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2 Welcome Class of 2028 PURPOSE OF TONIGHT’S MEETING
LEARN about Normandale Elementary French Immersion School MEET Kindergarten staff and Learning Specialist /Parent Jennifer Johnson RECEIVE registration materials if you did not pick them up at your neighborhood school - Edina School District residents only ANSWER questions

3 Superintendant’s Message

4 Who would ever send their kids to an immersion school?

5 Nationwide, hundreds of schools offer total, partial or two-way immersion programs in many different languages and the number continues to grow.

6 Worldwide, the number of students learning in two languages is in the tens of millions.
French is the second most frequently taught language in the world after English. French is the official language in 33 countries. French is the only language other than English spoken on five continents.

7 Language Immersion Language immersion is an approach to second language learning in which the usual curriculum activities are conducted in a second language. The new language is the medium as well as the object of instruction. We teach the same content & standards as the other Edina schools.

8 Language & The Brain Language development windows open and close during childhood. The ability to learn a second language is highest between birth and the age of six, then undergoes a steady decline. The adult brain can still learn new skills, including languages, but it’s much more difficult.

9 Harriet Abdo Wilson Goss Yvonne Peralta Jessica Schmidt Katie Thomas

10 Kindergarten Schedule
8:30 AM – 3:05 PM Art, Music & Physical Education taught by specialists in English. Morning snack time Lunch and recess mid-day Quiet / rest time Media Experience Computer Lab

11 What Does Kindergarten Look Like?
(Classroom videos were shown at this point in the presentation, but are not included in the web version due to privacy of the children)

12 English Instruction Formal English instruction begins in grade 3.
Starting in K: introduction to English literacy skills through media experiences Parents play a crucial role in the development of literacy skills Our expert: Mme Johnson

13 Questions for our teachers?

14 Licensed teachers and para-professionals with high level French proficiency from:
Canada Congo France Lebanon Senegal United States

15 French classroom interns are hosted by families for the school year.
The intern program is completely supported by our parent community: volunteer donations host families fun activities

16 Where Do Our Students Go After Normandale?
Extended French Program: Grades 6-9 at Valley View Middle School Advanced French Classes: Grades at Edina High School

17 Same Services Available
Special Education Speech and Language School Psychologist, Social Worker English Learner (EL) Services (gr 3 & up) Health Services Gifted Education Services Family Resource Center Community Education Services (including before and after school care)

18 Early Childhood Developmental Screening
State law: your child must complete the screening before starting school Screenings are scheduled by appointment and take approximately one hour

All Kindergarten Choice Program Preference Forms are due Jan. 12 by 11:59pm by mail, fax or online for French Immersion and Continuous Progress. Order of preference for first 108 students: Siblings – Sibling preference policy Random lottery of Edina school district residents Once 108 students are accepted, a waiting list is created (Edina district residents only) Open Enrollment students are accepted if there are fewer than 108 Edina district students (must submit OE form by Jan 15)

20 TIMELINE Jan :00 PM - Program preference deadline for all Edina school district residents Jan Letters sent to parents noting acceptance or placement on waiting list Jan. 29, 3:30 -5:00 PM Registration for accepted students in person at Normandale   August: Teacher assignment notifications delivered via SchoolView Open Enrollment Applications Due January 15 (for out of district residents)

21 Kindergarten Registration Day
Thursday, January 30, :30 - 5:00pm Same place! Bring: Birth Certificate Shots Records Registration Form Other items in packet

22 SEE FOR YOURSELF! Visit a Kindergarten classroom
Contact school office to schedule a time

23 Share The Journey With Us!

24 Questions?



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