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What is VPK? A Florida State Constitutional amendment was passed in 2002 which stated that the State would provide free voluntary pre-kindergarten education.

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3 What is VPK? A Florida State Constitutional amendment was passed in 2002 which stated that the State would provide free voluntary pre-kindergarten education for all of the children who reside in the State and are four years old on or before September 1 st of a given year starting in the Fall of 2005. It is provided in public and private centers which choose to meet the guidelines as set up by The Department of Children and Families, The Department of Health and The Agency for Workforce Innovation. It is offered as two separate program choices; a school- year program, which runs from August until June or a summer program which runs from June until August.

4 It’s intent is to prepare the children for Kindergarten in the areas of Physical Health, Social and Emotional Development, Language and Communication, Emergent Literacy, Cognitive Development and General Knowledge, and Motor Development. It is a voluntary program for both parents and providers.

5 VPK provides: 540 developmentally appropriate instructional hours during a school year. The State then pays a set rate per child, based on the child’s attendance in school. The State requires 2 VPK assessments throughout the VPK year to track the student’s progress. The State also administers tests at the beginning of Kindergarten to monitor the progress and performance of the various VPK providers. This is referred to as the Kindergarten Readiness Rate. It also sets boundaries to protect the parents concerning what providers can and can’t do in regards to fees, class sizes, attendance policies and enrollment guidelines. Episcopal Children's Services

6 VPK Analysis  Parents receive free tuition in regard to the 540 instructional hours portion of their child’s day. We can continue to offer the current wrap- around program, know as the Angel Hours Program and Extended Day Program.  The school receives a monthly payment from the State via direct-deposit.  Children receive high quality Early Childhood Education.

7 VPK Analysis Continued  The amount paid by the State this school year is $2,399 per full time student. This is down approximately $180 from two years ago and future reimbursement rates have not been decided yet. In the past this amount has been decreased during the academic school year.  This amount must be reconciled each month with the attendance records.  There is an 80/20 attendance policy. This means that a child can not be absent any more than 20% of the VPK school days. If they are absent any more the State will withhold payment for the days the child is absent over the 20%. This works out to approximately 28 total VPK days throughout the year.  They require less instructional hours per academic year.

8 VPK Analysis Continued Challenges Related to our Program Our school year is 656 hours. VPK school year is 540 hours. Difference of 116 hours 80/20 Attendance Policy 28 SJDR VPK Days

9 $3,753 $2,399 Non VPK Tuition for 2014 - 15 Current State VPK Reimbursement Difference of $ 1,354 Tuition Rates for a Non VPK Pre-K4 student in 2015 – 16 will be $3,847

10 Program Design VPK classes will be offered 144 days. The remaining 31 days will be wrapped around and throughout the school year. These days are referred to as the Angel Hour Program. There will be three classes of Pre-K4. All of them will be held in the morning, from 7:55 – 11:40. This gives us 3.75 hours of instruction each day. We will offer morning care from 6:30 – 7:30 and extended day care from 11:40 carline until 6:00 p.m. daily!

11 The Angel Hour Program – Wrap-Around Days Angel Hours – We will offer the remaining 31 days, (116 hours) for $ 1,100 per year. Everyone will be gaining 31 days of instruction! This would make the Pre-K4 calendar run exactly like the rest of the school. $1,100 116 hours 31 days ==

12 VPK + Angel Hours Program = Successful Pre-K4 Program Free VPK $1,100 Angel Hours tuition $160 Instructional Fee + $225 Family Registration = Academic Excellence! With FACTS - $110 per month for 10 months For questions about the multi child discount, please see me afterward.

13 Where do we go from here? The future of the VPK funding provided by the State’s budget. Your participation and endorsement of the Angel Hours program. The success of our VPK program depends : How to register: You can attend a VPK Round-Up You can register online at  You will need documentation of your child’s date of birth & proof of residency.  You will also need to complete the Registration application for San Juan del Rio Catholic School which can be found on our website,  Student Placement Screenings - New families must set up a screening date for their child with Mrs. Clark


15 In Conclusion Our Mission Statement states that San Juan del Rio Catholic School, a ministry of the parish community, walks with children and their families, providing them sound faith formation and a challenging academic program, as they journey in faith, grow in learning, and develop their relationship with Jesus. Based on this mission we must do everything possible to provide God’s littlest angels with a Catholic education. The Florida VPK program is one way in which we can make a Catholic education affordable to all of our parish families.

16 In looking at our recent rate of growth, we are building God’s Church starting with His littlest angels and therefore are truly building a Catholic School. If we can open our doors to more of our parish family we are hopeful that Jesus’ Gospel message of love can reach even further into our community. New Families may set up their tour with Mrs. Clark – please e-mail her at or call (904) Any Questions? Please e-mail Sheri Bless at

17 Thank You!

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