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Stewardship 2013. Our Parish Finances... Not Good! Cost of Running our Church £70,700 (Excluding Charitable Giving ) Income Planned Giving £38,700 Income.

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1 Stewardship 2013

2 Our Parish Finances... Not Good! Cost of Running our Church £70,700 (Excluding Charitable Giving ) Income Planned Giving £38,700 Income Tax Rebate £9,100 Collections £6,100 Service Fees & Income £5,500 Shortfall 2013 (Without Fundraising) £11,300

3 Shortfall of Funds! Fundraising events are budgeted to bring in £6,000 but are not Guaranteed like Planned Giving Even this leaves us £5,300 short ! We should meet church running costs the our Planned Giving

4 Church costs £70,700 per annum (Without Charitable Giving)

5 Income for 2013 £13,300 short

6 Covering the Church Costs from Planned Giving… The greater part of the costs of running the parish should be covered from Planned Giving Fundraising should be the ‘extra’ monies that help fund the ideas from the Parish Vision Day, resource our Charitable Giving and maintain the Church Fabric

7 What do we give ? How do we stand in the Deanery The average weekly giving through our Planned Giving Scheme is £8.81 per week (and only 73 out of 146 members) However, across the whole church community our average weekly giving is only £5.45 Wimborne Deanery average giving ranges from £4.27 to £13.78 We are virtually at the bottom (4 th lowest)!

8 Balancing Values / Realistic Giving What value do we put on our Church ? I have to say that £2 or £3 a week is not enough, we must look (subject to personal circumstances) at a level of £10 per week. Can we honestly say we give the same priority to church as we give to all those other things in life we value so much – Social & Leisure, Travel, Entertainment 2 x Meals at the Pub with Drinks £20, Bottle of Wine £5, Cinema Tickets £7.50, Packet of Cigarettes £7, Going to Theatre from £12 to £40...

9 Tax Help Within the Planned Giving Scheme, 73 people are able to give through Gift Aid, enabling our Treasurer to reclaim income tax of £2.50 for every £10 given to the church. If you gave £10 per week = £520 a year The Taxman adds another £130 a year If you Gave £20 per week = £1040 a year The taxman adds another £260 a year

10 How do we cover costs from Planned Giving 1 We all need to review can we move our giving towards £10 a week ? Either now or over time 2 If we can all increase our giving by an average of £10 a month Now we will move closer to covering the cost of running the Church from Planned giving 3 It costs West Moors Parish a Minimum of £400 a regular church worshiper. Our Share is taken from the 5-week count held each year. 4Some of the church members are able to give more and do so while others’ circumstances will mean they cannot give this amount. 5Consider a legacy to the church in your will.

11 Our financial needs in moving forward and remaining independent Mr Gill Williams, Lay Chair of Finance, Salisbury Diocese is saying plainly, “Any parish not giving £10 a week average giving, is in danger of becoming a failing parish” (we’re managing half that) We need to be seen as financially strong, able to pay our parish share and maintain and pay what primarily covers the cost of ministry (clergy, pension, training of curates, housing).

12 VISION FOR THE FUTURE In recent weeks you will have heard about the need for us to consider increasing our giving to fulfil our plans and initiatives arising from the Vision Day. The PCC and 30 others spent a day reviewing the present and envisioning the future

13 What have we achieved since the last stewardship Introduced new events in our Church Hall to develop outreach Seen a growth in our average Worshiping Community, but without an overall rise in our average giving per person Further refurbishment to the Church.........

14 If we only balance our books we are only standing still ! What about growth Outreach as per our parish vision ?

15 OUR PLANS AND NEEDS By increasing our giving we can… continue to be a vibrant, welcoming church, providing a valuable ministry to the parish develop our work with families secure and broaden our music tradition improve our communications and outreach into the community maintain and improve our church building, with further improvements to fabric Cover our shortfall in 2013

16 The choice is ours The Parish in the past two years continued to meet its financial commitments while completing improvements to the church and Hall. However we need to take into account we have received large grants from Erskine Muton and a substantial donation. Without these we would have used up all of our reserves for these works to the fabric. If we are to deliver the aims from our Parish Vision day, we all need to review our Stewardship to the Church? Our individual circumstances differ. Some of us work; others live on a pension. Levels of earning and pension are widely different. Additional responsibilities such as children at university or caring for an elderly relative affect our financial circumstances. Some of us are ‘asset rich’ but ‘cash poor’. No one can tell us how much we should give. There are questions and examples to help us to decide where giving figures in our personal priorities, but the choice is ours.

17 What happens next ? When you leave Church today you will be given a Stewardship pack. Please review your own stewardship, in the pack are reply forms, copies of the information I have presented today We would like you to bring back your reply envelopes to the Sunday Services on the 9 th June... 8.00am or 10.00am Please pray as you consider your response…

18 Any Questions ?? Please speak to a member of the Stewardship planning team in confidence 1.Any of the Churchwardens : Noel, Gill, Jenny or Paul 2.The Stewardship Secretary Mike Bowler 3.The Vicar (for theological guidance) Thank you for listening this morning Committing ourselves to giving on a regular basis helps us to decide where our priorities lie and our Parochial Church Council to plan with confidence

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