings are funded by the Parish Funded GroupsHours UsedFuture hours booked TotalNon Funded TotalCentre Total 17th Reigate Scouts4824 72 9th Redhill Brownies4030 70 A and B Walking Pilgrammage9 9 Anchor14 Ascent Group26 52 Baptism Preparation2640 66 Bereavement Group485870 Catechists8 8 Childrens Liturgy20 40 Confirmation Programme 24 C-Squad24 First Friday Club1012 22 First Reconciliation Group29 Going Forth26 Justice and Peace10 20 Kerala Community10 Parent and Toddler Group43130 173 Parish Development Committee6 6 Parish Events and Socials4422 66 Philipino Community10 PPC Committee44 8 RCIA1224 36 Rise Theatre Group4 4 St Josephs Playgoup16 32 St Vincent de Paul Society2630 56 46942058947494.751441.75 Total Operational Hours 4368

13 Outside Organisations We work to attract educational or service and social based organisation NCT, KAG Advocacy, Lifeline Health Screening, Reigate and Redhill Society, Catenians, Redhill Counselling Centre, Co-Workers of Mother Theresa, Workers Education Association, Redhill Corps of Drums, Perform, U3A and Skills Plus Project Exercise and interactive classes include, Fitness League, Zumba and Pilates

14 Social Events We have hosted a wedding and more than 10 other events hosting over 160 people - plus 6 Baptism Celebrations 4 Funeral Receptions 8 Birthday Parties 2 Baby Showers Use of the bar is strictly limited to booked social events.

15 Booking There is an overlaid booking system Part one is the public view, the booking calendar is live on the Parish website and can be viewed at any time. Part two is a closed administrative system that produces invoices and reports – plus the statistics we have shared today Bookings can be made by e-mail, mail drop or in person The system will be expanded to include Holy Family, the new Scout Hall and eventually - St Teresa's

16 Income The Centre is managed to ensure that it is self sustaining – it features a Café that will operate as a social hub and offer after mass refreshment Prices are kept low which means that costs are covered and 30p from each cup sold goes to a central fund to support activities Bar prices are also kept low

17 Income to date Banking have totalled £12,800 Bookings total £7920 March to August with £7100 in confirmed bookings to March 2014 Refreshments have raised £710 and Bar Income £4200

18 Facilities Part of my brief is to look after all the properties on the Parish Portfolio – acting on behalf of the Clergy I will oversee an efficient and cost effective maintenance regime. As with most Parish activities – this relies heavily on the efforts and hard work of volunteers who have selflessly and quietly fixed and mended when problems arise I would like this good work to continue with the only change being the recording of faults and concerns and note the repairs effected to enable me to best plan a maintenance and renewals scheme

19 Website Richard Franklin has added a maintenance page to the website and this gives contact details and allows for on line reporting of Faults and Concerns I ask that everyone use this to enable me to build a more complete picture and better plan for future projects

20 Quinquenial A survey of all buildings will be undertaken in November A whole number of costs associated with maintenance have been removed because of the recent renewal programme. A number of Facilities Management actions will be taking place over the next two months. Security – Key audit and inventory of key holders

21 Quinquenial Asset Register Equipment Register Approved contractor list

22 Health & Safety – Sharon Smart Can you name four things you are not allowed to do in church?

23 There are three main reasons why Health & Safety is so important: There are legal requirements under the Health & Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 and the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) order 2005 The Safety of the public must be considered, which is known as “Duty of Care”. There is a strong moral argument why Churches must consider Health & Safety.

24 Why Health and Safety in Church. Health & safety is about preventing harm to people. It is about complying with Health and Safety Law and fulfilling a Duty of Care to members of the public. There are many different ways in which someone could be harmed in Church, from an accident from working at height through to work-related stress or illness. Health & safety considers all aspects of safety, health and welfare for staff, volunteers, members of the congregation and other members of the public. For many Churches, despite popular belief, Health & safety is not overly complicated and needs only a bit of time. Many of the precautions that are required are either free or very low cost. Health & Safety is not about eliminating risk but taking a balanced view to reduce risk.

25 Be Aware!!! All groups need to have their own Risk Assessment. The Parish will have its own Fire Risk Assessment There are a number of issues that need attention in any parish to ensure people are not harmed. Asbestos (parish) Burns & Scalds Chemical Safety (Yes even cleaning products) Electrical Safety Equipment Falls from height First Aid Kits and accident books. (For Parish and individual groups.) Grounds Musculoskeletal Disorders (Office Based Staff) Noise Personal Safety Signs and posters Slips, Trips and Falls Stress Welfare

26 Tool Box Talks I am hoping to meet with the leaders of the individual groups and discuss or advise any Health and Safety issues they may have. If anyone would like to e-mail me

27 17 th Reigate (St. Joseph’s) Scout Group “Building For The Future” Mike Phillipson Group Scout Leader

28 “Building for the Future”

29 “Building For The Future” Why? When? How much (and where’s it coming from)? How far have we got?

30 Close & Questions

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